Sakura Diaries

TV Tokyo (ended 1999)


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Sakura Diaries

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Welcome to the Sakura Diaries guide at Urara likes Touma. Touma likes Meiko. Meiko may like Touma, but she will only date college boys. So Touma, after bombing the entrance exams, tells Meiko that he was accepted into the same university as her. But now Touma must move in with his high school aged cousin, Urara, who has a crush on Touma.
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  • Love this show.

    I am a huge fan of ecchi anime, but not at ALL of Hentai, that being said, this anime borders on both.

    Not to say that i don't love this anime, it is just hard to swallow for some people, so be aware. Read the recaps if you want to get an overview of what the anime is about, since i did all the recaps myself, it would be pointless for me to re-type everything just for the review part.

    I am also the editor of the show, so it just goes to show my love of this anime.

    watch it, and love it.moreless
  • This anime does not have samurais or ninja or pink-haired girls in robot is a good story that is at times funny, at times cute, at times endearing, at times sexy, and at times thought-provoking.moreless

    Like many anime stories that are romantic comedies, this series starts out as something geared toward drooling young boys, but it evolves into something more. Touma is a pretty likeable young man who tries to do his best, but sometimes thinks with his emotions and thus makes mistakes and does foolish things. The viewers fall in love with Urara, Touma's cousin. She is so cute and witty, and she has the perfect combination of innocemce and flirty.

    There are few anime films that can make me laugh outright, but this has its moments, particularly Touma's overexaggerated facial expressions when he is lusting over Urara. But there are times when the viewer feels sympathetic for poor Touma, and the whole time we are cheering for him and hoping it all turns out well. And so cute is Urara that one cannot help but to root her on in her pursuit of Touma, even despite the fact that she is his cousin.

    The only drawback in the series is that it ends kind of abruptly and even unsatisfying as it leaves the viewer with some unanswered questions, particularly about the future relationship between Touma and Urara. There are many animes that are very entertaining, but seem to fall apart in the end, although this series is so good that it is enjoyable despite the ending.moreless