Sakura Wars

(ended 2000)


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  • Season 1
    • Continuation of the Dream
      As Ogami and Kayama fight with Setsuna, The Flower Division and the Wind Division head to the Tower of Doom onboard the airship! The final battle dews near, and the Flower Division attacks. The entire capitol is relying on them and supporting them. Will they be able to defeat Yamasaki once and for all? And, will Ogami arrive on time to help?moreless
    • Ties
      Episode 24
      Things begin to reach their climax, as Yamasaki is close to finding and destroying the last stone! The board wants to blow up the city, destroying Yamasaki in the process. Ayame tries to convince them otherwise, but it’s futile… until someone special arrives! Meanwhile, Ogami is promoted to commander, and the Flower Division make their last preparations in Kanzaki industries! The final battle is drawing near...moreless
    • Machine of Dreams
      Machine of Dreams
      Episode 23
      Disillusioned, Kohran wanders off on her own. But, when demons attack, will Kohran return to the Flower Division, or will she leave them? Can she even come back? High-energy waves roam around the area, and Kohran is unprotected causing her to have illusions! Will Kohran find her resolve?!
    • The Imperial Theatre Goes Up in Flames
      Ogami and Ayame head back to the theater. Everyone wonders what happened and where Yoneda is. However, they don’t have time to talk, as Yamasaki and the demons attack the base! Will Sakura and the others be able to hold them off? Seeing no hope of salvaging the theater, Ayame decides to retreat, but is that possible? Will everyone get out alive even though the terrible Yamasaki is present?!moreless
    • One More Battle
      One More Battle
      Episode 21
      Things are looking bad for Japan, as the Flower Division keeps losing to the demonic forces. Seeing no other option left, Yoneda decides to make the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to defeat Yamasaki. Will he succeed? Or, will he die in vain?
    • The Darkness Steals Closer
      Sakura meets Yamasaki on the streets. Not knowing who he is, he introduces himself as her father’s old friend. He gives her a gift, that unbeknownst to Sakura, zaps her Spirit Energy and brainwashes her. Will Sakura realize what is happening before it’s too late? Can anyone bring her back to normal? And, what is Yamasaki’s master plan?moreless
    • The Formation to Destroy Evil
      The girls practice Ogami's new Flower Formation. The problem - their timing is still off, Sumire is having confidence problems, and the Kobu can't handel all the pressure! When Shinnosuke Yamasaki, can the Flower Divison hold their own and protect the stone?
    • Cinderella
      Episode 18
      Sakura is given the lead role in the next play – Cinderella. Will she be able to conquer her fear and less than perfect acting skills and do a good job? Meanwhile, Ogami is given the task of creating a new attack formation. Will he be able to make a good one that Yoneda accepts?moreless
    • Overture
      Episode 17
      Sakura and Ogami return home and all seems to be peaceful. As Iris learns how to control her Kobu, Sakura practices with her new sword. Seeing this, Sumire practices as well not wanting to be worse than Sakura. When a demon called the Crimson Miroku attacks, will Sakura or Sumire get the final blow? Will anyone get the final blow?moreless
    • Anti-KOMA Squad
      Anti-KOMA Squad
      Episode 16
      While sitting in his office, Yoneda recollects his past events as part of the Imperial Anti-KOMA Squad and the fate of Sakura’s father and Major Yamasaki.
    • Sakura's Return to her Homeland
      Since her sword was broken in the previous battle, Sakura travels to her hometown, Sendai, along with Ogami, to get it fixed. When she arrives, she must undertake a mysterious trial to prove that she is worthy enough. Ogami is told to stay out of it and can’t help her. Will Sakura succeed?!moreless
    • Iris Goes Forth
      Iris Goes Forth
      Episode 14
      A mysterious man attacks the Imperial Capital, causing the entire Flower Division to jump into action, that is all except Iris. Will Iris come to grips and muster the courage to pilot her Kobu and help her friends? And, what freaks Ayame and Commander Yomeda out when they see the man’s face? Just who is he?moreless
    • Bloom Like a Flower! On a Maiden's Pride!
      An evil witch erects a tower in the center of the Imperial Capital. Now it’s up to the Flower Division to stop her. Will they succeed?
    • Lonely Birthday
      Lonely Birthday
      Episode 12
      It’s Iris’ birthday, but no one knows about Western birthday celebrations. When they find out, they try their best to throw her a party, but it’s too Japanese and unlike her French birthday parties used to be when she was alone by herself in France. Can Sakura and the gang make Iris happy? And, can they clean up a mess in a underground railroad station and make it back for her party in time?!moreless
    • The Flower Division Training Camp
      The gang head to a training facility to get stronger and work out. But, can they handle it all? And, what will happen when Sakura and Kohran get stranded somewhere together? What horrible past does Kohran have?
    • The Kanna that Summons a Storm
      Kanna senses that a huge typhoon is coming, but Sumire doesn’t believe her... that is until the weather bureau reports a massive typhoon heading to the Imperial Capital. Can the gang patch up the studio and salvage the belongings before the storm hits? Can the capital survive the terrible storm? Will the storm even occur?moreless
    • A Girl Called Kazuar
      Coming Soon
    • This is Revue
      This is Revue
      Episode 8
      Coming Soon
    • Tasty Order
      Tasty Order
      Episode 7
      Coming Soon
    • The Koubu's Heart
      Kohran, an old member of the Flower Divison, returns. She soon teaches Sakura that the Koubu have hearts and feelings.
    • Dark Shadow
      Dark Shadow
      Episode 5
      A mysterious woman has surfaced and invaded the Flower Combat Troupe area. Ichiro and the girls try to fight her but she has special demonic levitation powers and a handful of strong Wakiji with axes. The enemy proves to be a devastating challenge to the Flower Combat Troupe as they dissect each Koubu in one-on-one battles.moreless
    • The Flower Combat Troop's New Commander
      After the last battle run, it is clear that the Flower Combat Troupe is not working well as a team, and that the Koubu are doing more damage to themselves than their opponents. The commander brings in Ichiro Ogami, a young lieutenant, to help lead the all-girl group. Meanwhile, Sakura and the others are given a day off to go shopping and hang out in town, while Maria stays to train some more.moreless
    • Sakura's Stage Debut
      In order to become a more effective fighter and team player, Sakura is ordered to study and develop her theater skills, from voice training and singing to dancing. She tries to befriend the youngest girl Iris, who she discovers is a very talented actress. Later on some Wakiji invade the city. Maria and Sumire go to battle, but Sakura wants to join too!moreless
    • The City to be Defended
      Rejected by the actor girls in the Flower Troupe, Sakura escapes to the poorer tenement district of the city and meets up with the family of the beggar boy in the first episode. Meanwhile some demon-possessed mecha called the Wakiri attack that part of the city. Ayame orders Maria and Sumire into action.moreless
    • Sakura Arrives at the Capital
      In 1920s Japan, a girl named Sakura Shinguji receives the mission of defending the Imperial Capital, Tokyo. She leaves her home of Sendai and sets out to Tokyo to join the Flower Division. Will Sakura fit in with the others and be able to defend the capital she loves so much?moreless