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Salute Your Shorts

Season 1 Episode 10

Cinderella Play

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jun 24, 1991 on Nickelodeon

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  • Stage Fright

    This is another one of my personal favorate episodes. There were some great moments like Ug as usual acting like a bit of an idiot after something he said then everyone disagreed with him and threw crumpled up paper balls at him. Or at the begining of the play, I'm not exactly sure if it was intentually funny or not but Tully said her hip hop lines and then kept smaking Donkeylips who is wearing the mousehead over and over with a broom till he couldn't take it anymore. But the character that really steels the show is Dina of course since the focus is on her. She of course is picked for the role of Cinderella, but is unfortunately what you would call star struck when she slightly slacks off not coming to nearly enough rehersals. This of course damages her confidance causeing stage fright making her breakdown both psychologically and physically when she loses her voice. What I like about this episode is even though Dina is still her usual self absorbed self, we see a more human and vunerable side to her. I'm not exactly sure how both the Cinderella story and Dina's condition parallels one another or if there even is one. But you can say that it's just like Cinderella's dilema, Cinderella has a dream, but has a bit of a hard time making it come true do certain things holding her back, but due to her unlimited amount of faith and how hard she works on keeping it alive it eventually comes true. It's easy to emphasise with her feelings, we all sometimes have a certain desire to be famous in some way, but unfortunately desire doesn't always transition into reality well. Dina learns the hard way that receving fame is not what matters, it's how you earn it that counts the most. And of course she does do the real work, begins to believe in herself again and eventually becomes somebody she wanted to be.

    I like the fact that the Sponge character truely came though with her, helping her get back on her feet and stay on them by employing a psychological method of focusing on a figure to bring confidance. Both of them really had some good chemestry in this episode, it's a shame nothing more could have been built up on this. But believe me this episode is magical.
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