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    I will shoot myself if you do not renewal this idiots!!!!
  • For all the "Heathens".

    I have started a group on Facebook for you to share and post whatever/whenever you like. A series like this needs a hardcore fan group. "The Witches of Salem" is the name of the group. It won't let me display the link. Please Join
  • hungarian

    why are the old witches from the woods speaking hungarian??!! is it beacuse others cannot understand it? their hungarian it's so bad, that a hungarian can hardly understand what they say.
  • fab!

    Love how it is linked with real historical salem! Cannot fault it. And unlike every other period drama the 'lower classes' are actually dirty and wear rags and are treat would have been back then! Cannot wait for season 2 on netflix. WHEN WILL THAT BE? Anyone know?
  • TVs finest show

    One of the best shows on tv right now. I am just finishing season one and am reading to embark on season 2. A very fine job by all the actors.
  • Good old Salem

    i for one LOVE Witchcraft and these black magic shows

    but salem is really good

    it was more than what i expected to be honest specially it was around with one of the best shows of all times (Penny Dreadful)

    so this show is highly recommended for those who didn't watch it yet

    and have fun :)

    i just finish watching the first season and it was a great pleasure.. the acting is top notch, all the cast are incredible.. the plot are amazing and i really rooting for mary at the end even shes an evil by killing the innocence.. the last episode when Mary fight with Increase really caught my eye cause thats when she really show her true darkside... I cant wait for the season 2 to come cause it will be a blast.. a witch war!!..
  • Bewitchingly Original

    I just finished the first season on Netflix. I wish I could've been apart of the ratings because this show is great! The acting is well done and best of all the plot, script and filming is not cheesy by any means. Of course you have to give it a couple episodes to develop the character development but that is every show out there. I cant wait for Season 2! I will be adding this channel to my plan specifically to watch this show! I wish it was on Fox or a a more popular channel it deserves the spotlight!
  • SALEMnly unique!

    An approach to witchery that was missing from TV. Socio-economic conditions, women and their social status, intrigue, witchcraft, lies and deceit, twists, all masterfully blended in colonial Salem. I'm overwhelmed. Good script, good performances, enjoyable visuals!

    Expecting even more from the second season!
  • Re - New episodes

    According to WGM website new season starts April 2015.

    Too long!!!
  • New episodes?

    Hi guys. Who knows, when does new episodes are coming out??
  • Scary women empowerment, gory, unexpected, loving witches more!

    Updated (14) WGN
  • WGN's Salem is absolutely SPELLBINDING!

    THE most exciting, cannot miss, show on television today! Very well written, fast paced, riveting and naughty! Absolutely SPELLBINDING!

  • kpoage

    I really enjoy Salem and look forward to this show ever week. It keeps it interesting nonstop from beginning to end. It is a fantasy supernatural show. Some people just read to much into it. Sit back and be entertained!!!
  • Yes!!!

    So glad we got anouther season!
  • Worth Watching

    I rarely find time to follow any tv series but I am enjoying this one and looking forward to the next episode. I don't want to watch a documentary on Salem, I want entertainment and this is what this brings. To the critic who opposes the inconsistencies in this storyline, keep in mind it's just entertainment with its own flair and that keeps me riveted to my seat. I think the casting is great although the only one I recognized was Seth Gabel. Looking forward to season 2.
  • Put the writers in the dunking stool!

    One more tine for the West Coast: WITCHES WERE NOT BURNED IN SALEM! Nor in any place under British jurisprudence. Hanging was the usual form of capitol punishment. Pressing was unusual. So tonight the show lost major credibility points, followed by the daft statement that the head of a coven was called the Samhain; that's the name of a seasonal ritual. Usual title is High Priest/High Priestess, less commonly King/Queen. I could live with some of the costume oddities, especially in the fantasy sequences, but with a sitiuation that has been so well documented, burning is way off. As far as I know, one of the Dutch or Swedish colonies did one burning, but were so horrified that they never did another.
  • BoRinG

    I tried to get into this series, I have......

    boooorrriiiiiiiiiingg. Salem with all the good ingredients is not working @ all.

    so so so boring.
  • Well...

    I'm trying to get into this series, I am. I'm really trying because I want to like it more than I do. It's a great spooky, historic topic with lots of opportunities for women actors and at least one actress of color (Tituba!), with the whole costume drama that I love and magic treated as real, to boot. But with all that, I'm kinda bored and turned off with the raping and sadism. It's like a broke down version of some mess that would do well on Showtime or something with not particularly attractive folks involved. I'm four episodes in and still giving it my eyeballs and time because it ought to be better, and I just know it's going to pick up steam soon :-) But what i do like is the truly scary production - creepy dolls that move and taxidermy that stares you down when you're not looking, dusty looking children singing old ring songs, and all kinds of foolishness in the woods. The villainess is a hot mess, so I'm looking forward to her downfall, though it's pretty unfortunate that she went dark over what appears to be a broken heart. Tituba isn't being used well at this point (worse than Bonnie Bennett at the beginning of Vampire Diaries when everyone, even walk on red shirts got backstories and boyfriends before she did), and they aren't doing such a great job of breaking down Old World witch rules vs. the New World ones, but I suspect more of that groundwork is coming. One other thing, I like that the witches in this have agency, and aren't all on the same page regarding what they should be risking or not. That's an intriguing dynamic that you don't see treated often. For that, I've got to up their rating to at least a 7.5
  • Excellent script

    I think the series have been written very well, good dialogue, amazing cast (they could not have hired a better crew), the main actress is simply stunning. Very different from what is being on TV at the current time, I hope they continue filming..
  • Dark scenes

    Love the series till now, but it is sometimes very dark. You almost can't see what is going on...

    they should do something about that, but beside that small

  • Better than I thought!

    When I saw the ad for this, I thought it was just going to be another story about hunting witches. It is but it's different than the usual and more evil than anything I expected. I liked the part where one of the witches chant as the main character is supposed to be summoning the devil. For a basic station, I was surprised and thought it was kinda cool! If you watch Supernatural, they mention hell a lot, but you know it's fake. Somehow I could see people really trying to perform a spell to summon an evil spirit (or devil) if they're being promised whatever they want. Or maybe I just watch too much tv. >:)
  • veers between dull and unpleasant

    There is fun horror, and unpleasantness, and Salem is more unpleasant than fun, based on the first episode. It's essentially a dull, dark soap opera that has this bits with special effects or creepiness pop up and then it gets dull again.

  • I am spell bound by this show!

    Superb show. So glad it has been renewed for a second season
  • looking good

    I agree with agent_dennis. If this show did "take a real look at the Puritanical society and the fear and control that enabled the prejudices and injustices of the time, with a little fantasy thrown in" as some say and didn't put a real witches, then it would be documentary or just a drama or something, but this is fantasy and it would be lousy fantasy if there were no real witches, magic and stuff.

    Also the idea to make a show and a story where you don't know for whom to root for and what to think of the most of the characters is best part of the show because everyone and everything can surprise you and entertain you
  • This has potential

    Disagree with all the negative reviews, it is what it is, supernatural shows are in at the moment and this is an obvious setting. Started well, and was dark and entertaining.
  • It's got my attention

    I wasn't sure what to expect, but it's pretty dark for a show on TV. Now, mind you, it's also more interesting that I would have originally thought.

    It's a bit explicit, which for me, isn't an issue, I mean, I just have to make sure my kid doesn't watch the show for now, she's way to young to see such show, it will give her nightmares.

    But it's a show worth watching so far, it's got a purpose and let's see it unfold...

    By the way, for those in here who have been making these statements about witch are women and warlocks are men, well, let me just say this:

    witch: wicca (m) wicce (f) The old english word for someone who practices witchcraft. Back in the day it was more socially acceptable for women to practice seir than men. Witch is actually a unisex word, and had been used as such even into the colonial age.

    warlock: traitor, scoundrel, liar, this was used as an insult and a threat on runestones "Anyone who defiles this stone is a warlock".
  • Utterly tasteless!

    Imagine a show about evil jews running a death camp to slaughter innocents. Imagine the scandal and the uproar it would cause!

    And this show... well, it's basically just that! Okay, the Salem witch trails were on a much smaller scale and more in the past, but still people were getting murdered because of superstition, prejudice and fanaticism. To make a show about real evil witches behind these hate crimes is not only an excuse for the people who committed them but also a final abuse and insult to their victims.

    I watched 2 episodes and maybe I'll watch another but I think we can already clearly see where this is headed. I just hope I'm wrong, but maybe people are never gonna learn...
  • Ugh- Don't go there

    This show could have taken a real look at the Puritanical society and the fear and control that enabled the prejudices and injustices of the time, with a little fantasy thrown in. Instead, it offers "real" witches who basically kill off (or poison the idea of ) anybody they don't care for. Who are we supposed to root for here? Some of it is just too over the top and graphic, and I am not a squeamish person. It's all too disjointed and manipulative.
  • Horrible, no merit show

    Dark... horribly conceived, bad editing, disjointed. Not worth the air time or the time I wasted watching this first episode. Watched the entire show hoping for some entertainment value. I will not watch it again. Hopefully people will not watch and show will die a quick death.
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