Salute Your Shorts

Season 2 Episode 7

Budnick Loves Dina (2)

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jun 15, 1992 on Nickelodeon

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  • Breaking Up is Hard To Do

    This is another of my favorate episodes ever in the first and only two parter of the show.

    What I loved about this two parter is we really saw a soulful side to Budnick. The poor guy just can't seem to get it right with Dina, so of course we see he's tries to be that idealistic guy that she wants but unfortunately it cramps on his style and Dina begins to feel that the idealistic guy she wanted might not be who she really needed at all.

    This episode is mainly about what love should really be. And that is for someone to fall in love with who you are, not who you should be. But also how a dream guy/girl never is a face but a feeling and usually that person is someone we never envision. We can't help but emphisize and feel for both characters at two ends of the spectrum in this two parter. From Dina who makes that classic mistake of dressing up her dream guy into something she deems as suitable. I never believe in that, whenever people do that it always clouds the truth on what we really want/feel for a person. And when reality hits it never matches what we imagined, the imagination always seems more sweeter than the reality. When Budnick transforms into that idealistic guy for her, she gets more than what she bargined for. Sure certain habbits that she deems as unplesent, but once taken away he became well boring, and now she misses the original. So she is purposely being a bad girl to break it off with him.

    It's likewise for Budnick whom we feel the most pathos for because he's a holy fool that is doing anything to satisfy the woman he loves. Unfotunately we see the cost is greater that he thinks, as the classy guy image is cramping his style. Even though he doesn't show it on the surface you can tell from his eyes, the idealistic image Dina has just isn't for him. And cracks to form from the moment when Dina (though it's a fake) decorates his most sacred gitar pick that he gave to her. But then it crosses the line when he has to get that dreaded haircut, it was hillarous when he imagined it as death row. But at that point realizes he can not be that idealsitic guy for Dina, he can only be him. It was sweet and a little sad at the end when they broke it off, but it made sense it just wasn't in the cards (or at least not yet) and no one can ever have romance based on a lie. We kind of see at that point that Dina really likes him because he's acting like him, likewise for Budnick. I thought those two despite differences would of made a good couple, but may'be when the right time comes and when they do it right this time.

    On a sidenote the funnest moment in this episode was when Pinsky, Donkeylipps, Telly, Sponge, and ZZ all spy on the interplay between Dina and Budnick and they all have some sort of communication system where they pass off the message on what is happening and tell it to an audience of kids. It was really funny what happened at the end of it when unfortunately Budnick suddenly catches on, suddenly they rely the last message which is retreat, and they all do just that. Comic gold.
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