Season 1 Episode 16

An Ode to the Living

Aired Unknown Jul 18, 2000 on

Episode Recap

Gono is still very weak from his injuries. Holding a pocket watch, he remembers Kana and hopes to bury her body soon. Just then a demon shows up and attacks Gono.

Elsewhere, Gojyo remembers Gono's words about his red hair and eyes and wants to save him. Sanzo has a hunch that Gono is going to go to the 100 Eye Devil's castle. Sanzo doesn't know what fate awaits Gono, but he has to obey the orders from the three Buddhas. Thus, Sanzo has to find Gono. Gojyo also wants to find Gono, vowing to not let him die. Gono was the only one who said something positive about Gojyo's red hair and eyes. Gojyo says to Sanzo, that he probably already knows about his background based on his appearance. Sanzo says that Gojyo is a half human, half demon. He adds that just because blood is red, it doesn't mean it's the only thing that is. These words shock Gojyo. Gojyo realizes that he has been longing to be saved from his curse of half demon half human.

Just then, Goku says that he smells blood. A survivor of the 100 Eye Devil Clan wants to make Gono suffer for what he did. Feeling guilt for the terrible deed he has done, Gono agrees, and digs his fingers into his right eye. He says that life doesn't matter to him anymore. Just before Gono takes his eye out, Goku arrives and knocks Gono on the ground. Goku says that Gono has beautiful eyes and that he shouldn't destroy them. Sanzo appears and says that even though blood is the color of concession, his death won't change anything. Gojyo agrees and repeats the words Sanzo had told him earlier. Hearing this, Gono comes to his senses, takes Sanzo's gun, and kills the demon.

Sanzo tells Gono that he will help him bury his wife, just as long as he doesn't run away. Gono agrees. They head to the 100 Eye Devil Castle, only to find it burnt to the ground. Gojyo asks Sanzo to chant some sutras. Sanzo says that he will, but only for the living.

As the sun rises, the four companions remember each of their pasts. Goku remembers the time he spent imprisoned in Mt. Gogyo. Gojyo remembers his brother killing his stepmother and than disappearing. Gono recalls the loss of his wife, Kana. Sanzo remembers the loss of his teacher, Komyo Sanzo.

Some time later, Gojyo is in town, wandering around in the marketplace. He suddenly bumps into Gono, Goku and Sanzo. They tell him that the three Buddhas have allowed Gono to live. They gave him a new name and a new chance at life. Cho Gono is now known as Cho Hakkai. The four companions decide to have a drink together. They talk and joke around. Little do they know, their destinies are already sealed.