(ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Alone
      Episode 24
      Homura is now all alone. All his minons are gone. But a bolder that will create his new utopia is growing. It's up to Sanzo and Goku to stop him and stop the bolder from reaching critical and destroying the world! Can they do it alone or will the others show up to help?moreless
    • Missing Desire
      Episode 23
      While Sanzo deals with Demon Goku, Homura dreams of his past and meeting Rin Rei. At the same time Gojyo and the other's have to deal with Zenon in his demon form. Is there hope for any of them?
    • Absolutely Heaven
      Episode 22
      Homura took off Goku's headband to start the progress to realize his perfect world. Kougaiji and his friends show up to take back their scripture! Hakkai, Goyjo, Dokugakuji, Yaone and Lirin have to deal with Homura's Shien and Zenon. But even with the added help can they defeat them? Especially when Shien goes into his demon form? Kougaiji and Sanzo meanwhile have to deal with Goku in his demon form. Can Kougaiji handle him or will it be left up to Sanzo?moreless
    • 3/6/01
      Homura and his friends have started their plans to make a new heaven and earth. But they need Goku to finalize it! Hakkai sends Sanzo and the other on, then he removes his power limiter to take out the undead demons. Sanzo, Gojyo and Goku run Homura's entourage. Gojyo stays behind to deal with them sending Sanzo and Goku on. Sanzo and Goku finally reach Homura and his minons. Will they finally be able to defeat Homura or will he get what he wants?moreless
    • Chaos
      Episode 20
      Sanzo and the gang go to Homura's castle to retrive Sanzo's scripture. But before they can confront Homura they must first deal with an army of undead demons. Will they find Homura and be able get Sanzo's scripture or will Homura get what he wants...Goku?!
    • Glorious Days
      Episode 19
      Goku catches some fish while Sanzo recovers from his wounds. Then we see more of what happened in the past.
    • Plunderer
      Episode 18
      Homura decides its time. He goes to confront Sanzo and the others to once again demand his scripture! He's given them a deadline. Will they get the scripture?
    • Tears
      Episode 17
      Zenon goes to town to check out a rumor about a scroll. Sanzo and the gang run across a couple of broken wagons and a half dead guy. Sanzo and Hakkai take the guy to get help. Gojyo and Goku go to the nearest town. Zenon befriends a young boy. But then Sanzo and Hakkai learn that there's a demon that lives in the same town as Gojyo and Goku. Is the scroll really there or is this all just a demon trap?moreless
    • Festival
      Episode 16
      42. The gang find a peaceful town. The town is getting ready to celebrate a god. Their disappointed to learn it wasn't Homura. Meanwhile Lirin learns that lost their scripture was stolen by Homura. Dispite the fact that Kougaiji was unable to defeat him she's determined to try to get it back! Dr Ni sends her to the same town as Sango and the gang. Trouble's bound to brew!
    • Collage
      Episode 15
      This episode focuses on Goku's past 500 years ago when he met Konzen Douji. It also deals with Konzen (Sanzo), and his friends in Heaven, Tenpou (Hakkai), Kenren Taisho (Gojyo) and Goku. part 2
    • Twilight
      Episode 14
      This episode focuses on Goku's past 500 years ago when he met Konzen Douji. It also deals with Homura's past. part 1
    • Misty Rain
      Episode 13
      Sanzo's in a funk due to the rain and he lashes out at Goku when he tries to help. Goku runs off upset. Unfortunately he runs into Homura who after a useless battle kidnaps him. Sanzo refuses to do anything about it, but Hakkai and Gojyo go looking for him anyway. Will they find him or will Homura convince Goku to join up with him?moreless
    • Fleeting Vision
      Episode 12
      After Sanzo and co defeated a few demons, they've found a liquor inside a hollow tree. By the time they reached the next town, they entered a competition. A liquor drinking competition... Can Sanzo's team win?
    • Taciturnity
      Episode 11
      The gang ends up in a town where Hakkai was raised as an orphan. It seems it was attacked by demons. He meets a girl he once knew there Shaohei. She has become a nun and request Hakkai's help. It seems that when Hakkai was younger he never smiled. Now Shaohei has met another boy that was just like Hakkai. Can Hakkai help this boy? Will the demons that destroyed the town return or will these statues the towns people are putting up save them?moreless
    • Brotherhood
      Episode 10
      The gang gets lost in the forest due to a fog. Sanzo suggests camping but Goyjo wants nothing to do with it! He heads off to find a town and a pretty girl. Goku follows looking for food. Rain drives Gojo into a tunnel. But it has two paths he flips a coin to decide. But the tunnel is a maze leading back to where he started. Soon afterwards his lighter that he was using to light the way goes out then to his surprise Dokugakuji shows up. But is he here to start trouble or is there trouble coming from elsewhere?moreless
    • Solitude
      Episode 9
      Kougaiji, feeling that he has no chance of defeating Homura, decides to summon a might beast that has been sealed away for years and is said to be dangerous and require a thousand sacrifices. Will Kougaiji really be able to defeat Homura with this new power?
    • Second Contact
      Episode 8
      The gangs attacked by a couple of Homura's soliders. However after defeating them Homura himself along with a couple of companions show up. Can they defeat him when they never could before?
    • Faraway Dream
      Episode 7
      The gang finds themselves in the middle of a blizzard. Then learn that its all a trap by a boy named Shouryu who has come for Sanzo's sutra. Who is this kid and can they defeat him and get out of the snow?
    • 11/14/00
      The group that once impersonated Sango and co. is now living happily and working honest jobs. They see Sango and the gang and freak out seeing them fearing their out for revenge, when in truth they don't even remember them!
    • Ambition
      Episode 5
      The gang was slowly trying to go through a go around a small mountain road when a bolder falls on them! The enemy finds clothes belonging to Goku and Gojyo. And tracks from Sanzo and Hakki. Their mission is to get Sanzo's sutra. Can they get out of this when they turn out to be gods? And what of Goku and Goyjo?moreless
    • Undertaker
      Episode 4
      The gang ends up in a deserted town with a guy who claims to be the undertaker. He's wiped out the town of anyone and anything he deemed unclean. Sanzo's guns seems to have no affect. He's set up four coffins and told them that those are theirs. Later he tells Sanzo and Hakki that their funeral is set for morning. How can they possible stop this freak?moreless
    • 10/24/00
      Houtou Castle comes under attack. Kougaji is told the whole security detail was wiped out. The few guards who escaped reported that the attackers claimed to be gods. Kougaji can't understand what gods would want with their castle. He and Dokugakuji go to check it out. But will they manage to save the castle or will they be forced to evacuate the castle?moreless
    • Lonely War
      Episode 2
      Sanzo and the gang are forced to share a single room at an inn. Homura reviews some of his own history when he knew Sanzo as Konzen Douji.
    • Advent
      Episode 1
      Two mysterious men by the names of Shien and Zeon claiming to be gods show up. He told Sanzo that he wanted his sutra. Of course Sanzo refused. It also seems that the "gods" have special powers. Weapons and bullets have no affect on him. Even Sanzo's gun is absorbed into a shield around him. What do they do now?moreless
  • Season 1