Saiyuki Reload

Encore Action (ended 2006)


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  • Completely unoriginal but managable. This is a story about a sanzo priest and 3 others on a journey to India for who know what reason. Nothing good about it.

    I thought the show lacked originality. Demons that all looked the same and heroes that always won their fights. The same scenario for each episode. They run into demons, they fight, they win. Not exciting, doesn't make you look foward to it at all. No real twist in the story, same old thing every episode. The weapons werent interesting. A magnum? who uses a magnum these days? a stick, chi and something that resembles a sickle with a chain attached to it. The voices were okay i guess, some of them familiar and annoying. The fighting routine was boring and lacked essense. It is a watchable show. Decent.