Sam & Cat

Season 1 Episode 32


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2014 on Nickelodeon
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On a flight to the Bahamas, Sam and Cat have to take care of two obnoxious children on the flight there.

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  • sam and cat

    I luv it their so funny
  • Goomer was really hateable in this episode. - WATCHED ONLINE

    Are you joking? This plot was an okay premise, but it was just rushed! Why couldn't they let Dice do the talking? Why did Goomer mention "bombs" & "timers" FIRST?! Only good thing is that the kids didn't act stereotypical. Just like Disney4life, it's nearly as bad as Oscar the Ouch!

    For me? It's the worst Goomer episode EVER. The ending was just nothing but kaput.

  • A 9.8?! Seriously?!

    This was probably the worst episode since #Twinfection or #OscarTheOuch, a truly terrible episode. Also down there with #StuckInABox. I cannot believe this was rated with 9.8. Well, it went down to 8.0 after I voted, but still. There was NOTHING good about this episode. This and the other three I mentioned are all in a close contest for worst episode. This and #StuckInABox should join SodaDog's list Sam & Cat Atrocities.

    I still don't get why so many people love this show, yet a film like Gordy gets a 3.6 from IMDb and 14% from Rotten Tomatoes. If it's not a sign of what's wrong with this world, I don't know what is. I mean, I know those kids were brats, but that's no reason to give them "Aqua toilette" (toilet water!) Another stupid and disturbing thing about that was, even AFTER Cat pointed out toilette sounds like toilet and Sam whispers in Cat's ear and Cat says Oh God they STILL drink the toilet water without suspecting ANYTHING or even gagging AFTER THEY TASTE IT. Even before this Sam mentioned about the "special water" that "We keep it in the What other kind of water COMES from the bathroom? This show only seems to be getting worse and worse, not better! I found out from TV Tropes this show is possibly cancelled. With episodes like this, I am 100% glad and hope it is officially cancelled. Another stupid and annoying thing about this episode was the subplot where Dice and Goomer get arrested over A SIMPLE MISUNDERSTANDING. I think they chose the last name Baums JUST SO IT COULD BE MISTAKEN FOR BOOMS. I don't even think that's a real last name. And if it is, it sure ain't common.

    I hate that this show still has 7.4 yet Liv and Maddie has 5.8. Why can't it be this show has 5.4 and Liv and Maddie gets the 7.8 is something I may never figure out. At least Liv and Maddie doesn't have toilet humor, filler, stupidity, or some other kind of annoyance every episode.

    I truly regret liking this show at first. This show and all the other Dan Schneider shows have had SOMETHING wrong with them at some point, either by having crude or grossout humor, getting crap past the radar, being mean-spirited or cruel, jumping the shark near the end, or SOMETHING. And yet ALL his shows get higher ratings then Liv and Maddie. People, please, watch Gordy and tell me you don't find it to be great. This show and Breadwinners are the reason I changed Gordy from 9.5 to 10. It's as good as The Lion King compared to this show. I'll NEVER understand how ANY of the shows I listed as Worst new Nick shows since 2008 (besides Marvin Marvin Marvin, Fanboy and Chum Chum, and Fred: The Show) got higher ratings than Gordy. They don't deserve it. Gordy's 3.6 rating should switch with Sam & Cat's 7 rating so that Gordy gets 7.6 and Sam & Cat 3.

    UPDATE ON APRIL 29 (originally posted on April 27): Can you please review this episode SodaDog? And review Gordy too. And thanks for lowering the score to 7.3. If only AmyPham1 would vote this a 1 like she did every other episode.moreless

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