Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Jan 16, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Kanzeon Bosatsu is seen remarking to a catatonic Nataku that unchanging things are not interesting, and she is reminded of the events that occurred 500 years ago that caused the wheel of fate to turn. Five centuries ago in Tenkai (Heaven), a heretic creature was presented to Kanzeon, her nephew Konzen Douji and Jiroushin by Ascetic Egan. Although furious that Egan doesn't keep his word at feeding him, the "saru" becomes awe-struck by the sight of Konzen and his hair, saying it was so shiny, like the sun. Grabbing a handful of hair, he pulls it off, drawing snickers from Kanzeon, shocked exclamations from Egan and Jiroushin, and a burst of fiery temper from Konzen. Kanzeon decides to keep the "saru" around and orders her nephew to do the job, which Konzen vehemently refuses. She even tells him to give the little creature a name. Meanwhile, Kenren Taisho is drinking sake high up in a sakura tree, hiding from his men and his superiors, where he is found by Tenpou Gensui. As Kenren comments how great his life is (flowers, pretty women, sake), Tenpou remarks that there is one person (Konzen) who is literally dying from boredom and who is unappreciative of these things, to which Kenren says this person is a "boring guy". Meanwhile, the "saru" is on the run from Konzen (having made paper planes out of the documents that Konzen is stamping) and bumps into Nataku (who is also hiding because he drew nose hairs on God's face). They become quick friends, but the "saru" is unable to introduce himself to Nataku because he didn't have a name. With insistent pestering, Konzen gives him a name, "Goku". The next day, Tenpou and Goku meet (Tenpou reveals that the name means "someone who could see what is invisible"), and Konzen (ever the suspicious one) inquires about Kenren and why Tenpou, who is the Marshall of the Western Army, is playing adjutant to someone of lower rank. Apparently, there is a form of unrest among the higher levels of the army, and he needs Kenren to stir things up. Sure enough, later in the day, Goku runs into Kenren (after Kenren had an irritating encounter with another, much superior Taisho, Goujun, the dragon King of the Western sea), who tells the saru's pursuers that he is his love child. As they talk in the garden, Kenren is shocked that the child, although a heretical creature, is forced to walk around with heavy chains. Meanwhile, Konzen is complaining to Kanzeon hasn't gotten any work done because of Goku, but she comments that it is obvious that he is enjoying himself. He then tells her about the unrest in the higher levels, and says that she would look into it, at the same time, complimenting Tenpou (the guy with the "outstanding mind and a pretty face") for his astuteness. She notices the glass filled with flowers, and Konzen says that it was given to him by Goku, and agrees (with a smile) with Kanzeon's comment that they were pretty. To this Kanzeon says that Konzen has changed, something which Konzen disagrees with. In the meantime, poor Nataku is sent down to Tenjiku to battle Gyumao. So the cogwheels of fate turn in Tenkai.