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When it was first announced that WGN America was breaking into the scripted programming game with Salem, a show about witches, I'm pretty sure half of you went, "More effing witches?" and the other half went, "WTF is WGN America?" And I feel you on both accounts, because I'm kind of witched out at the moment, to be honest. 

Between The Vampire DiariesThe Originals, Witches of East End, and American Horror Story: Coven, I could use a witch detox. But Hobo Shane West and Bearded Seth Gabel will not be denied. Unless, of course, you have better things to do or cannot be bothered to figure out whether WGN America is part of your cable package (it's there somehwere, I promise). I totally understand if that's the case, but before you make your final decision, watch this moderately fun and creepy first trailer for Salem. Because at the very least, we all need to discuss what looks to be a bloody wolf head on a human body.

Obviously, WGN American needs to hire someone who sounds a bit more menacing to do their voiceover work for the Salem trailers. But what do you think of this first look at the series itself? Too silly? Too many beards? Too many effing witches?

Salem premieres Sunday, April 20 on WGN America—are you planning to check it out?

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AIRED ON 6/28/2015

Season 2 : Episode 13

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