Salute Your Shorts - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • The Environmental Party
    Z.Z. tries to get the others to clean up the camp. Unfortunately they really don't care. So Dina helps her throw a party to try and raise awareness, but that just makes a bigger mess. After the garbage man offers Z.Z. money for the camp's recycleables, she decides to bribe the campers into cleaning things up.moreless
  • Mail Carrier Mona
    Mail Carrier Mona
    Episode 12
    After Ug breaks up with his girlfriend, he starts to crack down on the kids for every little rule violation. When a new mail carrier named Mona shows up and seems to take an interest in Ug, the kids try to get them together, thinking that he will ease up on them if he starts to go out with her.moreless
  • 6/26/91
    Dina leaves a love note for Michael on a painting that she thinks is his. It turns out to be Donkeylips's painting, and he is thrilled that there is a girl that likes him. He starts leaving little gifts for Dina who thinks that the gifts are being left by Michael. When Donkeylips asks Dina to the dance, she is left with the choice to go with him or break his heart.moreless
  • Cinderella Play
    Cinderella Play
    Episode 10
    The group must put on the camp's presentation of Cinderella. Dina is cast as Cinderella with Michael as the prince. Telly must play an ugly step-sister and Donkeylips is the coachman. Dina comes down with stage fright, however, and skips most rehearsals. She spends most of the time signing autographs and acting like a star around camp.moreless
  • Budnick and Michael Fake Being Sick
    In order to get out of the daily activties, Michael and Budnick fake being sick. They end up spending the day in the nurse's station with no good food (the fridge has ice cream in it, but is locked), and watching Spanish TV (the only thing on). Meanwhile, the day's activity, unknown to Michael and Budnick, is a trip to the beach. The others look forward to a day of fun in the sun, but Ug decides to put Z.Z. in charge of the map and they all get lost.moreless
  • 6/19/91
    In order to win a lobster dinner, Sponge and Donkeylips enter the wrestling tournament. Unfortunately Sponge is too light to wrestle and Donkeylips is too heavy. Ug gives them a few days to change their weight, and Telly agrees to train them. Meanwhile, the other campers are trying to avoid the horrible camp food by getting Sponge and Donkeylips to sneak burgers into camp while they are out training.moreless
  • The Radio Call-In Contest
    Sponge uses the camp phone without Ug's permission to call into a radio contest. He wins the first round of the contest and a $100 prize. In order to win the grand prize, $1000, he must stay awake for 24 hours and wait for a phone call from the DJ and answer more questions. In exchange for a cut of the prize money, the others help to keep Sponge awake, sneak him past Ug to the phone, and force him to study for the questions.moreless
  • 6/14/91
    The gang forms a basketball team that must play in a small camp tournament to earn the privilege of representing Camp Anawanna in a big basketball tournament. If they lose, their pictures are taped to the bottom of a toilet seat in the main lodge. Telly is the team's coach, but no matter how hard she pushes them, they keep losing. Once Budnick takes over as coach, though, everything starts to turn around and they start to do well.moreless
  • 6/12/91
    At the girls' bunk Telly and Dina each try to bribe Z.Z. to vote one of them as Bunk Chief. At the guys' bunk, as punishment for putting a goat into Ug's cabin, all the boys must do the prep work for the Indian Counsel Dinner. The boys decide to get back at Ug by doing something that he would never expect: behaving.moreless
  • Brownies for Thud Mackie
    After Michael accidentally ruins some brownies that belonged to the camp's meanest kid, Thud Mackie, he needs to do something or face a beating. After all of his attempts to smuggle brownies into camp are foiled by Ug, he decides the best thing to do is leave camp. With everyone's help, he creates a video that exaggerates the horrors of camp to send to his grandparents. The video plan works, but Michael doesn't really want to leave. He is left with a choice: stay with his friends at camp and be pounded by Thud, or leave.moreless
  • The Treasure of Sara Madre
    Budnick finds a treasure map that supposedly leads to the buried cash of the camp's late dance instructor Sara Madre. He sells two copies of the map: one to Michael and Sponge, and another to Z.Z., Dina, and Telly. In order to find the treasure, the groups must go across the camp doing odd dance steps. As the groups try to be the first to the treasure, Donkeylips and Budnick find that watching the hunt is hillarious.moreless
  • Zeke the Plumber
    Episode 2
    Budnick tells the gang a ghost story about the camp's old custodian, Zeke. It is said that Zeke, who had lost his nose in an accident, was unable to smell a gas leak which killed him. Budnick tells the group that whomever touches Zeke's plunger will have horrible nightmares haunted by Zeke. Of course, everyone has bad nightmares that night. The entire group, with help from Ug, sets up an elaborate plan to get some revenge on Budnick.moreless
  • 6/1/91
    Michael arrives at Camp Anawanna and becomes very popular with some of the other campers. Budnick then forces Michael and Sponge to join a "secret club" along with him and Donkeylips. As part of the club initiation, Sponge and Michael go to steal something from the girls' cabin. In a rush to avoid getting caught, Michael takes, and then accidentally breaks, Telly's glasses.moreless