Salute Your Shorts

Season 2 Episode 9

The Pinskey-Sponge Gazette

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jun 19, 1992 on Nickelodeon

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  • Pinksey decides to assist Sponge in adding more flavor and controversy to Camp Annawanna's newspaper by reporting stories that most campers want to read and occassionally exaggerating the truth in some stories to please his readers.

    The Pinksey-Sponge Gazette is the worst rated episode of all the 26 episodes "Salute Your Shorts" has produced and it is for good reason. While being very entertaining and interesting, e.g. when Pinksey raises the issue of scandal when he says that Telly could be using a corked bat to hit home runs in her attempt to win Granite Woman or splotching the papers with such headlines as "The Biggest Wimp in Camp" or "Who really is Dr. Kahn?"... The main problem SYS runs into with this episode is its overall lesson it tries to teach its viewers. Of course, Pinksey's takeover of the newspaper and the stories he prints is a direct satire to peoples' fascination to trivial controversies, such as those found in the National Enquirer but in the end, the main lasting message meant to impact its viewers is something completely different and is what ruins this episode from being a gem. Pinksey tells Dina at the end of the episode after cutting out an article upon her strong insistence to do so, 'It doesn't matter if you please 99 people, but if you hurt one person, that's enough not to print it.' What this line suggests is that you should just publish news that pleases everybody and if it hurts someone, even if it is just one person, then it shouldn't be printed. The article in question was an article that exposed the fact that Dina had been dumped by her long-distance "boyfriend" instead of her dumping him as she had claimed. While the 'Dina Dumped' article is just a small issue, its message in the broader sense today can be seen in much more negative terms. Such as not printing anything bad about the U.S. government because the government does not want anything bad printed against them or not printing about celebrities who have diseases or physical problems because the celebrity would be upset they printed them such as Mary-Kate Olsen's anorexia problem. Putting the main message the episode tries to achieve aside, what also hurts the episode is the built-up anticipation of seeing Dina be hurt and embarrassed by the "Dina Dumped" article be wrecked. I know as any SYS fan, it would have been a sight for sore eyes to see Dina finally get hers so to speak after being stuck-up for most of the show. It was a dissatisfying ending and I've seen many movies and episodes where it was going good, near-perfect until the ending. Just in case you see this episode, look for Patrick Renna, star of "The Big Green."