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Dr Ni creates a mysterious and evil new intention called a queen bee machine. Sanzo sends Gojyo out to find food and cigarettes. He does so reluctantly but drags Goku along him with him. Gojyo and Goku then see a woman begging food from a grocery store and is roughly pushed away. Gojyo steps in but the shopkeeper see Gojyo's red hair and eyes, runs frightened and quickly gives food to the woman and shuts the door. The woman took them and ran away without a word. Gojyo fears it cause he look intimidating. Later they spot her near a tree and Gojyo decides to try to charm her. Goku not wanting to see them make out returns to Sanzo and Hakkai. It seems she has a baby son who also has red hair & eyes. Gojyo is shocked as it seems that the baby is also half human, half demon. Her boyfriend went insane one day and started killing before disappearing. Now the towns people blame all their hardships on her child. Dr Ni uses this to his advantage and uses his queen bee machine on the woman and changes her into a bee woman. Can Gojyo save her or will her child be an orphan?moreless
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