Salute Your Shorts

Season 1 Episode 7

The Radio Call-In Contest

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jun 17, 1991 on Nickelodeon
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The Radio Call-In Contest
Sponge uses the camp phone without Ug's permission to call into a radio contest. He wins the first round of the contest and a $100 prize. In order to win the grand prize, $1000, he must stay awake for 24 hours and wait for a phone call from the DJ and answer more questions. In exchange for a cut of the prize money, the others help to keep Sponge awake, sneak him past Ug to the phone, and force him to study for the questions.moreless

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    Michael Bower

    Michael Bower

    Eddie "Donkey Lips" Gelfen

    Kirk Baily

    Kirk Baily

    Kevin "Ug" Lee

    Danny Cooksey

    Danny Cooksey

    Robert "Bobby" Budnick

    Tim Eyster

    Tim Eyster

    Sponge Harris

    Heidi Lucas

    Heidi Lucas

    Dina Alexander

    Venus DeMilo

    Venus DeMilo

    Telly Redford

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    • TRIVIA (3)

      • This episode features Sponge saying "I'm pissed off because I'm not as smart as I thought I was." This marks the first, and possibly only time, a comment close to a swear word was used in a Nickelodeon show.

      • Ug accuses Budnick of selling him the aftershave...but he never paid budnick for it!!!

      • At the beginning of the episode, Budnick is thumbing through an issue of the adult magazine "Playpen".

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Ug: Hey, hey, hey! I may be blue, but I know a giraffe's tongue is. . . black.

      • Ug: No, sorry honey, I can't see you tonight. Because I'm blue. No, not sad blue. blue blue. toilet bowl blue!

      • Ug: I don't have to be fair, I'm a counselor!

      • Ug: What was in that junk?
        Budnick: Mouthwash, cologne from magazine ads.
        Ug: What else?
        Budnick: Blue tie-dye...
        Ug: Tie-dye?!
        (Later, when the campers are on the phone.)
        Radio Announcer: What color is a giraffe's tongue?
        Sponge: My friends say it's black.
        Radio Announcer: Are you sure you want to trust your friends?
        Sponge: Yes.
        Radio Announcer: Congratulations! You've just won $1000.
        (Ug gets on the phone.)
        Ug: My name is Ug. I'm the kids' counselor. I'll be taking the money because they made me blue.
        Radio Announcer: You've just won $1000 dollars. How can you be sad?
        Ug: No, no, not "sad" blue! "Blue" blue. "Toilet-bowl" blue.

      • Michael: There's two types of questions in this world, guy questions and girl questions. Guy questions are things you know, like how tall the Empire State Building is.
        Sponge: 102 stories
        Michael: Or how fast an ostrich runs.
        Sponge: 27 miles per hour.
        Michael: Now, girl questions, well, they're everything else in this world.

      • Budnick: Y'know, there's more to life than being smart.
        Sponge: Like what?
        Michael: Like winning money by being smart!

      • Donkeylips: I love this guy! He once did a whole show butt-naked!
        Sponge: How could you tell? It's radio!

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