Saiyuki - Season 1

(ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Calling
    Episode 26
    The gang is bored and Gojyo and Goku are fighting again. Then a demon on a horse stops them saying they are the Iron Demon Army Force under the command of Kougaji. Sanzo is less than impressed. In truth it was Gyokumen Koshu who sent them. Kougaji is angry as killing Sanzo is his job and knows the army won't stand a chance. She tells Kougaji that his only job from now on is to collect all 5 sutras. As predicted the army is killed. Goku is fascinated with the armor and puts on the leader's helmet. The helmet starts to glow and then all of the fallen soldiers' armor pieces start to encircle Goku. Sanzo goes to save him and grabs Goku's hand. However it seems it was the leader's trap! Sanzo and Goku are absorbed into the demon's s dimension. His order were to take Sanzo's scripture. But as he is now only a spirit he intends to take over Sanzo's body and carry out his mission. However it's not that easy. The demon decides to try to find a weakness he can use by looking into Sanzo's mind. Sanzo's gun was the only thing able to break the armor. Goku keeps calling out for Sanzo but is unable to get through. Can Sanzo beat this enemy and will he ever hear Goku?moreless
  • Tomfool! Tomboy!
    Episode 25
    Lirin has returned and the gang wants nothing to do with her. She tries to distract them with Meat buns and when that doesn't work she forces three low level demons that tried to steal her buns to try to kill Sanzo and the others for her. Well the gang finds them more annoying pest than anything.moreless
  • Mother
    Episode 24
    Dr Ni creates a mysterious and evil new intention called a queen bee machine. Sanzo sends Gojyo out to find food and cigarettes. He does so reluctantly but drags Goku along him with him. Gojyo and Goku then see a woman begging food from a grocery store and is roughly pushed away. Gojyo steps in but the shopkeeper see Gojyo's red hair and eyes, runs frightened and quickly gives food to the woman and shuts the door. The woman took them and ran away without a word. Gojyo fears it cause he look intimidating. Later they spot her near a tree and Gojyo decides to try to charm her. Goku not wanting to see them make out returns to Sanzo and Hakkai. It seems she has a baby son who also has red hair & eyes. Gojyo is shocked as it seems that the baby is also half human, half demon. Her boyfriend went insane one day and started killing before disappearing. Now the towns people blame all their hardships on her child. Dr Ni uses this to his advantage and uses his queen bee machine on the woman and changes her into a bee woman. Can Gojyo save her or will her child be an orphan?moreless
  • Scapegoat
    Episode 23
    The gang sees what appears to be a parade. But they soon learn that it really a sacrifice. Surrounded by desert the town must bow down to a demon living in a castle for their water. The demons demon a maiden be sacrificed. Hakkai is shocked as the young woman to be sacrificed looks a lot of his late wife, Kana. So he intervenes. Hakkai tries to convince the towns people not to just continue this. To fight back! But they refuse. So the gang takes it upon themselves to stop this sacrifice and this demon.moreless
  • Devastation
    Episode 22
    It seems not even Kougaji or Dokugakuji could handle taking care of Goku in his demon form. Gojyo and Hakkai but try but are unable to get his headband back in place. Sanzo risk the poison spreading faster to stop him. He fires in the air, but will he really have to shot Goku to stop him? After the enemy retreats Hakuryuu has recovered enough to change back to the jeep. But with their injuries can they make it back to town?moreless
  • Selfish
    Episode 21
    After escaping the sand the group now have to find a way back to the town. Hakuryuu isn't doing well being out in the desert and they have to get help for Sanzo fast before the poison kills him. Then Kougaji appears and tells them that he will give them his flying dragon if they can kill him. Goku agrees but realizes he can't do it as he is and asks Hakkai to help stop him when the fights over. Then he removes his headband. But once its off will Hakkai or Kougaji or anyone be able to stop Goku in his demon form?moreless
  • Sandstorm
    Episode 20
    The group meets a young boy who tells them that its a long way out of the desert and that his town is near by. So they stop in the town to rest up. But learning of Sanzo they are refused due to a demon that has already killed one Sanzo. So Sanzo and the gang head out after this demon. But are swallowed up by quicksand! The demon plans on eating Sanzo! Will the others save Sanzo or will he save himself?moreless
  • Don't Go Alone
    Episode 19
    The gang meets four pretty girls. But something about them strikes Sanzo the wrong way. Then soon after meeting them dangerous things start happening. But Gojyo and the others aren't convinced that the girls had anything to do with it. But could Sanzo be right?
  • Vice or Justice
    Episode 18
    Yaone volunteers to investigate the sudden attrition in demon numbers. Sanzo and the gang meet up with Gojyo’s poker buddy Tongpu, who has enlisted in a private militia to fight the demons who have been terrorizing the local areas. However, when Yaone is considered one of the bad demons, and is captured by the squad, the guys have to make a hard choice of saving Yaone, at the possibility of having to fight Tongpu.moreless
  • Eden
    Episode 17
    Sanzo and the gang come across a demoness who is bound for Toufugai, a town in the canyon depths. But when they arrive, they discover this is no ordinary town, for all the inhabitants are demonic stone statues. Not only that but Sanzo must figure out the town’s secret when his comrades Hakkai, Goku, and Gojyo all turn to stone.moreless
  • 7/18/00
    Gono heads to the 100 Eye Devil Castle in an attempt to bury his wife. Worried about him, Gojyo hurries after him. Obeying his duty, Sanzo, along with Goku, also set out to look for him. When a survivor of the 100 Eye Devil Clan finds Gono, will Gono survive? And if he does, what fate from the three Buddhas awaits him?moreless
  • Fated Guys
    Episode 15
    The gang take a rest in the rain and recall the events three years ago. Cho Hakkai was Cho Gono back then and he had just killed a thousand people and demons. Gojyo finds Gono in the woods and helps him recover. Priest Genjo Sanzo is sent to retrieve Cho Gono to stand trial. Goku joins Sanzo in the hunt. When the four meet for the first time, who will come out victorious? And what fate awaits Cho Gono?moreless
  • Sweet Client
    Episode 14
    While out looking for women, Gojyo meets a little girl whose family was taken by demons. Not being able to resist helping her, Gojyo heads to the place where her family was taken. There, he enters a mysterious cottage. The exist is instantly sealed and Gojyo is trapped! Can Gojyo kill the demon and escape from the cottage?moreless
  • Crude Counterfeit
    Episode 13
    Hungry, the Sanzo Party stop at a temple. But, there is something wrong. Only two monks and a Ninjinka Tree are there. When the Sanzo Party decide to leave, believing that something horrible has happened, Goku decides to stay, saying that he trusts the two monks. Is Goku’s trust misplaced? If so, can he survive?moreless
  • Wandering Destiny
    Episode 12
    After failing to make Hakkai suffer with Goku and Gojyo, Qin Yi Se shifts his sights on Sanzo. Qin Yi Se’s mysterious past is revealed. But, when he posses Hakkai, will Sanzo survive?
  • Tragic Revenge
    Episode 11
    Qin Yi Se, the mysterious fortuneteller from before, returns. Once again, he has set his sights on Hakkai. Determined to make him suffer he shoots Gojyo in the chest and pushes Goku off a cliff. Hakkai’s past is finally revealed along with Qin Yi Se’s true identity.
  • Fake the Face
    Episode 10
    The Sanzo Party arrive in a town with a legend. The legend says that when they are in danger, a Sanzo monk will arrive and aid them. Sanzo is instantly recognized and praised. But, four imposters show up and trick the villagers into believing that they are the real Sanzo Party. To make matters worse a mind-controlling demon attacks the village. Can the Sanzo Party escape from their cell? And can they stop the demon in time?moreless
  • Lethal Trap
    Episode 9
    The mysterious fortuneteller Qin Yi Se summons a powerful Shikigami, using his talismans. In an attempt to beat their foe, Goku and Kougaji decide to temporarily work together. But, will that be enough? And why is Qin Yi Se so obsessed with Hakkai? What dark deed of the past has occurred that makes the fortuneteller want to kill Hakkai?moreless
  • Confront
    Episode 8
    When the Sanzo party encounter a mysterious fortuneteller named Qin Yi Se, more dark secrets from Hakkai’s past could be revealed. Qin Yi Se summons a powerful Shikigami to kill Hakkai. To make matters worse, Lirin, Kougaiji’s stepsister, comes to try to retrieve the sutra from Sanzo. And Kougaiji, Dokugakuji, and Yaone aren’t far behind. Can the Sanzo party stand a chance against Kougaiji and his friends? And what mysteries of Hakkai’s past will the fortuneteller reveal?moreless
  • Good Night
    Episode 7
    With Sanzo down, a new power beings to awaken within Goku. The new power is enough to make Rikudo flee, but at what cost? Goku has lost all self-control and his only desire is to fight. He even attacks Gojyo. Can anyone stop Goku’s mad rampage and return him to normal? And what will happen when the Merciful Goddess herself comes down to earth?moreless
  • Rancorous Exchange
    Episode 6
    Arriving in another town, the Sanzo party stumble across demon’s with talismans all over their dead bodies. They learn about a demon killer named Rikudo. Later that night, demons attack the inn. The Sanzo party quickly dispatch of them. But they are not alone. The demon killer Rikudo arrives and has now set his sights on the three demons, Goku, Hakkai, ad Gojyo. Sanzo immediacy recognizes Rikudo as his old friend Shuei. What dark memories will this unearth for Sanzo? And, when the time comes, can Sanzo kill his old friend in order to protect his new ones?moreless
  • Pure Assassin
    Episode 5
    Yaone, a close assistant to Kougaiji takes her turn at killing the Sanzo Party. She catches them by surprise and knocks them all out with sleeping powder, except for Hakkai. Now the two must do battle. But neither wants to harm the other. Yaone can’t believe that these nice people are their enemies. Hakkai can’t harm a pretty, innocent girl like Yaone. When Yaone fails at killing Hakkai she attempts to commit suicide. What dark memories will this unearth for Hakkai? And what will happen when Kougaiji himself shows up?moreless
  • Crimson
    Episode 4
    The Sanzo party arrive in a small village and meet a young, beautiful woman, named Shunrei. Shunrei’s fiancé, Jien, was a full-blooded demon who went berserk and left the village. Hearing the name Jien, Gojyo wonders if it could be his long lost half-brother. When Shunrei hears word of a silver-haired demon in the nearby forest, she runs after him thinking that it could be her long lost love. Gojyo and the gang also chase after her. But what will Gojyo encounter? Could it really be his brother? And what is the terrible truth that lies in Gojyo’s past?moreless
  • His God My God
    Episode 3
    The Sanzo party arrive at a temple where they stay the night. They meet a young monk named Yo, who is Sanzo’s biggest fan. He says that Buddha protects them from demons and prohibits killing. Since no demons have attacked the temple, they agree to leave the next morning before anything happens. But that night, a demon attacks the temple, killing several monks. With Sanzo and friends fighting the demon, Yo learns a hard lesson about his faith.moreless
  • First Game
    Episode 2
    The Sanzo party arrive at the town of Kaiwai. There they meet a shy young girl named Houmei. Houmei hates demons because her boyfriend was killed by one. Goku likes the girl and decided to keep the fact that he is a demon a secret. In Tenjiku, Lord Kougaiji sends a Spider Woman to kill the Sanzo party. When the spider woman captures Houmei and Sanzo, Goku may have no choice but to attack it, revealing to Houmei that he is indeed a demon.moreless
  • Go to the West
    Episode 1
    Togenkyo was a peaceful land where demons and humans could live together. Suddenly, a negative wave of energy flowed towards Togenkyo and caused demons to go out of control. They began to attack humans and cause chaos. In Changan Palace Temple, a renegade monk named Genjo Sanzo is given a mission. He tells Son Goko, a monkey whom he found locked up on a mountain, that they are going on a journey. They soon meet up with two demons, Sha Gojyo and Cho Hakkai. Now these four must travel to the west and prevent Gyumao's resurrection. If they fail, it could mean the end of the world.moreless
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