Sam & Max Freelance Police

Season 1 Episode 2

The Second Show Ever

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 1997 on FOX
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The Second Show Ever
It's Career day at school and Sam and Max show up to join in the fun!

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    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Max: You there! Cafeteria mom! Could you reheat these fine meats?
        Sam: *to Max* Yeah, she can put the new guy on.
        Lactose: *reheating the food with his eyebeams* It may not look like much, but in two weeks they promote me to fries! *evil voice* Then they'll pay!

      • Samurai: (in Japanese)Ohh...Boneheads!
        Max: Banzai!! *bites the samurai in the leg*
        Samurai: AHH! AHH! (in Japanese) Savage big white bunny person! *shakes off Max*
        Sam: (to Max with a deep Japanese-style voice) This foe is a crafty one I tell you!
        Max: (deep Japanese-style voice) He has fended off our kanji advance it's how I hate that!
        Sam: (deep Japanese-style voice) Clearly the element of surprise is needed this day!

      • Sam:(going up to the injured samurai) Very convincing garb!
        Max: No hard feelings?... Any feeling at all?

      • Teacher: I'm not sure the school board would approve of this field trip...
        Sam: Based on my limited knowledge of school officials being dull, colorless llamas, I have to agree. You got nothing to fear but fear itself!
        Max: And that big cranky alien cranium heading straight for us!
        *the class screams*

      • Max: Our car!
        Sam: And the children!
        Max: And the children and our car!

      • Sam: Feeling light headed kids? Are you suffering the ill effects of too many fast paced hard-sell in your face adverts designed to compete for you parent's hard earned dollar? Well, your not alone!
        Max: The folks in programming are sympathetic to your plight and as such, have agreed to present this episode, in it's entirety without any commercials at all!
        Sam: you heard right kids, one whole episode of Sam and Max without any commercial breaks of any...
        *cut to commercials*

        *At the End of the episode*
        Sam: That's all for now kids, but stay tuned to the second half of today's show, as we continue our pledge to bring you the very finest in quality entertainment, 100% commercial fr..
        *cut to commercials*

      • Sam: Well here we are in the yawning void of space.
        Max: Wrong without even a grade two understanding of astronomy!
        Sam: You can exhale anytime, gang! It's actually darn-near safe to breathe now!
        *teacher and class exhales*
        Sam: But remember, if the cabin pressure should suddenly drop...
        Max: Or if you hear Sam utter the codephrase "Pull my finger..."
        Sam: You should don your helmets immediately!

    • NOTES (1)

      • The villain Lactose the Intolerant is just an obvious joke on the term Lactose Intolerant, the terminology used for someone who is unable to digest milk products.

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