Sakura Taisen: Paris and New York

Season 2 Episode 1

Cirque J'une seule nuit

Aired Unknown Oct 20, 2004 on A&E
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Cirque J'une seule nuit
A few months since Ogami left Paris yet the Paris Kagekidan argues that one of them is the captain since Ogami didn't mention who is going to replace him as the second captain of the Paris Kagekidan. But soon, there's cases of graverobber and they decide to investigate. But as they see someone at Philippe's graveyard, Hanabi seems to know him....moreless

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    • Glycine: I am the one who should be the second-generation squad leader! (Slams her hand on the table)
      Lobelia: No way! I'm the next squad leader.
      Erica: (Not bothered) Wow! These Éclairs are the best!
      Glycine: Now you listen up! Before the former squad leader, Monsiuer Ogami left Paris, he appointed me as the next leader!
      Erica: (Still not bothered after taking a bite of the Éclair) The soft and fluffy texture is so irresistible!
      Lobelia: Somehow, you must be mistaken. The captain said that he would everything to me.
      Erica: (Still not bothered after taking a bite of the Éclair) Oh, how the sweet chocolate melts softly in my mouth! I'm ecstatic!
      Glycine & Lobelia: (To Erica) Woi!
      Erica: Yes?
      Glycine: We're discussing the most important future for the Paris Kagekidan here!
      Lobelia:'s pointless telling to this kid.
      Erica: You're actually debating who is supposed to given the task by Ogami as the sqard leader, right?
      Glycine: That's right!
      Erica: Then there's nothing more to debate!
      Lobelia: What?
      Erica: That's because Mr.Ogami left the task to me.
      Glycine & Lobelia: WHAT!?
      Glycine: THAT's IMPOSSIBLE!
      (And the three argues in a trangle argument)

      ~ Japanese Version

    • Glycine: Wait! This gentleman looks familiar!
      Erica: Glycine, you know this grave robber? Erica is shocked!
      Lobelia: I've view you in a different lights now, Glycine.
      Glycine: It's not what you think! This gentleman is...That's right! He's Baron Kitaoji Masamichi! Hanabi's father!
      Erica: Eh? Hanabi's father is the grave robber? Erica is shocked!
      Lobelia: Oh really? I've view you in a different lights now, Hanabi.
      Glycine: Will you two stop it?!

      ~ Japanese Version

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