Salute Your Shorts

Season 1 Episode 1

Michael Comes to Camp

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jun 01, 1991 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In the last scene, Sponge, Michael, Telly, Dina, and Z.Z. are all wearing the same outfits from the scene in the cafeteria, but Sponge says that Michael has been hanging around in the bunk for two days.

    • During the scene where the campers are about to perform an Awful Waffle on Budnick's scapegoat, the same shot of Budnick pulling up the kid's shirt is shown twice: once when he is first put on the table and once just before Michael interrupts.

    • When Ug is addressing the campers just before the baseball game, Michael is standing in front of the group in a line with the principle cast. When a closeup is shown of him, he is leaning against the fence, but, in the next shot, he is still standing in front of the other campers.

    • While Donkeylips and Budnick are explaining what Sponge and Michael have to do to join the Secret Society/get left alone, you can hear Donkeylips rip a ripe fart.

  • Quotes

    • Michael: (regarding Budnick) Man, I'd do anything to pound him.
      Sponge: Pound him and he'll pound you back! It's called the Transitive Property of Pain.
      Michael: Yeah, but if I don't do anything, he'll think I'm a chicken.
      Sponge: Being brave usually means getting your adult teeth knocked right out.

    • Group Chant: Awful Waffle! Awful Waffle!

    • Dina: We had Norwegian Salmon. Oh, all the way from Norwege.

    • Sponge: You should have never come to this camp.
      Michael: Why?
      Sponge: Because the food bites, bug bite, activities bites, everything bites!

    • Michael: And what if we refuse to go at all?
      Budnick: Donkeylips sits on your head and farts.

    • Michael: (his boxers have been stolen and are hanging on the flag pole) Great. What do I do now?
      Sponge: Well, I suggest you stand at attention, click your heels, and salute your shorts.

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