Sakura Wars 2

Season 1 Episode 2

The Cherry Blossom Spirit Attack

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1998 on

Episode Recap

Before Sakura is able to leave for Tokyo to follow in her father's footsteps, she is told to learn a technique called the Cherry Blossom Spirit Attack. Every try she makes ends in failure, but she keeps practicing.

Meanwhile, in the capital, the Flower Division is officially formed and construction on the theatre is almost complete. Sumire Kanzaki is soon recruited, and she and Kanna form an instant hatred for each other. But, when Kanna is told she cannot leave temporarily to avenger her father, Sumire shows her nice side and encourages her to leave. Yoneda observes this, and tells Ayame that when Kanna is ready to return, he will welcome her back with open arms.

Realizing that the Flower Division is short on members, with Kanna gone and Kohran busy perfecting he inventions, Yoneda heads to the Shinguji's residence to recruit the final member – Sakura. After learning she is not ready yet, Yoneda stands in front of a tree and forces Sakura to either perform the technique correctly or kill him in a failed attempt. Remembering advice given by her late father, Kazuma, Sakura completes her test and perfects the Cherry Blossom Spirit Attack. She then leaves on a train with Yoneda to Tokyo towards her future.