Salvage 1

Season 1 Episode 1

Salvage (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 1979 on ABC

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  • Question..One highly unorthodox demolitions specialist...and one down on his luck space expert. What are the three of them doing in some remote junkyard with a 40 foot missile, and one hundred gallons of high explosives?

    Question..One highly unorthodox demolitions specialist...and one down on his luck space expert. What are the three of them doing in some remote junkyard with a 40 foot missile, and one hundred gallons of high explosives? Answer...They're going to the moon to salvage it. This was, for the 70's one of the most original, and sadly , forgotten TV movies-cum-series ever made. Salvage was a story about a globe trotting junk dealer Harry Broderick (Andy Griffith), who has made it his business to corner the market on money making schemes. Example: he just got back from a long vacation in Saudi-Arabia, where he sold Arab Oil the Isreialis! Upon lading back home he arranges to test fly a WWI Newport fighter. The guy selling the plane wants 25 Thousand..Harry gives him 18 thousand cash, and on the way home, he sells the body of the plane for 20 thousand to a restaurant owner, and the engine for 12 thousand to an antique aircraft dealer. It's things like this 13 thousand dollar profit that have been going on for the past six months, and have built up about a few million in Harry's bank account. But Harry has a dream behind all this. NASA, in it's trips to the moon, has left over a billion dollars worth of equipment on the moon's surface over the years. Harry wants to build a spaceship, salvage the junk, bring it back and sell it. He has old NASA personel on the payroll, and hires a rejected NASA astronaut, Skip Charmichael, who has written a book about his propulsion theories, rejected by NASA, called "The Trans-Linear Vector Principal". Skip explains to Harry that the idea is to start at 1 MPH, slowly but surely maintaining constant acceleration. According to the basic laws of physics, in 12 hours, you'd be travelling at 9,000 MPH. You star to de-celerate at mid point using the same principal, and you're on the moon in 24 hours. The entire round trip, barring loading and unloading would take 2 days versus the six it took NASA. The catch? You have to create a super-fuel to make it work. They hire Skip's old flame, a demolitions and explosive expert Melanie Slozar (Trish Stewart), who uses Monohydrosine as the fuel, a substance more unstable then Nitro. Constructing the ship is even more unbelievable.. they use a cement mixer as the flight capsule!!! they plan to build the spacecraft in and launch it from the junkyard. This was the first time that the premise of stealing a computer via a phone line was ever postulated on a movie or television show. They do so for guidance purposes. Obtaining all the explosive materials is, realistically is going to attract attention after awhile, and so an anti-terrorist FBI agaent soon comes calling. They have to rush the launch to avoid getting busted, and Harry has to sacrifice his dream of going into space, so that Mel can go along to keep an eye on the fuel temperature. As expected from such an off the wall project, pretty much anything that can go wrong.. does. Now if you stop to think twice about half of what is going on, the plot would be laughable. But the truth is, the cast and the writers make it work, and even watching it today.. it is an engaging piece of entertainment. A lot of information is given in a short time to make the premise fly, yet the viewer never gets lost in technobable, and can easily follow along, often wide eyed, watching this insane idea come to life. Harry Broderick, played by the always likeable Andy Griffith, is a gentleman with a sly charm and a wicked glint in his eye. Skip is pretty much a stereotypical male of a 70's show, nothing remarkable. Melanie Slozar, however, had the seies continued, would have been seen as a role model for girls everywhere. A beautiful, sexy and well-built woman, very intelligent and tough enough to do what was considered a man's job (still is, really..demolitions work??) while never loosing a hint of feminimity. I remember watching this pilot movie in it's first run, and thinking after the last act, that this would make an awesome show. Sure enough, before the end credits rolled, they showed a promo for the new series. Unfortunately, they sort of spent their load on the pilot. The cast was charismatic enough to maintain a watchable atmosphere, but in the end, the stories never brought that amazing feerling of the pilot back to you, and it died after one Season. It's a shame, because this had more potential than a lot of series at that time. And now, not many people remember it at all. I really need to find someone who has a copy of it somewhere.
  • A junkman decides to build his own spaceship in his backyard and fly to the moon. The FBI attempts to hinder his efforts, but with the help of an ex-astonaut and a fuel expert Harry's dream comes true.

    This year a film called the "Astronaut Farmer" appeared to pretty good audiences. The film was about a farmer who builds a spaceship in his backyard. Now if this sound familiar to you, it may be because you once saw this Pilot TV Series a long time ago.

    The short lived Salvage 1 offered a lot of promise and delivered on many respects, but its drawbacks kept the show from floating for long. It was a mid-season replacement which was popular enough to be picked up for a second season, but after only two episodes of second season aired, the show was cancelled. Only 19 episodes were ever made, but some still remember this series fondly.

    Having had a chance to recently view some old tapes of the series, I can understand both its appeal and its lack of staying power. The Pilot was the first to present this intriguing plot which Virgin President Brandon has virtually turned into a reality; a spaceship made by a private businessman at a fraction of the cost of NASA's. The pilot remains a quality show, but its drawbacks include some outlandish science (if that sort of thing bothers you, which perhaps it shouldn't). The role of the FBI and Harry, played by Andy Griffith, were played to perfection, and the episode worked very well despite some occasional hokum. It proved a promising start to what is now a virtual cult favorite, still remembered by many from years ago. Perhaps the appearance of "Astronaut Farmer" will make for enough interest to get the show on DVD, but don't get your hopes up.
  • Bring Salvage back to the Airwaves! These useless crime dramas and joke shows on TV are garbage. After the Titan Rock 07/042005 set off a whirlwind of storms on the Planet Terra Firma, outer space garbage turns into. How about hyd

    Salvage one of the shows before the MTV explosion of the 80's.
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