Salvage 1 - Season 2

ABC (ended 1979)




Episode Guide

  • Hard Water (1)
    Hard Water (1)
    Episode 1
    The salvage team that went to the moon resurrects an old project: towing an Antarctic iceberg to a drought-stricken island off the California coast. Their plan involves using the Vulture's engines to direct the iceberg's course. The competition is a well-funded and unscrupulous corporation.
  • Hard Water (2)
    Hard Water (2)
    Episode 2
    Harry and crew run into extreme difficulties in bringing an iceberg to California to be used as a source of water. The engine they use to steer the mountain of ice breaks loose and the iceberg drifts into the shipping lanes.
  • Round Up
    Round Up
    Episode 3
    The Salvage team learns that a herd of wild horses are going to be shot as part of a government program to control their numbers. To save them (and make a profit), they round them up to sell them to a local police department as mounted patrols.
  • Harry's Doll
    Harry's Doll
    Episode 4
    Skip convinces Harry to buy a race horse called "Harry's Doll", based on computer predictions that it will be a winner. When the horse breaks its leg in its first race, a NASA doctor is brought in to meld the bone using laser technology. Against all odds, the horse races again with young Michelle as the jockey, but will it win?moreless
  • Dry Spell
    Dry Spell
    Episode 5
    When a severe drought threatens a farm belonging to Harry's aunt and uncle in Arkansas, the Salvage team attempts to harvest rain from the clouds using a very unique method: heating the air above the clouds with flame devices mounted on an old biplane.
  • Diamond Volcano
    Diamond Volcano
    Episode 6
    Harry treats the gang to a trip to Hawaii where they find he has other motives. He has arranged for a mining operation into the side of an extinct volcano to retrieve diamonds formed by extreme geologic forces long ago. However, the volcano proves to be more active than they thought.moreless