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  • I Don't Watch this.

    Please take this show off the air.

    iCarly and Victorious Ripoff!
  • This Was A Bad Combination

    I bet Dan Schneider thought that these two characters, Sam & Cat, were the most popular characters of their shows, so somebody must have had a bright idea: Why not combine them for a show? The result is a mess that is for my taste, even more mean & annoying than ICarly. What is even worse is that at least ICarly had a little bit of decent comedy, mainly with the side characters. With this show, the only two good things about it is: 1. The reactions Cat has on Sam, not the other way around. 2. Some stories of some episodes are unique & interesting. Aside from that, this is a huge mess of a crossover show that I'm glad got cancelled a little than a year after its release.

    1/4 Stars
  • Barely Watchable

    The only episode of Sam and Cat I really liked was when Laverne and Shirley guest starred. Even bits of that story line were bad. No wonder it only ran one season, such a garbage, yet cheesy show. Doesn't even deserve to be on Netflix either.
  • Why does Nickelodeon suck

    Its just the fact of Adriana Grande.

  • I like this show

    It's a genuinely good show, even though it only lasted 38 episodes.

    You guys are too picky and overanalyze. Just watch the show, and enjoy it. That simple.

    And then you guys continue to watch the show, despite you thinking it's "bad"

    Whatever, this show is good.
  • Had Potential

    It's been one year. One year when i watched this show. It's still bad as it looks.

    I had high hopes and expectations for this series. I thought the first few episodes were good.

    Soon, the bad ones (#SecretSafe) came and it really started to degrade in quality.

    Sam was an unlikeable brat in #TwinFection. Why did she even need to bring in her twin sister?

    IT WAS JUST A SIMPLE PRANK! Usual mediocre ending at it's best.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    It was 2014, the "good" episodes were just "meh" and the bad episodes were worse. We got treated

    to Cat developing a foot fetish and Sam being unlikeable at her best. #TheKillerTunaJump was the

    kicker. I thought this episode would've worked better if they were SEPARATE PLOTS. Soon, the series FINALLY got cancelled, ending with the atrocious #GettinWiggy.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Now it's 2015, with Dan developing a "fresh start" known as Henry Danger. Thoughts? The flaws are still there, but it can be good at times despite the harmless villains (A villain that spoils movie plots?!). As I look back on Sam & Cat, it was and forever will be the true degrading quality of Dan Schneider's works. Not to mention, most of the plots and jokes (including the toilet water, ugh) were rehashes.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Now this show will be down there with Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show and any other stupid sitcom.
  • Dan Schneider did it again

    Here we have Dan Schneider at his best: unlikeble exaggerated characters and random senseless lines ending with a laughtrack. His shows are so offensively stupid,bad written, and unlikable, that im starting to think he wants to create parodies of his own sitcoms.
  • Great show

    Great show for the most part. Not as good as iCarly and Victorious (except for 6 episodes which were just as good and imo are seen as the top 6 best in the show) but as an attempt at a spinoff of the two shows bringing 2 of the characters together, I think it succeeds and does well. The concept is similar to Drake and Josh in that they're roommates and do things together only they're girls and it focuses solely on their babysitting job and it's somewhat sillier. Most of the episodes are very funny, clever, creative, enjoyable, and entertaining, some are in the middle and average, while 2 of them are just stupid and boring (PeezyB and Goomer Sitting), but it happens. And the robots at the bots restaurant are hilarious. Dan, you've done it again. Nice work! Yes I wish Cat's voice would've stayed like Victorious season 1, but I don't find the fake one annoying. I still like it, but not as much as it used to be. It's annoying in comparison to her original voice, but not in itself. I just don't get why they didn't make her talk in her real voice like she used to. That would've been better, but this is still OK. DIce is cool. Nona is nice. And yes Cat got dumber and Goomer is even dumber than she is, but that's the kind of humor that makes this show funny and I don't get people who say they don't like it. Cat. Not sure about Goomer. I do think it gets overused and wish they would just act normal and smart at times and don't understand how anyone can be that stupid at their age. He can be funny at times but other times I just couldn't stand his idiocy as if his IQ was literally 0. Like when they gave him the safe combination and he couldn't figure it out or when he didn't know how to explain the timer situation to security and then wouldn't let Dice Same with Cat in a couple instances. When she thought they got Sam's name She doesn't even know her own friend's and roommate's name? Wow. Not even funny. Just beyond sad. One word: Why? And a couple episodes are really bizarre (Oscar the Ouch, We Steal a Rock Star, and Mamma Goomer) but again that's what makes it funny and I love it (they are not one of my top 6 btw). I liked the iCarly and Victorious reference episodes thrown in. Overall though it's an awesome show and I'm disappointed it got canceled too soon. It was NOT because of a feud between Ariana and Jennette or her leaked nude photos. Jennette said so on Facebook, but I already knew it. It was because they were adults acting like teenagers. But so what? Happens a lot in the world of TV. It could've gone another season and then that reason would've been understandable, but I think it was too early to be saying that. Btw those top 6 of mine in order are My Poober, Babysitting Commercial, Magic ATM, Fresno Girl, and Yay Day. There you have it. End of review.
  • I like it

    Sam and Cat it a really good show and they are both really talented. I loved Victorious and Icarly and Sam and Cat is baically just both of them put together. Its a really good show and i enjoy it. Haters, if u dont like it and think its a waste of time then DONT waste your time writing about it!!

  • iCarly and Victorious got cancelled for THIS?!

    I can't believe this show was the cause of the cancellation of both iCarly and Victorious. Well I knew that someday iCarly was gonna be cancelled, but at least it has a very good ending, unlike Victorious that has an ending so poor (but I learned it got axed on the day it got cancelled). Now the show starts these two popular, now irritating characters having their own show and their only plot is babysitting children, (in a sarcastic voice) ohhh sounds exciting. Okay, so I admit I have a love/hate relationship with the show, but at least it's okay (kinda).
  • Stupid

    This show is stupid. Enough said.

    UPDATE1-15-14 I hate Cats voice! It is even more annoying than Gunther and Tinkas voices from Shake It Up.

  • Good Show

    Good show. Not as good as ICarly, but still a great show
  • First, it was iCarly. Then Victorious. And now ... Sam and Cat!!!!!

    The last shows Dan Schneider have been subject to a curse.

    It started with iCarly when they canceled after 5 years of broadcasting, because Miranda Cosgrove going to college, she continued with Victorious when carried in the air almost 3 years, where he started to become a curse, for Ariana Grande did not feel at ease. And this time it was the straw that broke the camel BY THIRD CONSECUTIVE TIME AND AFTER JUST OVER A YEAR OF ISSUANCE now happens to Sam and Cat, and most stupid is the cause: ONLY THE complexed OF Jennette McCurdy WANTED MORE MONEY.

    Dan Schneider, your shows are funny and fun, but your real problem is you have to deal with a very demanding people like Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy. And in the first year. Buffff


    Meanwhile, Sam and Cat was an excellent show, with each episode and I liked the show.

    Balance the ONLY season: The episodes were getting better, and the scenes of violence did not bother me (8.0). And once again (as in Victorious) was canceled by surprise and unprepared (and iCarly) a decent finish, but a stupid and pointless.
  • I had high hopes for this show

    Sam was the breakout character of Icarly, Cat was the breakout character of Victorious. I thought this spin off was a brilliant idea, and I was really sad about Icarly and Victorious ending. But I saw every episode of Sam and Cat and I was under whelmed. I feel like the two characters made great side characters in their original show but their personalities aren't strong enough to make good protagonists.
  • They extremely abused the characters.

    icarly Sam : Tomboy bad girl rep still nice at most times

    Victorias Cat : bubbly naive normal girl

    Sam and cat Sam : Total jerk who is disgustingly rude.

    Sam and cat, Cat : extremely stupid girl with A obnoxious voice...
  • Terrible acting

    Sam is a bitch and Cat is as fake as hell, honestly when it comes to terrible shows like this, there isnt much to say about it, because it's one of those things you have to see it to believe it.
  • Thank God it's over!

    Nick had the chance to make a good show with Sam & Cat, but they failed big time! Yet another show with Getting Crap Past the Radar, toilet humor, butt jokes, poop jokes, pee jokes, and perhaps worst of all FILLER! How does this show get 7.1 if Liv and Maddie gets 5.8? Switch the digits around! Make this show a 5.1 and Liv and Maddie a 7.8! One example of this show having stupid jokes is the running gag that Cat always forgets the number 3 when counting! Like why would forget three? Three is an important number! Then there's the annoying voice they gave her. Why did they do that? She doesn't talk like that in real life! I bet people think she's a brain-dead moron in real life with a whinny voice because that's her character on this show. Whenever they do interviews with her in real life she uses her normal voice that we heard in Season 1 of Victorious! Also Dan Schneider's new show Henry Danger doesn't even have a profile here at this site yet but when it does just you wait! You're gonna see people hate it too! I think it's about time Dan retired from making shows! He just can't do it anymore! Overall I give this show a 1/10 because I can't give it a 0. But ALL the crappy new Nick shows deserve 0/10! That's it folks!
  • Why did they cancel this show? :(

    I have not seen too much of this show, but I saw five episodes. Judging by them, the show is pretty good and I think that it is underrated. My favorite character on the show is Cat because, just like SpongeBob, she is sweet, innocent, and is happy a lot. Goomer reminds me of Forrest Gump by the way he talks, as well.

    Overall this show gets a seven out of ten. It is not bad nor is it amazing, but it is pretty good.
  • Not funny, only cruel

    From Icarly, Sam had this bad girl trouble maker charm to her. From Victorious, Cat had the usual sweet and naive element to her, in fact sometimes you got to hear her sing and that was a treat. However, putting these two characters together, why would Nick do that? Icarly was about a web-show the characters did and Victorious was about a school of performers. So after these two shows were canceled after some good runs, Nick take Sam and Cat, have them live together, and then make them babysitters. Without Carly and Tory to balance them, Sam is an unattractive juvenile delinquent and Cat is just plain ***ed. The idea of using young adult actors to portray teenagers isn't new. However this show doesn't have the web show antics or occasional performances of Icarly or Victorious. In fact, I think some of the antics on this show should warrant Sam's immediate arrest and Cat entering a mental institution. What, not even going to worry about relationships and boy troubles like on other sitcoms? All it is a delinquent, a ***ed girl, a little boy, and a ***ed grown man hanging out and babysitting kids. Doesn't that sound like trouble?

    Enough of these sitcoms, Nick. The best of these shows are behind us. You're out of ideas. Besides, sitcoms are all too common and all too similar. It's time to go back to being all about cartoons, the good kind like Jimmy Neutron and Angry Beavers. Because frankly, if I was a parent, I wouldn't let my kids watch your channel at all. And I grew up with you. It's cruel for you to put up such eye sores and not expect kids to get stupid.
  • Oh God, Nickelodeon, what have you become?

    I watched the pilot episode of Sam & Cat. That was all I could stomach of watching this putrid show. Sure, Ariana Grande is a hottie and Jennette McCurdy is pretty, but when you mix their characters from iCarly and Victorious together, you have a shitty show. Sam is a mean, demanding, bossy boyish chick while Cat is a pea-brained, trumpet-voiced weasel. We might as well bring Marvin Marvin back. The only reason I didn't give this show a flat out 1.0 is because I like Victorius and iCarly. But stop trying to merge the damn shows together, would ya!

    Update on July 18: Yessssss!!!! Its over! Its finally over! I was scared that they'd renew this show for a second season, but thankfully it didn't. Nick doesn't seem to have anything to offer anymore. They've lost all their cool points from me after that abomination Marvin Marvin. The only time you'll probably actually find anything watchable on that channel is early in the mornings or on Nick at Nite.

    @Disney4life: I'll watch Rabbids Invasion whenever I get the chance and will review it. If its really as bad as you say it is, then I might have to decline from watching it lol.
  • Do people really like this?!

    I know people kept making out this show to be funny, but honestly, I don't get it. To me, it seems like this show was made purely from demographics on whats popular nowadays to kids. I know this is a kids show and all, but this is inexcusably horrendous. None of the jokes made me laugh, not to mention the characters are complete idiots. Don't get me wrong, iCarly and Victorious were pretty good shows, but this... This just fails in every aspect. The acting doesn't help either, it is painful to watch. Hopefully, with those leaked Jennette McCurdy photos, season 2 won't see the light of day.

    UPDATE: Thank the Lord above, the show finally got cancelled!!! I'm legit surprised it lasted for 36 episodes, I'm suprised it made it past the first ten
  • It's finally over!

    On July 16, 2013, I gave this show a 10/10 rating because I thought it had lots of potential. I originally titled my review with "The only likeable show currently on Nick (except reruns of classic SpongeBob and Victorious)" and said "That is why this gets a 10. If it weren't for this show, Nick would be completely dead. THIS IS OUR ONLY HOPE LEFT!" Then on October 12, I changed my mind and gave it a 5. I wrote a long review for the then newest episode #OscarTheOuch which made me realize why this show is getting so much hate.

    On November 2, I gave #Peezy B a generous 5 just like how I had given #OscarTheOuch a 4.5, because it was slightly better than that one. In both reviews I mentioned the reasons why this show has lots of flaws, such as Sam and Cat lack chemistry, and the show relies a lot on cruelty as a form of comedy. AND THIS SHOW IS SUPPOSED TO BE WAY BETTER THAN SANJAY AND CRAIG! But at least it doesn't use lots of crudity like that awful excuse for a show does. I mean, the then latest episode of that show was literally vomit-provoking. I can't believe I survived it! It was so painful to watch Sanjay "pregnant" with something as gross as flatulence, which they use the crude word for on that show. At least Sam & Cat doesn't talk about flatulating, have "humor" related the flatulence, or use the word "fart".

    On November 3, I asked demariusbridg if he ever saw The Thundermans. They had just aired it at 7:00 the day before and again at 2:00 on November 3, and it was painful to watch. The review for it by cookiesandmilk was spot on. In fact, I'd even say it was as bad as Marvin Marvin. It was seriously that painful to watch! All it is is a family of siblings who try to one-up each other. It was an absolute abomination as cookiesandmilk said. The reason why I brought that up, is because I wanted him to review it. Even if he didn't watch it. I recommended watching it so he could review it. I also asked if he saw The Haunted Hathaways because it sucks too.

    On November 16, I changed my rating of the show to a 4/10 after having seen #Twinfection. On November 28, I changed it to a 1. I also changed my votes for #PeezyB, #MyPoober, #Twinfection, and #OscartheOuch to a 1. I told finnysohr he could thank me. On December 30, I told finnysohr he's welcome for being glad I hate the show now.

    On February 2, 2014, I made my usual update I've made in other reviews regarding Breadwinners and how everyone I showed the YouTube pilot to hated it. On February 18, I updated this review again to say that Breadwinners premiered the day before and that I had reviewed it. Later, I heard rumors from Wikipedia and TV Tropes that the show was possibly cancelled. After airing 33 episodes, Nickelodeon released a promo stating two episodes remained to air. Nickelodeon later confirmed the cancellation of the series due to a multitude of dramatic issues (read Wikipedia if you don't believe me). And now the show is finally over! So glad to finally be rid of crappy episodes like #Twinfection, #FirstClassProblems, #StuckInABox, and especially #OscarTheOuch! So that's one crappy Nick show down, now we just need to get rid of the other seven (which are: The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, Breadwinners, Rabbids Invasion, Sanjay and Craig, Every Which Way, and AwesomenessTV).

    UPDATE ON JULY 19: demariusbridg, could you review Rabbids Invasion? It's another awful (no, it's BHAAwful) show from Nick. It started last year on August 3 and it's right after Breadwinners on my list "Worst new Nick shows since 2008". And get this, it's even BEFORE Sam & Cat. That's how terrible it is. And yet it managed to get 5.2 just like how Every Which Way got 5.5. I want to know if you've seen Rabbids Invasion. If you haven't, try watching an episode and then tell me how much of it you survived. It's such a boring show. It's just like The Haunted Hathaways, I have trouble staying awake when it's on. Also, it's since the past SIX years Nick has been making crappy shows. Because The Mighty B! came out in 2008 and that was the beginning of the end for Nick. Then the channel decay continued the following year when Fanboy and Chum Chum started.
  • Great job Dan!

    Since iCarly started, Sam was very funny and I think Sam and Cat is a great show! From Drake and Josh, to iCarly and now to Sam and Cat!
  • Yikes!

    The other shows were actually fun but this Yikes! Sorry can not stand Cat's voice/fake accent. Been wanting to say that for awhile. Not surprised this is canceled.
  • WTF Nick?

    Um, why are two adults who are old enough to drink staring as teenagers? Why does Cat have the brain and voice of a three year-old? Why does on Nickelodeon think that being supremely stupid is funny? Why can't Nick just go back to making good shows?
  • No thank you Nick, I'll pass and watch something else

    Sam & Cat is a crossover spin-off from two popular Nickelodeon shows, iCarly & Victorious. Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande star as Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine as their roles from their other shows. This is also the first-ever Nickelodeon live-action crossover. Sam & Cat become roommates after an accident involving a garbage collection truck and they start a babysitting business together. The show will show the journeys that both characters experience. Just as Dan Schneider couldn't stop making any new shows, he has to create this. It's a spinoff to my least favorite Nickelodeon shows ever iCarly and Victorious. I know I'm kind of complaining about a show that I don't even watch, but I do has an explanation on why Sam and Cat is such a terrible show. A spinoff doesn't really seem to work but unfourtantly, this one has succeed in ratings and most people thinks it's the best spinoff ever while in fact it's not. It made Planet Sheen (spinoff of Jimmy Neutron) tolerable. I don't think Sam and Cat wasn't a good idea because first of all: the characters choice. Are you kidding me? Some fans are aware of Sam's jerky attitude in iCarly and Cat's dumb attitude in Victorious. That what really turns me off. I don't even care for both of the starring actresses, but Jenette is a tad better and seriously, I can't stand Ariana thanks to her character Cat. She does a really poor job as the character who is yet another brainless person. The voice that she made doesn't help either and it just made a huge headache. In conclusion, I don't really see the big deal of this spinoff especially when it comes to the characters and the actress. I heard that Nick had finally end production on the show for good so if that true then I can say hallelujah!!! Nick will definitely get better in the next two years. So, if you really Dan Schneider's work, I don't really recommend the show at all, just avoid it. I know I did because I hate Jenette and Ariana. 1/10
  • Sam minus cat

    UHMM Yah huh?? I just dont get how Nickelodeon gets away with being random and calling it humor.............
  • Burn in hell

    I can't. I cannot.

    First off, the theme song of this 0.99 cent show, sounds like a grown ass 43 year old man singing while gargling on 3 day old semen while having scorpios pinch his asshole. Cat. Your character is just fucking stupid. Fucking. Stupid. Once icarly ended- ITS FUCKING OVER. Once victorious ended- ITS FUCKING OVER. Stop trying to bring the fucking shows back you pieces of lava molten ape shit. I feel like all you corporate assholes sat in a big ass room and discussed the show like this:

    ASSHOLE1: So everybody. 2 shows have ended.

    ASSHOLE2: Well what are we going to do now? Those were the only shows keeping nickelodeon alive!

    ASSHOLE3: Yeah! And we're so damn unoriginal! Sir we can't possibly release another show that will actually be original and make fucking sense!

    ASSHOLE1: You're right. That is why I visited our local Walmart and went to the generic aisle and bought a plot

    ASSHOLE2: Hey! Way to think ahead! What is it about?

    ASSHOLE1: Two hoes baby sitting.

    ASSHOLE3: But sir! We have to pay for actors!

    ASSHOLE1: Well that's why we are going to bring back one of the sub characters from iCarly and Victorious.

    *everybody applauds


    Thank you.
  • A clever, yet smart and hilarious show from comedy master Dan Schneider.

    Man I'll never forget this show and I love it. I remember me and my dad watching this on Nickelodeon and I so love it even my dad loves it and this is by far Dan Schneider's best show since Drake and Josh and some of his early shows and it is a huge improvement over the over hyped Icarly or the terrible but decent Victorious and this show is very similar to Drake and Josh because instead of two boys being the main leads of the film its two girls one from Icarly that's Sam Puckett and one from Victorious that's Cat Valentine portrayed by the gorgeous and cute Ariana Grande plus I love new comer Cameron Ocasio who portrays Dice in the show and this is seriously my favorite show from creator Dan Schneider Sam & Cat is very funny and it rocks as well. Plus it is the best show in Nickelodeon since Big Time Rush.
  • Disappionting :/

    Before I start, I am a teenager and yes I did my research and I watched several episodes before I made my final decision on the show, and I'm not impressed with what I saw.

    When I heard about the show coming out I was so excited because I LOVED "Victorious" and I loved Cat so I was excited to see she had her own show. I wasn't that big of an ICarly fan, but I did see some of those episodes and I liked Sam also. But here's where my hopes dropped, it was going to be about & Cat babysitters? I would've never thought that the show would be about babysitting. And obviously from that I knew the plot would be weak. Sam is obviously not good with kids, which we've seen in ICarly, she practically hates them, plus she has a criminal record, would you let your kids be babysitted by a chick with a criminal record? Cat would also be a bad babysitter, she has the mentality of a little kid so who's going to babysit the kids and Cat?

    The next plot flaw is her grandma leaving her, Cat is still in highschool in the show, she has to have a legal gaurdian, she can't just live with another girl her age. And where are her parents? I would like to know why she was living with her grandma instead of her parents, was it because of her brother?

    Next is why did Cat just let this complete stranger into her home? And then ask her to be her roomate, It all happened in like a day! Plus Sam is obviously a complete jerk to Cat, I don't see why the writers made her so incredibly stupid that she couldn't tell that. Even in "Victorious" Cat acted like she had the IQ of a 7 year old. I loved Cat at the beginning of "Victorious" she was bubbly and adorable and either was bipolar or had ADHD, but they ruined her character and made her more annoying and stupid near the end of the show. I don't see hoe Cat and Sam just magically get along, and how Sam just replaces Carly with Cat so suddenly, plus would'nt Sam be smart enough to know that being a roomate with a random girl you saved out of a garbage truck is not a good idea?

    And lastly, this story plot is weak. The reason why is because the creators took two supporting characters out of thier big hit TV shows and thought putting them together would make them supoort each other. Plus Sam and Cat were the most loved characters from thier TV shows, if you agree or not they were, so they thought well everyone likes them so lets put them in a TV show together and it'll be a huge hit. For me it just wasn't as awesome as they hyped it up to be. The other characters, I forget their names, it's like Gunther and whatever the curly haired boy's name is. They don't help the plot be stronger, The curly haired kid is extrememly annoying to me and Gunther has funny moments but hes just as dumb as Cat.

    Final Thought, Sam and Cat couldve been better, if it had a better plot and better characters it could've had a better outcome. I think the plot is weak, the story doesn't make sense, and it is too silly. I know it's a kid show but I'm a teen and I still think this was made for 8 year olds to enjoy. I don't think that the show has enough serious moments, yes its funny and silly and that ok; but it's like that ALL the time. In "Victorious" and "ICarly" they had episodes that had meaning behind the episode. Ex: when Freddy gets hit by the taco truck and saves Carly, Everyone is so serious about freddy getting hurt and Sam, the comic relief character, gives it just the right amount of jokes and sillyness that it needs. Its not like they're like "Oh well, Freddy got hit by a truck, haha" Carly actually genuinly cares about Freddy's health like a bestfriend would. It makes the show interesting and fun to watch, because you don't know what to expect in each episode, in Sam & Cat it feels like I can just guess what's going to happen. Sam, Cat, Gunther, and Curly Haired Kid are one-dimensional characters and need some depth in their characters and story plot. Honestly the show needs some work, and I won't be watching anything episodes from the show ever again, sorry Nickelodeon I'd rather watch "Victorious"

    ~End Of Rant~
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