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Nickelodeon (ended 1992)





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  • Grew up watching.

    Loved this show.
  • Cool!

    I bet anyone my age who had cable television can remember the greatness of good old Nickelodeon. Salute Your Shorts was absolutely my favorite show! The plots were easy to understand and the characters were (mostly) likable. Whenever I see someone watching Nickelodeon all I can think of is the hours I spent watching the greatest television. I suggest that Nickelodeon brings back all the shows from my childhood: Salute Your Shorts, Clarissa Explains It All, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Rocko's Modern Life, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Double Dare with Marc Summers, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Guts, the old Rugrats(before they grew up and before they went to Paris), and Doug. It seems like yesterday when i heard the Patti Mayonnaise music, got extremely scared from a television show, watched Sam climb into Clarissa's window by climbing a ladder and Alex Mack turn into this liquid mercury stuff, went through the dryer at the laundromat to find Spunky, got extremely slimy with someone else's family, talked to some big rock, used a screwdriver to get out of a playpen, climbed a huge mountain, and went to summer camp. I guess those shows are considered classics now and I really hope that kids who grew up with these shows never forget about them.
  • The theme song is still in my head

    The theme song really is still in my head, though I can't remember all the words. My favorite episode was when they had capture the flag with water balloons. There was another good one where they sneaked out for fast food. I can't remember all the group dynamics or pick a favorite chatacter, though.
  • Great Show!

    Salute Your Shorts was a great show that should have lasted for years, instead of 26 episodes. I have no idea why Nick would canceled a show after two seasons, but keep showing reruns for 8 years. My only guess is because production couldn't be moved to Nickelodeon studios like the rest of it shows like Hey Dude so they canned it. Every episode was good, but it went down hill a little when Michael left and Ronnie came. Ug was so stupid I would have loved to be a camp with him in charge. You could have did whatever you wanted. Nick really should bring back reruns.
  • Great show loved it

    This is probably one of my alltime favorite shows.its was the kind of show that even though it only lasted 1 seasona it was still great. Its the kinda of show that you know you have seen the same episodes a hundred times but you still love to watch them over and over again. I dont think alot of shows can do that but thats just me. Its too bad they axed it but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do. All in all great show and lets all remember the good times we had with it R.I.P. We hardly knew ye
  • gotta love the theme song

    Here are the lyrics to the theme song:

    We run, we jump, we swim, we play
    We row and go on trips
    But one thing that lasts forever
    Our are dear friendships

    Camp Anawanna
    We hold you in our hearts
    And when we think about you
    It makes me wanna fart

    "It's I hope we never part, now get it right or pay the price."

    We will share a lifetime
    of the fondest memories
    By the lake of Anawanna
    Set in the old pine trees

    Camp Anawanna
    We hold you in our hearts
    And when we think about you
    This thing came apart
    think Anawanna wanna, speak
    Anawanna wanna, live
    Anawanna wanna.... UGG!

    I wish the would but this show on DVD.
  • Lots of laughs!

    I had alot of good laughs when this was still being aired. I ..*looks around and whispers* I was never allowed to watch it because my parents said it was a bad infulence but hey I liked it and it was really really funny.
    I want it to be brought back....It reminds me of my childhood. Please bring it back.
  • brilliant show love it cus its funny RECOMMENDED!

    i really like this show because its funny how the kids pull pranks on each other and i recommend people to watch it because it has its differences and in that way its really good on ocordance to this show is rated 10/10 for all options and is said on that it is mostly recommended for people 12-16 but hey who carres its for everyone. although it is not a cartoon its very good basically like friends ! ! ! ! ! all i can say is that this show is INSANE its hilarious! ! ! ! !
  • A series about a group of kids that are in camp playing pranks on their counselours and total non-stop comedy.

    Salute Your Shorts...I mean who comes up with a great name for a show like that? This needs to be brought back, or some kind of DVD set. My most memorable episode was when they had the Flag war, defiently great! Nickeloden should do something about this, or atleast put it on Noggin or something.
  • I wish theyd bring the old shows back

    I really wish they\\\'d bring this show back it was one of the best shows I watched when i was little. Nickelodeon was awsome and it has went to hell since Ive grown older. I remember watching this \\\"All that \\\" \\\"Are you afraid of the dark\\\" \\\"double dare\\\" \\\"what would you do\\\"\\\"klarissa explains it all\\\" \\\"hey dude\\\" \\\"ren & stimpy\\\" \\\"legends of the hidden temple\\\" \\\"doug\\\" \\\"rockos modern life\\\" \\\"wild & crazy kids\\\" \\\"hangin with me cooper\\\" \\\"space cases\\\" the secret world of Alex Mac\\\" n more! I can\\\'t belive all they play now is Spongebob n Fairly Odd Parents..there both stupid n they play the same episodes over and over again I just wish they\\\'d bring back the originals and make nickeloden at its best again
  • Salute Your Shorts describes the normal camp life, filled with pranks on the councelor, plays, and ultra-dramatic games of capture the flag. In a nutshell, this show closely resembles the teenage school drama if it were to be made by Nickelodeon.

    I just received a copy of these shows from my friend and they reminded my of why I enjoyed Nickelodeon so much. This show has everything that a nick show made in the 90's would have: complete insanity done by actual people while still revolving around a common thread that gives it an actual moral. In conclusion, SYS was one of the best shows of all time, but was smart to end right before the actors got too old.
  • Another beloved Nickelodeon favorite from the early 1990s.

    After watching this show as a kid, I wanted nothing more in life than to go to a summer camp like this. There were only 2 seasons, but I never got tired of watching any episode over and over again. This show really needs to be released on tv, as it was a classic. Awful Waffle!
  • well its about these kids that go to camp and they stay the whole summer. so old and new people of the camp get into a whole bunch of interesting mishaps around the camp grounds. I love all the episodes. just a great old nickolodeon show that was short li

    This is one of the true classic shows of my generation even though it's not extremly old. It has stood the test of time as one of the best shows to come on Nick. The charcters great and each episode is totally different and fun. and lets not forget the unforgettable DonkeyLips.
  • Back before I descovered the WB or Fox, this was my favorite show

    Eat your shorts is the story about a group of 12/13 year old kids that attend a camp and all the adventures that follow them at camp. While at times unrealistic, it was a fun show that always entertained. I particularly remember an episode where they where playing capture the flag, that was just funnier than hell.
  • i didnt even know it was out.I almost forgot about it!1 of the best along with pete and pete and double dare!i just got the entire season on dvd off ebay. now i can let my daughter watch it.the legend comntinues . . . . . . . . .

    dude i just got the entire season on dvd off i can let my daughter watch it. i didnt even know it was out.I almost forgot about it!1 of the best along with pete and pete and double dare! check out pete and pete anothergreat show. . . .
  • Awesome show...very worthy of a season on DVD.

    Salute your shorts was one of those shows that had you hooked from the very beginning. It wasn\'t revolutionary by any means but it kind of, in my mind, set the trend for the \'group of kids as friend\' series were seeing now. The cast was awesome and the episodes were always funny as H E double hockey sticks.
  • I grew up with this show, and enjoyed every minute of it...

    Everytime I see this show it reminds me of my old home, eating carmel corn laying on the carpet laughin my butt off. I rarely if ever laugh at it now, but I still love the feeling it gives me. It makes me want to lay on the carpet and stuff my face with carmel corn. Enjoy a classic Nick Program.
  • My Friend As A Kid

    Everyday I'd make sure I was home from school in time to watch this show. I don't remember every single episode, though at the same time I do. If I were to sit down and watch them again, I'd remember everything that would happen but not subconsciously know about it. The show always fulfilled my dream idea of what camp would really be like if I were to go. The show had everything! Total slapstick comedy, love between kids (and counslers, that's right Ug! You go man!), mystery, "horror" (which was completely revealed to be not scary at all) and even tender moments between even the meanest of the kids (the episode that Bobby pretended to be sick with Michael and he put together the puzzle upside down).

    Wow, it amazes me that this show was only on for 2 years...pitty. It was great!
  • This show was a childhood favorite.

    I loved this show growing up. I didnt realize that it was only one for one year. They must have shown re-runs on nicalodeon forever cause i remember watching it all the time. I loved how they used comedy throughout the show. They were constantly terrorizing their camp councelor and playing tricks on each other. I just thought it was great!