Saiyuki Reload

Season 1 Episode 22

The Broken

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Nov 17, 2006 on Encore Action

Episode Recap

Hakkai, Goku, Gojyo and Sanzo stare at God. Sanzo offers god a chance to beat the pulp out of Gojyo. The latter declines for the simple reason that Gojyo is his new toy. Hakkai points out that Gojyo never agreed to this. Gojyo angrily informs Hakkai that he is going to take care of this particular adversary, and they should just apologize and go. Sanzo ignores Gojyo and goes as far as to pretend he didn't hear him.

Goku takes up the initiative and is about to mount an attack when Gojyo ticks him off. Hakkai says that his behavior is proof enough of his identity; Sanzo makes one of his dry comments.

Suddenly god begins to laugh. He makes fun of their though talk. He mocks the group by saying their arrogance is without basis, for they are nothing more than insignificant smears on the pages of history. He targets Sanzo by calling him a pretty boy; his rather ineffectual insults have no affect until he deems Genjyo unworthy of the title Sanzo. This one hits home and Sanzo opens fire. God has absolutely no trouble dodging these. He exhibits similar agility in dodging Goku's onslaught. He lands behind his shocked attacker and compliments Goku on the ferocity of his attack. Hakkai and Gojyo also attack, but to similar results.

God laughingly tells them attacking him is futile as they are not strong enough to hurt him. Goku informs him that he is now the one talking tough. The Ikkuku mount another attack. As they run at him God asks them if they have been introduced to his latest toy. A strange device appears in his hand. Upon being squeezed it emits a few squeaks followed by a number of little red balls. With another squeeze, the beads hit the group.

All four of them collapse. They lie there, spasm and bleed profusely. God walks up to Goku, voicing his disappointment at them not putting up a better fight. He asks Goku if it hurts, taking Goku's groans as an affirmation, God pulls it out. He gets up saying they have no chance of winning. He also tells them that their arrogance makes him want to trough his hand up in disgust.

Kneeling by Genjyo God asks if he is the new Sanzo. He recounts a proverb of his master's: If you see a Sanzo, kill him. If you see another, kill him too. Then and only then will you be worthy of the title Sanzo. Saying he is perfectly all right with what he has to do, he takes off the scriptures. Genjyo makes an attempt to reclaim them, but god knocks him back down.

Donning the scriptures he says philosophically that they did not think they would die that day. God goes on to expand his theory by saying that when their day does come, they are always surprised.

A lighter is flicked open then closed again. Gojyo sits, heavily bandaged, by a bed. God's words echo in his head. He recalls god asking if they no longer can hear him. God put his foot on Sanzo's head and whishes him goodbye. But before he can do anything, Gojyo's chain surrounds him. With a mighty heave, Gojyo send him into a wall. As the wall collapses, Gojyo informs God that he is beginning to tick him off.

God gets up totally unharmed. He compliments Gojyo's resilience, but also notes that his balance must be a bit off. He grabs part of the chain and so begins a tug of war between the two. As he pulls God mumbles inaudibly, then he carries Gojyo off the ground. As Gojyo flies towards him, God releases a blast of energy that knocks Gojyo away. God advances towards Gojyo, but his progress is halted by hakaryu who attempts to scratch his eyes out. Ordering him to change, Gojyo pick up Sanzo and loads him onto the jeep. As soon as he gets Goku and Hakkai in, he races away. Not willing to let them escape, God jumps after the jeep. Recovering conscience, Hakkai blast his air borne adversary. God shields himself and lands on the steps. He laughs manically as they drive off.

Gojyo holds his lighter as he sits by the bed. The bartender from before enters. He seams happy to see that Gojyo is awake, but forbids his smoking. Gojyo apologizes for their intrusion. The bartender forgives him, recalling the night they arrived at his door, bloody and beaten. He had called a doctor, who luckily enough was up at the time.

The bartender also confesses he is worried about Sanzo, who has been in a coma for the last few days. Turns out that that night is the one that decide whether he lives or dies. Hakkai wakes up and admits the anger he fells for not being able to help the others. Gojyo suggest he take care of himself before healing the wounds of the world. Gojyo tells Hakkai that Goku has been quite difficult, refusing all help and refusing to speak or eat. Hakkai admits that it must be quite difficult for one as wild as him to admit defeat.

Just then Sanzo wakes up. Gojyo enters his room to see him trashing about and yelling. He holds him down while the doctor runs off to get help. Hakkai comes in and realizes Sanzo is trying to say something.

Sanzo remembers the day he could only faintly remember on that day. His master had called him to introduce him to a friend. The mysterious man is shrouded by shadows, but his pupil comes into view. A boy resembling a younger version of god come up to Sanzo and offers him a doll. Sanzo takes it, only for it's head to come off. The boy accuses him of breaking the doll, as he does so the image of Sanzo's master shatters.

Sanzo looks at his hands and sees blood. In front of him lay the prone forms of his companions. God repeats the accusation and further imputes Sanzo of being the reason his friends died, his weakness making him unable to help. In desperation, Sanzo shoots at him. Instead of God, his master falls. He recalls his master sacrificing himself to protect him from a demon. Sanzo wakes up, his sweat mingling with tears.

Sanzo stands up and tries to makes to out the door. He tells Gojyo that he wants God dead. Gojyo makes no attempt to stop him. He tells Sanzo that if he can make it out the door, he is free to what he is desirous of. Sanzo collapses not far from his bed. Struggling on, Sanzo drags himself forward, but is not able to get far. With a resigned air, Gojyo carries him back to bed.

Gojyo sits by Sanzo, Hakkai lies awake in bed, and Goku breaks a wall. "That's it!" he says determinedly.
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