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  • Amazing, not only a very original and unique Anime, Saiyuki is one of the limited few with a strong understandable and inspirational moral base. the western dub of the original loses no grace and i believe adds depth to the characters.

    Saiyuki is a modern classic among the anime titles. unlike other publications where the anime lacks in either style, appeal, moral code or general uniqueness, Saiyuki leads the way with a strong moral standing on the strength of companionship and honour. Also the animation itslef is comendable the characters are all well drawn with admirable artistry. the fight scenes do leave a little to be desired but they also extend far beyond other known titles, as Saiyuki uses the apparent basic editing that makes it appear limited, to its advantage. Unlike popular titles such as Bleach or Naruto (non-Shippuden) Saiyuki is not long winded, where other titles fall down due to excessive use of filler episodes i only counted one in the first series of Saiyuki, and i believe the creators learned there lesson from it. This series is a hair raising, front of seat clenching thrill ride. The characters are all likable in there own way, especially the main characters of Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo, Son Goku and Genjyo Sanzo. Please watch this series, i recommend it and i challenge you to find a fault!
  • An awesome show with great lines and characters.

    I found that Saiyuki was an enjoyable anime to watch for many reasons:
    a) The plot was interesting, throwing awesome characters whom all have their own story to tell, filled with action and suspense. The concept of the story is well told in each episode and does extremely well in protraying characters struggle.
    b) The characters are interesting to watch, their decisions and actions throughout the series as well as their humorous personalities.
    c)The humour in the what they do and how they talk gives me endless joy watching it, with some of the best humour I've seen for awhile.
    d)It has bad guys that are strong and totally awesome for once, normally they are screwed up people bent on world domination (not that there is anything wrong with that =P).
    e)Fantastic fight scenes
    I could go on, but that would probably bore you, but Saiyuki is one hell of a show that you SHOULD watch!
  • one of the best animes out there!!!

    this show isn't well known in North America, but is extremely popular in Japan. after watching this, I can see why it would be. the series is based off of the Journey to the West legend and Minekura probably created the best interpretation of it. the story follows Priest Genjyo Sanzo, Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo, and Son Goku on their journey to stop the ressurrection of the great demon Gyumaoh. the Sanzo party provides all the humor for the show and are some of the most liked characters in anime history (except Gojyo, at least that is my opinion.) then you have the supporting characters, who are the evil (maybe) counterparts to the heroes. Gyumaoh's son, Kougaiji, is the leader to this group and is one of the best characters in the show. the action sequences are superb and the humor is some of the best i've ever seen. I recommend this show.
  • Simply Awesome show, you just have to watch it

    Really funny and just love how everyone's personnality is so different. Sanzo is ... the "worst priest ever" lol by that I mean that he does pretty much everything a priest normally wouldn't do ... Smoking, Bad attitude, Kills "people", walks arround with a gun, shots his gun at his friends, hangs arround with demons.... blah blah blah... And I just love how the Sanzo party is made of: a womanizer, someone who just doesn't stop saying "I'm hungry" (seriously theres not one episode where you won't hear those 2 words at least 5 times), a calm and composed man, and of course the short-tempered Sanzo.
  • Join Sanzo,Hakkai,Gojyo and Goku journey to the west.This is also base from an the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West.

    This is the story of an young priest name Sanzo company by 4 demons Gojyo,Hakkai and Goku,As their mission is to head west.They find adventure along their way while traveling to the west.While fighting demons along the way.Also with another group of demons by known Kougaiji who is after Sanzo Sutra.Who fight's Sanzo's party once for an while.This anime is so awsome! I really love this anime.Its the best anime that there ever was.I wished this anime could come back.Altough they say thay that Saiyuki Gunlock OVA is going to air on ENC.But still I missed this anime so much it has so much pure action! Goku and Gojyo were my favorite characters.I enjoy every minitue,when they fight.
  • saiyuki, the best anime ever, like its how he drew and, and the story even though the story is not from him, I still exteremely love especially that episode where the cat was left with sanzo...

    well. saiyuki, I love saiyuki, its my favorite anime... i have thousands of drawings of saoyuki and that episode, with the wine and the monkey...
    even I think goku's a monkey, and sanzo actually smiles there, and when hakkai said, it was made by a monkey....goku actually thought that hakkai was reffering to him... how much wine can hakkai drink...its like impossible for him to like ever get drunk... I like the saying in the can be drunk but not how cool is that and that is soo totally cool, and sanzo said when he drank the wine gojyo gave him he said, Iam not drinking monkey wine iam drinking gojyo's wine....sooo true.. sad really that sanzo's master didn't get to see him grow up and drink wine together...
  • Gensomaden Saiyuki (Gensômaden Saiyûki?), commonly known as Saiyuki, is a popular manga series created by Kazuya Minekura. The story is loosely based on the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West.

    Saiyuki is the story of four reluctant - and irreverent - anti-heroes: the monk Genjyo Sanzo (or "Genjyo"), the monkey-youkai Son Goku, the half-youkai Sha Gojyo, and the man-turned youkai Cho Hakkai, dispatched by the Sanbutsushin to India to stop the possible resurrection of the Bull-Demon-King, Gyumaoh. Along the way they are beset by (inept) assassins, bad weather, and their tragic personal pasts. Meanwhile, the villains, two unlikely confidants, Gyokumen Koushou (Gyumaoh's concubine, a youkai) and a mad scientist, Dr. Ni Jenyi (a human), continue their attempts to restore the long-dead king. These experiements, a forbidden mixture of science and magic, spawn the "Minus Wave", infecting all youkai in Shangri-La with madness, shattering the fragile peace that once existed between human and youkai. As the violence escalates, it's up to these four misfits to save the world. Eventually.
  • Two Thumb up and a middle finger

    This a good show. It is very funny and has a lot of action. The charecter can not stop yapping but that what makes this show good. I laugh so much. Also that makes this show good is that the charecters are funny. This show has alot of action. Like the little kid who uses a staff. The god who wear an monk robe has a gun. The guy who has that dragon-bird uses magic. At last the guy with the pink hair uses a chain weapon. I tell you to watch it. It will certainly make you shocked and laugh.
  • Saiyuki is just an ordinary series but its story has captivated many viewers. Saiyuki is a wonderful series filled with humor and adventure of 4 men. Saiyuki is defenitely my All-time favorite!

    Saiyuki is based on a Chinese novel created a very long time, before 1000 A.D. It has a combination of Confucius, Hinduism, Buddhism, and more others. Nevertheless, this Saiyuki is A LOT different from the Chinese novel. Created by Miss Kazuya Minekura, she changed this boring novel into a series that everyone can appreciate. She had also changed the characters, for example, Genjo Sanzo, the monk in the series defies practically ALL the basic rules of a monk : has blond hair he refuses to shave off, purple eyes, a nasty temper, a very very bad smoking and drinking habit, and needs a serious attitude adjustment. If his gun or Sutra doesn’t hurt you, his words will! He is actually too hot-tempered that he always threatens Gojyo and Goku from making noise by either pointing his gun and shooting at them or whacking them with his paper fan. Cho Gono /Cho Hakkai is based on the pig of the Chinese Novel, who is a celestial general reincarnated as a pig as punishment to his horny ways, though Hakkai isn’t like that. He usually smiles and is cheerful to his companions despite the fact that danger is right ahead of them, and even Gojyo or the others doesn’t know whether he’s angry, serious, or just joking at some points when he smiles. Sha Gojyo in the Chinese novel is the Water Demon. Their weapons are similar, but he isn’t a short, thickly-bearded, dark-haired man—and certainly not the calmest one of the party. Instead, the modern half-youkai is extra loud, expressive, loves women and cigarettes, and gambles for a living. But despite that and his picking fights with Goku he remains a very reliable friend who is willing to risk everything to save his group. And last but not the least, Son Goku, his characteristics in the series has similarities to the character in the novel, the Monkey god: he is playful, curious, and craving for action. But he isn’t crafty like the Monkey god. Instead he’s innocent and naive like a child although he’s already a young adult of 18. Goku is always picked on by his companions because of his childlike attitude. But he also possesses the Youryoku Power Limiter: a gold headband or a diadem to restrain his powers. By changing the personalities, she has created characters which we will love, a rude monk, a hungry monkey, a womanizer and a man who always smiles. Saiyuki may be not the best, but it is the most wonderful series who consider looking through its series, understanding its story and appreciating the characters.
  • It is hilarious to watch the characters bicker, but balances it out with the dark plot. Do not miss this series.

    Saiyuki deals with the fortunes of four fighters - the monk Genjo Sanzo, the monkey deity Son Goku, the half-demon Sha Gojou and the demon Cho Hakkai, who have been dispatched by the Sanbutsushin (The Three Aspects of the Buddha) to India to investigate the reasons behind the recent insanity among the demons. Demons, who have formerly coexisted peacefully with humans in Shangri-La, are going berserk and turning against them.
  • Journey to the West? You mean Journey to the Max!

    In the multitude of retellings of the classic Chinese tale of Xiyouji, very few are as funny or creative as Kazuya Minekura’s tale. Based loosely on the original legend, Minekura’s tale promises lots of action, adventure and humor.

    The four protagonists really aren’t the kind of men you want to trust the fate of the world to. Genjo Sanzo is a high ranking Buddhist priest with anger issues, trust issues, and commitment issues, not to mention that he drinks, smokes, and packs a gun with him at all times. Hardly the ideal monk, Sanzo has no problems with death threats to his companions should they anger him. Sha Gojyo is a womanizing half demon who smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish, but in a pinch he’s there for his friends, even Sanzo who gets on his nerves with how uptight he is. Though he likes to tease Goku, Gojyo cares for the boy like he were his older brother, and Hakkai is his best friend, and the pair room together when they’re not out running errands for Sanzo. Cho Hakkai was a human who became a demon, but prefers to be seen wearing his power limiters. By far the calmest member of the group, it takes a lot for him to get worked up so he’s often the one keeping Sanzo from shooting Gojyo and Goku when the pair starts arguing in the back of his jeep. Lastly, Son Goku is the most powerful demon, but the wide golden eyes and innocent nature keep that part hidden from the world. Usually cheerful and hungry, when Goku’s power limiter is broken or removed, he becomes a vicious demon who cannot determine between ally and enemy. With these for men lies the fate of mankind.

    The animation is mostly experimental, as Studio Perriot was testing new animation software so nearly all of the animation and backgrounds were rendered digitally. This does mean that there are several interesting overlays, silhouettes, and image effects, and many of the scenes were taken directly from the manga panels that inspired the anime.

    Musically, the score is eclectic, mixing traditional Chinese instruments with blue grass and rock and roll. However the little ditties are addictive, and you'll find yourself humming them to yourself if you think your surroundings are too quiet.

    The acting in both the Japanese version and the North American version is superb, as the Japanese cast is a group of some of the best known voice actors in the country. Led by Toshihiko Seki, the cast has fun with the scripts, which rely heavily on the original manga dialogue. As for the North American cast, ADV assembled their best, David Matranga, Greg Ayres, Illich Guardiola, and newcomer Braden Hunt to play the westbound quartet. In a bold move, the script was rewritten in places to better fit American audiences. Normally this equates to serious problems as most of these detract from the story or change it significantly, but ADV did it so well, that the dub is actually better than the original Japanese, even to the most die hard fans. This makes the series more accessible for newcomers who aren’t familiar with Japanese pop culture.

    I love this series and recommend it to anime fans who haven’t seen it. A rare gem, “Saiyuki” has plenty of action, humor, drama, and even a sprinkling of romance to keep things interesting. Just when you think you have it figured out, something changes and Minekura’s story heads down a completely different path. This one gets around mostly by word of mouth, as it is not aired on regular TV, though it did have a run on ADV’s Anime Network. If you find it, rent it if not buy it, as it is one of the greatest series out there.
  • Wonderfully funny and action packed!

    This anime has a lot of what a lot of people want from animes: It has babes, it has hott men (yah yah, they're cartoons shut up) it has action, drama, comedy and a lot of kawaii moments and even some SDs. I started to watch it because i knew Greg Aryes voiced Son Goku but i wund up liking all of the characters together, plus it was highly informative with the "history" part on the DVDs. Defently worth a watch!
  • Saiyuki, based of the Manga by Kazuya Minekura, features a less than unorthodoxed priest, Genjo Sanzo, on a quest to India to stop the Minus Wave, one that causes weak minded demons to revolt against humans. Acompanied by Goku, Hakkai, and Gojyo they must

    All in all I thought this was a good series. Again, I saw it on Comcast. (Waiting was horrid)There were times when the art was a little shifty and the consatant use of foul language was something that bothered me just a bit. Aside from that, I really enjoyed the series. I personally thought that the voice overs fit the characters. The story line was quite interesting. I really liked the music from this series, I found it to be wuite enjoyable. I felt that the characters personalilties were protrayed well. Though when you compare it to the Manga, it\'s kinda dissapointing how they cut somethings out, but that can be forgiven.
  • It's based on a chinese legend. A journey to the west, well that's what 4 people spend there time doing. Sanzo a human renegade priest. Gojyo a half demon pervert. Hakkai a calm human gone demon and Goku a wild monkey who is constantly hungry.

    This unlikely bunch is forced together to stop a reserection of a demon. Along the way they are fighting demons, making friends, and battling there pasts. Saiyuki is a must see for anyone and everyone who enjoys a good anime. It's got everything in it action,comedy, and even a little romance. It will make you come back wanting more.