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Salvage 1

ABC (ended 1979)


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Salvage 1 Fan Reviews (3)

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  • In Summary this was a good show for its time. Not over the top esxciting nor throw it in the wastecan bad. Just a good, averadge show that may have inspired other shows, I'm thinking particularly of "the astronaut farmer" just recently released

    The episode I have in mind to review of course has to be the pilot episode. The Junk dealer, using his powers of whealing and dealing. The washed out astronaut with his own off the wall theories of space travel. The fuel expert who not only looks good in jeans but plays with high explosives as well! How could you NOT love this show. Granted some of the episodes were tacky, some were even downright bad. But each of them ahd a camaderie of characters that is sadly lacking these days. Remember this was all shot 'pre-cgi' and they had to make do with whatever they could create themselves. so I think that 'Salvage one' while averadge still stands out as one of my favorites...A man with his own spaceship. What's not to Love?
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