Salute Your Shorts

Season 1 Episode 11

Donkeylips's Crush on Dina

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jun 26, 1991 on Nickelodeon

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  • Donkeylipps in Love

    This episode another of my personal favorates because it has such an endearing quality to it. One of the things I like about this episode is it sort of builds up the characters of both Donkeylipps and Dina. Both at times came of as contemporary architypes but this episode they move beyond that and we see a human side between them.

    Donkeylipps I'll admit is my second favorate character in the show because he's an underdog (something I can emphisize with because I myself am one) despite who he is always seems to be a wonderful person inside which of course translates to actions. Like most underdogs he desires what seems unatainable mainly Dina, who is a person that would most unlikely go out with him. Yet, despite his limitations he goes for it anyway, he takes a risk and of course he wins. One of the funnest moments in this episode has to be the scavenger hunt for the identity of the secret admirer. Dina of course follows all the clues and then gets an undeveloped photo which will reveal the face of her admirer. She goes into the dark room and just when she sees Donkeylipps face she has a looking of fright on her face that is just priceless, comic gold.

    Dina we see at first is a bit uncomfortable with the idea of going though with that date with Donkeylipps because of course she isn't physically attracted to him, and does treat him just a bit badly. But we see in that dance scene as well as those secret admirer notes he sent he really does prove to be a gentlemen, which does make her drawn to him because she seeing that wonderful side within him, it's enough to actually dance with him and exchange nice words with him.

    I'll admit that after this episode I secretly wish that those two become a couple, because despite how different they are both in a way I feel are a great couple. A shame they never really thought about building on that. Donkeylipps may be a big lug but has a beautiful soul.
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