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Jennette McCurdy to lock lips with Ariana Grande in an upcoming episode

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    [1]Oct 20, 2013
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    During Nick's new fall promo today, I had just saw Sam (with her messy hair) climbing on the table at Bots and kissing Cat...on the lips. After being smooched, Cat started screaming for some reason.

    Well, I must say, this is very surprising for a kids' show. But this isn't the first time Dan had struck a kiss on the lips between two people of the same gender. It happened with Drake and Josh and Nora with the other girl from iCarly (well, she actually kissed the girl on the cheek, but still). Drake and Josh is pretty understandable since they're both stepbrothers/siblings. But this is a huge jump from Dan.

    I suppose this could cause some controversy from soccer moms, but I think Sam and Cat's kiss will be played more of a comedic way than a romantic way.

    So here goes my prediction about this: Sam goes looney, kisses Cat, then Cat gets freaked out by Sam. Here another one: Cat asks Sam how she's doing, Sam is ticked out and shows how she's been doing by kissing Cat on the lips and Cat screams on how messy Sam is. I think the former is more predictable.

    Wonder how people would think of this kiss: hot/attractive, funny or cute. Any thoughts?

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    what episode was it. and what time, Example 2:43? 5:12? what time?
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    The Puckentine Kiss was epic, awesome, all of the adjectives you've mentioned, and beautiful on top of that. Sam and Cat are soo cute as a couple. Puckentine forever!!!!

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