Salty's Lighthouse

TLC (ended 1995)





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  • The us version of tugs.

    The worst show ever. When this show started i thought it was a good show. When i watched this all it was is a silly version of tugs. There were many differences between tugs and saltys lighthouse. 1 was sunshine was a female character other than a male character in tugs. The same happened to captain star and little ditcher. The tugs character o.j was called otis when the name o.j was clearly stated on his side. The crane big mikey was called big basle in saltys lighthouse. And the worst change was johney cuba was a shy and bashful tramper in salty lighthouse but in tugs he was a gangster. There were more differences in the two shows. The two shows had the same episodes but very different so i stuck with tugs and i lost intrest in this show.
  • What the hell?

    OK, Tugs gets introduced to the US. In this crud?! Who even thought of this? It's just some tiny animated boy playing around in a lighthouse going crazy and playing with an octopus and other inanimate objects. Then, mthey have several TUGS characters as girls and they have different names. The names sound horrible i.e. OJ turned into Otis! That's the stupidest name ever! If I had to watch either TellyTubbies or this, I'd watch TellyTubbies! I think this is just a parody of TUGS made by Viacom or someone because it's boring and dumb! I hope you've learned your lesson, creators of this show!
  • Stupid show

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  • WTF!

    Seriously People Im glad they Introduced TUGS To America but did they have to screw it all up I mean come on! They should realize that Captain Star, Little Ditcher and Sunshine arent Female. I say that its retarded Calling Sunshine Ten Cents Sister when it Clearly says Sunshine on the Side and Lillie being called Mrs. Dempsey that just awful even making Frank and Eddie Police Barges rather than Train Barges it makes no Stinking sense. OJ being called Otis when it clearly says OJ and calling Big Mac, Big Stack when Oh it says Big Mac on it. They seriously screwed it up! Just Awful ive never seen it but what ive read it sounds horrible and on Youtube the Theme was just screwed and childish unlike the TUGS Intro. Yeah ive seen TUGS on Youtube here in America. Sure this Disregards Big Mickeys Death in Munitions which I also beleive he never Died but screwing him up as Big Basil GOD! What is screwed up with these people. I say Good Riddance to Saltys Lighthouse!!!!
  • What?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't believe I watched this.The only thing I liked is that TUGS was introduced to the United States.They didn't need to redub it!Big Mac was called Big Stack when it clearly said Big Mac on his hull.The same went for O.J.,except he was called Otis.Lillie Lightship was called Mrs.Dempsey when you guessed it!Her hull said Lillie!Captain Star,Grampus,Little Ditcher and Sunshine were female!Johnny Cuba was shy and bashful instead of a bruting smuggler!Bigg City Port became Snuggleboat Harbor.More importantly,the Z stacks and the Star Tugs were friends!!!!!I don't like that for one second!TUGS had become an adventuresome,mature,martime,adventuresome series to a boring,watered down,sugar coated,politicaly correct preschool show.Thank God it was canceled!
  • A spin off of Theodore the Tugboat.

    Salty's Lighthouse & Theodore the Tugboat have one thing in common: they both deal with tugboats. Theodore was first. I don't where this show came from but it certainly does copy Theodore the Tugboat. The tales & the eye movements & pretty much everything else is just copied from Theodore. i was expecting something a lot different but i wound up viewing a show that could have been sued for copyright infringement. If this was about Salty going on adventures & stuff in the lighthouse, then it would have been new to me.