Season 2 Episode 2

Lonely War

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 2000 on

Episode Recap

At an inn, the foursome was in their usual habits (Goku & Gojyo fighting over the food; Sanzo shooting them, telling them to shut up and Hakkai apologizing for the damages caused.) Sanzo stood up and ordered them to leave. Hakkai obliged and dragged Goku & Gojyo (who were screaming for food and beer respectively) out of the inn. Once again, Sanzo deliberately shot them again. At Mt. Ryokai, Homura found the tower a suitable fortress of his own since it represents how people were trying to reach Heaven. He lured the demons to become his followers in return for godhood. The demons agreed and became his followers. Once in control, Homura proceed on to go to Tenjiku. In Heaven, Jiroshin reported that Homura was using the Heaven army for his own usage. Kanzeonbosatsu remained very calm because the whole situation looked like Homura was using it to subdue the demon population. Sadly for Homura, a half god half human, he's fated to suffer the same lonely fate like Nataku did. Jiroshin was worried that they might rebel against Heaven and create chaos. Kanzeonbosatsu didn't care at all. After all, it wouldn't be fun to stop them till the last minute. Meanwhile, at another inn, the foursome found out that the inn had only one room available. The owner suggested putting 3 more mattresses to accommodate the foursome. Instantly, the foursome cringed at the idea. Later, the foursome decided to use the card method in determining who should have the bed for the night. Goku had a king card; Gojyo an Ace; Sanzo a Spade of Aces and Hakkai… well, he's got the Joker. Goku freaked out and pounced onto the bed, refusing to move. Gojyo tried to pull him away but ended up wrestling with him. At that moment, the owner came in and saw Gojyo 'on top' of Goku. Embarrassed, she quickly left. Gojyo felt his reputation had been ruined. Outside Boutou Castle, Homura remembered the times when Genjo Sanzo was Konzen Douji. During that time, Konzen was so bored to death with his paper work till he could nearly kill himself. Then one day, Kanzeonbosatsu came & ordered him to follow her. In the throne room, a servant brought in Goku, a heretic because he's born from the powers of Earth and was neither god nor demon. Since the first time they met, it had caused Konzen Douji his godhood and his memories of Heaven erased. After recalling for a while, Homura ordered the Heaven Army to attack Boutou Castle. In Heaven, Kanzeonbosatsu said the gods used heretics for their own selfish purposes. Like Nataku, Homura was exempted from the Heaven's rule of no killing and made to kill all those who stand against Heaven. It was their sad and painful destiny for all those chosen as fighting gods. While the foursome was quietly sleeping, Boutou Castle was under siege.
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