Saiyuki Reload - Season 1

Encore Action (ended 2006)


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  • Conclusion
    Episode 25
    God is seriously ticked off by the allegation that he is a common thief. His toys have overwhelmed the others, and it has been revealed that he was trained by a Sanzo. The present Sanzo uses the power of the scriptures to destroy the toys and then they battle god together. Gojyo goes first, Goku second, Hakkai third and Sanzo last. He shoots over Hakkai and Takes out 'God. With him defeated the temple begins to collapse. We get a peek at Gods past, how he met the previous Sanzo. The group leaves the temple and goes on their way.moreless
  • Rematch
    Episode 24
    Their fight has begun. The Sanzo party against 'God'. Though he is as strong as ever God's opponents are adamant. They will not die, no matter what he throws at them. But just when they faze him and gain the upper hand, god unleashes his toys, which happen to have souls trapped in them.moreless
  • Our Way
    Our Way
    Episode 23
    As all of them have regained conciseness, the gang begins to brood about their loss. In an attempt to help them regain their confidence Goku gets them to play mahjongg, and wins all most every game. He reveals he is winning because the others lack confidence. Both Hakkai and Gojyo respond to this and begin winning Sanzo says nothing begins to laugh and wins. The next half of the episode they are climbing the stairs to gods temple.moreless
  • The Broken
    The Broken
    Episode 22
    After saving and then beating up Gojyo, Sanzo and the others decide that 'God’ is a bigger problem and attack him. They are beaten easily, but are saved from death by Gojyo and hakaryu. The episode then shift to town where Gojyo sits near Hakkai’s bed, wrapped in bandages. Hakkai soon wakes up and find out that Sanzo has been in a coma for the last three days and that Goku has refused medical help. Sanzo wakes up later but is too weak to even leave the room.moreless
  • Fight
    Episode 21
    Sanzo, Goku and Hakkai have entered the forest and are preparing to follow Gojyo. Gojyo is plagued by horrors of his past while climbing towards 'God' temple. When he finally reaches the top he meets the temples owner. Meanwhile the others have also begun ascending the stairs. Back at the top of the edifice, Gojyo meets his matchmoreless
  • Prelude
    Episode 20
    Sanzo, Hakkai and Goku make their way to the next town with frayed nerves. After a fight in their bedroom they are attacked by demons. While fighting they decide to put aside their own grievances, track down Gojyo and beat the stuffing out of him. Meanwhile Gojyo finds his way to God's temple in the forest Gojyo first saw him. The others reach the forest and find a barrier erected around it.moreless
  • Farewell
    Episode 19
    Hakkai and Goku are visted by a familiar face while inside the gourd-dimension & they learn that the child who attacked them had a twin brother with whom he fled the city they lived in after all the demons (including their parents) went insane. He then tells how Kinkaku and his twin brother came to meet the person Kinkaku calls "God," and explains the situation to Hakkai and Goku in hopes that they will deliver a message for him, should they ever make it back to the outside world. Meanwhile, Gojyo and Sanzo are busy combating Kinkaku & the monster that travels with him.moreless
  • Sad Bond
    Sad Bond
    Episode 18
    After Goku and Hakkai evidently die, Sanzo and Gojyo set out to find the cause - Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Along the way, they are attacked by demons. Can the two work together and save Goku and Hakkai? Meanwhile, Goku and Hakkai are in serios trouble, as a giant, powerful demon attacks them! Can they defeat it?moreless
  • Impossible Wish
    Impossible Wish
    Episode 17
    Because Hakuryu has a high fever, Sanzo and the others cannot continue their journey and have to stay at an inn for a few days. While out running errands, Gojyo comes across a group of men beating up a child. Not able to withstand this scene, Gojyo helps the child. Feeling grateful the little kid, Kinkaku, decides to repay Gojyo's good deed by destroying Gojyo's enemies. Who, as the kid understands are Gojyos traveling companions!moreless
  • Footsteps
    Episode 16
    Dokugakuji and Yaone are worried about Kougaji, so they sneak around the palace to find him. When they come across Dr. Ni's bunny rabbit doll, they see something they did not expect to find! Meanwhile, the Sanzo Party has stopped at an inn to have some sukiyaki. They remember what happened some years ago when Goku and Sanzo visited Hakkai and Gojyo and Hakkai promised them some sukiyaki. It was snowing that day, just like it is now. Goku once had a fear of snow, but is it still present?moreless
  • Premonition
    Episode 15
    The fight continues, and things look more and more desperate for Goku, Gojyo, and Hakkai! As Dokugakuji hurries to save his master, the side effects of Kougaji's item begin to show!!
  • Whisper of Darkness
    Whisper of Darkness
    Episode 14
    Kougaiji is ordered to obtain Sanzo's scrolls; the punishment for failure, is that one of his friends will be trapped in a pillar for ever. Meanwhile Sanzo and co are attacked by a demon who breaths poison gas. Though they manage to defeat the demon Sanzo is poisoned and has to be taken to a doctor. On the way to the next town they are attacked by Kougaiji, who posses a device that amplifies his power.moreless
  • A Teeny Tinny Story
    A Teeny Tinny Story
    Episode 13
    The Sanzo Party check into an inn which prohibits them from bringing pets in. Therefore, Hakuryu is to be left outside in jeep form. Outside, a bunch of crooks are looking for something to steal and find Hakuryu. When Hakkai comes out later to check on Hakuryu, the jeep is no longer there...moreless
  • Forest of the Spirited Away
    In the middle of a fight Goku falls into a misty forest. There the fog is so thick that he can't see a thing. Goku then meets a young girl named Shion who takes him home and feeds him. Goku, not being one to suspect any one who feeds him, ignores the odd behavior of Shion's parents. What is going on here?! Can Goku realize the truth before it's too late?moreless
  • A Kind Visage
    A Kind Visage
    Episode 11
    Shunto and Rikito are two orphaned child whose mother has passed away recently. Being the younger child, Shunto is unable to cope with the absence of his mother and goes to a small temple to pray everyday so that his mother will come back to him, even though this was against his older brother's wishes. One day Lirin happen to pass by the small temple and saw two apples placed there as worshiping items. Being naïve and hungry, she would have taken those fruits if it was not for Shunto stopping her. After hearing Shunto's story, she asked Shunto if his mother was kind and wanted to meet Shunto's mother as her own mother wasn't very kind to her. She decided to help Shunto and Rikito to get their mother back.moreless
  • Demon Genjo Sanzo
    Demon Genjo Sanzo
    Episode 10
    The Sanzo Party has checked into a five star hotel, and are enjoying the hotel's facilities. But such bliss cannot last forever, especially for this bunch. The others begin to fear that Sanzo will turn into a demon because he has killed a thousand of them.
  • Invincible Castle
    Invincible Castle
    Episode 9
    The gang seeks refuge from the desert inside the walls of a mysterious castle. Inside the castle walls is an entire city, which is ruled by the many laws written down in the leader's book. Anyone who breaks the laws is to be punished. But when the leader's own son ends up in a sticky situation, will Sanzo and the others be able to help, or will the boy accept his "punishment?"moreless
  • Tasty Cooking
    Tasty Cooking
    Episode 8
    The Sanzo party meet a woman who cooks so terribly, people actually use her food as weapons against demons! Goku tries her food and gets sick, though. Hakkai realizes, however, that she really wants to be a good cook for her boyfriend, even though her horirble-tasting food makes for a handy weapon. Hakkai gives her cooking lessons, but when he tries her food, he passes out! Her boyfriend is horrified to hear they're eating her food, and Hakkai tries to explain that she wants to cook well. Her boyfriend decides he'll try her food for himself, as horrible as it may be. As she makes a dish, a demon attacks. She throws the soup on the demon and he disentrigrates. Her boyfriend tries her food, though, and finds it delicious. Sanzo decides that her food kills demons, similar to the way the banishing gun bullets kill them. As thanks for helping her, she gives them all a plate of meat buns, but Hakkai, Gojyo, and Goku don't want to eat them. On their way out, though, they run into a bunch of demons...moreless
  • Little Partner
    Little Partner
    Episode 7
    The gang finds a little kitten, which Sanzo finds out he's allergic to. They take her with them, and Hakkai, Goku, and Gojyo simply love it and keep fussing over it. At night, however, the cat always runs into Sanzo's room no matter who tries to sleep with it. The next day they leave it with Sanzo while they go shopping. Sanzo absolutely hates it and keeps sneezing. But after a while, he starts to warm up to the kitty. A bunch of demons break in, though, and attack. The kitten jumps in the way of an attack and gets hurt, which makes Sanzo angry. The others get back just in time to see Sanzo killing off the last of the demons. They take the kitty to the vet, and are realized to know it'll be okay. As they start to carry it home, the owner, a little boy, meets up with them and is glad to see his kitten is safe. The others all say goodbye to the kitty, but Sanzo just starts to walk away. The kitten mews after him, and he smiles.moreless
  • Rescue
    Episode 6
    Goku teams up with Dokugakuji, Lirin, Yaone, and Kougaiji to break down the village barrier. Kougaiji and his team take care of the villagers, who are being controlled by Suika, while Goku runs into the inn. He finds memory-versions of Hakkai, Gojyo, and Sanzo trapped in cacoons, and he frees them all. While the memories return to their respective owners, Suika finds Goku and traps him in an eternal memory of the bird he used to watch from his cave, the little creature dying again and again. Sanzo and the others catch up with the two, however, and kill her. A while later, Goku wakes up, and the others act as though nothing has happened. (Which makes Goku irritated until he realizes he's just glad they're back to normal.)moreless
  • Slumbering Memories
    A peaceful demon, Suika, who cooks wonderful meals allows the Sanzo Party to stay at their village overnight. During the night, she sings and visits all of their dreams, extracting their painful memories from them and making them "happy." The next day, Sanzo and the others, except Goku, are all acting funny and lifeless. When confronted by Lirin on the road, Sanzo tosses the Maten Scripture at her when she demands it and goes back to Suika's village with Hakkai and Gojyo. Yaone tells Goku a story about a demon that extracts painful memories. Goku and the others head back to the village to try and free the others.moreless
  • Final Promise
    Final Promise
    Episode 4
    A rogue demon, Ranpa, the only one in his town not to be affected by the negative energy, is paid a visit by Dr. Ni, who gives him some medicine to help keep his sanity while he works on completing a painting to keep his final promise to a friend of his. Sanzo catches cold, and the gang end up meeting the local pediatrician, the friend of the demon. Ranpa struggles against the forces acting to take him over again as the Sanzo party figure out the story from the doctor. However, just after finishing the painting, Ranpa's mind is taken over by the negative energy, and he becomes savage like all the other demons. Sanzo shoots the demon before he attacks the doctor, who is stunned that just to keep his promise to her, he was able to keep his sense of self for so long.moreless
  • Toughest Enemies Ever
    Sanzo stays behind at the inn, while Hakkai, Gojyo, and Goku go out to get supplies. While they're out, the three are confronted, as is Sanzo back at the inn, by exact copies of themselves, and are soon attacked! All four end up at the inn, and face off against their copies. After learning that the puppet-master who created them awakened them the day before, the Sanzo party have no trouble defeating them, stating that they, "won't ever be defeated by the me of yesterday."moreless
  • Writhing Trap
    Writhing Trap
    Episode 2
    Gyokumen Koushu demands that Kougaji find the other three scriptures they need to complete the revival of Gyumaoh. Meanwhile, the Sanzo Party find themselves in a town infested with mind-controlling insects. The group is confronted by Kougaji's Group, but when Lirin is possessed by one of the mind-controlling insects, the two teams have to once again put their differences aside and work together to defeat the one pulling the strings behind the insects!moreless
  • The Bullets Have Been Reloaded
    The Sanzo Party checks into an inn under the false identities of four brothers, so mobs of "fans" won't be after them. They're forced to come out of hiding, however, when they are needed to help save one of the owners of the inn from a group of human thugs. The town greatly thanks them, and begs them to stay and protect them from any future demon attacks. The group starts to leave, just as real demons attack. The four help save a little girl and then continue to head west!!moreless