Salty's Lighthouse

TLC (ended 1995)




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Salty's Lighthouse

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Salty's Lighthouse was an Americanised version of the British television series TUGS, seen on the TLC network. The show consisted of a plot line, with an "episode" of TUGS (mostly stock footage). It was about an animated boy called Salty, who with his friends would go into a lighthouse (with a personified and animated light bulb), and look through the lighthouse windows to see the tugs of Bigg City Port (from TUGS). Salty's Lighthouse is about a boy named Salty that lives in a lighthouse.When Salty or one of his friends has a problem, they would watch what the TUGS would do in their situation. Ocho is Salty's eight legged friend, Sophie And Sadie are the two twin seagulls, Claude the crab,Auroura the light bulb that light the lighthouse,The Clock who announces Salty's Song Time, Aunt Chovie which is Salty's Aunt who own the lighthouse,and Ceymore.The show introduced TUGS to the United States; however, none of the original series' plotlines were used; the new stories were rewritten and edited as moral based stories, rather than action based.moreless