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Once, demonkind and man lived together in harmony. But that's about to change. A band of rogue demonic forces seeks to resurrect and to unleash Gyumao, an evil demon imprisoned for thousands of years. Dark spiritual energy begins to cover the land and the demons decide mankind is no longer friend, but food. Now, it's up to a renegade priest named Genjo Sanzo, a monkey king named Son Goku, a lecherous water sprite named Sha Gojyo, and a sympathetic demon named Cho Hakkai. They embark on a perilous journey to the west to stop these demons from resurrecting Gyumao and restore the balance between humans and demons on Earth.

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    • Amazing, not only a very original and unique Anime, Saiyuki is one of the limited few with a strong understandable and inspirational moral base. the western dub of the original loses no grace and i believe adds depth to the characters.moreless

      Saiyuki is a modern classic among the anime titles. unlike other publications where the anime lacks in either style, appeal, moral code or general uniqueness, Saiyuki leads the way with a strong moral standing on the strength of companionship and honour. Also the animation itslef is comendable the characters are all well drawn with admirable artistry. the fight scenes do leave a little to be desired but they also extend far beyond other known titles, as Saiyuki uses the apparent basic editing that makes it appear limited, to its advantage. Unlike popular titles such as Bleach or Naruto (non-Shippuden) Saiyuki is not long winded, where other titles fall down due to excessive use of filler episodes i only counted one in the first series of Saiyuki, and i believe the creators learned there lesson from it. This series is a hair raising, front of seat clenching thrill ride. The characters are all likable in there own way, especially the main characters of Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo, Son Goku and Genjyo Sanzo. Please watch this series, i recommend it and i challenge you to find a fault!moreless
    • An awesome show with great lines and characters.

      I found that Saiyuki was an enjoyable anime to watch for many reasons:

      a) The plot was interesting, throwing awesome characters whom all have their own story to tell, filled with action and suspense. The concept of the story is well told in each episode and does extremely well in protraying characters struggle.

      b) The characters are interesting to watch, their decisions and actions throughout the series as well as their humorous personalities.

      c)The humour in the what they do and how they talk gives me endless joy watching it, with some of the best humour I've seen for awhile.

      d)It has bad guys that are strong and totally awesome for once, normally they are screwed up people bent on world domination (not that there is anything wrong with that =P).

      e)Fantastic fight scenes

      I could go on, but that would probably bore you, but Saiyuki is one hell of a show that you SHOULD watch!moreless
    • one of the best animes out there!!!

      this show isn't well known in North America, but is extremely popular in Japan. after watching this, I can see why it would be. the series is based off of the Journey to the West legend and Minekura probably created the best interpretation of it. the story follows Priest Genjyo Sanzo, Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo, and Son Goku on their journey to stop the ressurrection of the great demon Gyumaoh. the Sanzo party provides all the humor for the show and are some of the most liked characters in anime history (except Gojyo, at least that is my opinion.) then you have the supporting characters, who are the evil (maybe) counterparts to the heroes. Gyumaoh's son, Kougaiji, is the leader to this group and is one of the best characters in the show. the action sequences are superb and the humor is some of the best i've ever seen. I recommend this show.moreless
    • Simply Awesome show, you just have to watch it

      Really funny and just love how everyone's personnality is so different. Sanzo is ... the "worst priest ever" lol by that I mean that he does pretty much everything a priest normally wouldn't do ... Smoking, Bad attitude, Kills "people", walks arround with a gun, shots his gun at his friends, hangs arround with demons.... blah blah blah... And I just love how the Sanzo party is made of: a womanizer, someone who just doesn't stop saying "I'm hungry" (seriously theres not one episode where you won't hear those 2 words at least 5 times), a calm and composed man, and of course the short-tempered Sanzo.moreless
    • Join Sanzo,Hakkai,Gojyo and Goku journey to the west.This is also base from an the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West.

      This is the story of an young priest name Sanzo company by 4 demons Gojyo,Hakkai and Goku,As their mission is to head west.They find adventure along their way while traveling to the west.While fighting demons along the way.Also with another group of demons by known Kougaiji who is after Sanzo Sutra.Who fight's Sanzo's party once for an while.This anime is so awsome! I really love this anime.Its the best anime that there ever was.I wished this anime could come back.Altough they say thay that Saiyuki Gunlock OVA is going to air on ENC.But still I missed this anime so much it has so much pure action! Goku and Gojyo were my favorite characters.I enjoy every minitue,when they fight.moreless

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