Sam & Cat

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2013 on Nickelodeon
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After a rapper riddicles Cat, Sam becomes his new assistant and the girl's relationship is strained.

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  • As rushed as MyPoober

    I got to agree with Disney4life about the stereotypical kids that break stuff. But this episode is mostly a "Person gets job, other person cannot do it without that person" stereotype, but that is taken poorly. Goomer and Dice were no use in this episode and the ending was just rushed. I mean, why couldn't Cat put the stereotypical kids to sleep? Wasn't she too scared or dumb? That's another "Cat's an idiot" episode for me.moreless
  • Another mediocre episode

    Sam & Cat is really mediocre now. This show just needs better writers. You know another awful thing about this episode? In this episode, and one other I watched before, they have kids being bratty a-holes that break stuff. It's NOT FUNNY! It's terrible role-modeling for our kids. Really, what is wrong with this show's writers? This episode was only slightly better than OscartheOuch, so I give it a 5. But I HATE the fact that they make it seem like breaking stuff is OK and that ALL kids act like brats. That's a stereotype! Another thing was Sam acted like a complete a-hole herself to Cat. She's not a good role-model OR a good friend. She and Cat lack chemistry. No wonder this show has so much hate. You know what else I hate about this show? The fact that they use the word "wazz", which a) is clearly not REALLY a word; they obviously made it up; b) an obvious substitute for piss. Clearly they made it up by replacing the p with a w, the i with an a, and the two s's with two z's. I mean, they already use pee a lot on this show, why use a made-up word that CLEARLY is substituting a four-letter word? Really, what kind of message is this to our kids? Also, how can pinching someone's elbow make them fall asleep? I know it's just a show, but that's pretty stupid because it CLEARLY can't really happen. Although I was glad she finally put those bratty kids to sleep by doing it to stop them from being brats and breaking stuff. The only reason I give this show a 5 is because it's a masterpiece when compared with Sanjay and Craig. And it's KIND OF good. But I did not like this episode, OscartheOuch, or FavoriteShow. Almost all episodes of this show are not good. I'm starting to wish this show didn't exist. They should've just continued Victorious and let it have 100 episodes like iCarly. Victorious was so much better. It had a solid plot and a great cast. This show on the other hand has lots of flaws. But still better than ANY episode of Sanjay and Craig.

    UPDATE ON NOVEMBER 23 (originally posted on November 2 as the first review): I didn't like today or last week's episodes either. Today's episode also used "wazz" and "wazz-bags", much to my anger.

    UPDATE ON NOVEMBER 28: I'm changing all my ratings of this show to 1. I originally gave this episode a 5, #MyPoober a 4, #Twinfection a 3, and #OscartheOuch a 4.5, but now they all get 1. This episode now gets a 1 instead of a 5.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2: Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.moreless
  • Nostalgia Won't Save You Now

    I can envision it- Dan Schneider's bright idea for increasing the continually sagging ratings- bring back nostalgia. Maybe fans of my previous shows will tune in to see their favourite actors and Nick will quit bothering me about my mediocre double spinoff!

    Well I'm sorry but it just won't work Dan, having Kel guest star will not bring in fans of "Classic Nick" to this poorly constructed TV series. What WILL help is FIRING ALL THE WRITERS. The writing is just awful in this show. The gags & jokes are old, cheesy and very predictable.

    But no, let's just keep using 'special guest stars' and ratings are bound to go up! Penny Marshall & Cindy Williams your up! This will defiantly bring in a large demographic! Then let's have a 1 hour special with Elizabeth Gillies, Matt Bennett, & Nathan Kress- because then all the "Victorious" & "ICarly" fans will tune in for the nostalgia of those shows, realize how awesome "Sam & Cat" is and then become loyal viewers!!

    Now that's just my take on what Dan Schneider & Nickelodeon are thinking, but they don't realize is fans of "Victorious" & "ICarly" have ALREADY tuned in and realized what shit-show this series truly is. The proof is in the rating charts, they started at over 4 million and are continually around the 2 million mark. The show is nowhere near as good as their respective parent shows and probably never will be because of the lazy writing, unfunny humour, stupid side characters, (Goomer) & the fact that Sam & Cat are two supporting characters that haven't changed much over the years and lack chemistry between them. Oh wait my mistake one thing has changed- Cat's voice is more annoying than ever!! That needs to change! Why can't she talk like she did in season 1 of "Victorious"?

    Anyways, I think the show is circling the drain. It got boring quick and 'jumped the shark' after about 7 episodes. I can't see Nick buying anymore episodes from Dan Schneider. (I think they're already regretting upping the season 1 episode order from 20 to 40) I've seen the description for upcoming story lines and it doesn't look like the show is going to improve anytime soon. I had high hopes for this show but have been left incredibly disappointed.

    Personally I've had enough, I'm going to watch "Salmon Cat" (because I love "Laverne & Shirley") and then after that I'm done. Cancelling it from my weekly TV lineup. There's only so much stupidity a person can take and I've had a life times worth from this mediocre 'double spinoff'.

    If you need me I'll be watching "Victorious" & "ICarly" reruns.moreless
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Emily Skinner


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Gabriel Suttle


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David Carzell


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Zoran Korach

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