Sam & Max Freelance Police

Season 1 Episode 1

The Thing That Wouldn't Stop It

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1997 on FOX
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The Thing That Wouldn't Stop It
The Geek calls in Sam & Max to handle a problem that the refrigerator repairmen cannot handle.

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      • Sam: *picking up a petri dish* Gee, I hope this wasn't anything important...
        Max: It looks like a completely virulent form of the plague.
        Sam: *dips finger into petri dish and licks it* But tastes like butter!

      • First Episode
        Narrator: Last Time on Sam and Max!
        (flash back to Sam and Max trapped in a jar)
        (falsh back to Sam and Max getting married)
        (flash back to Sam and Max being grabbed by an octopus)
        (Flashback to Sam holding Max on Pride Rock, the rock breaks)
        Max: Oh, those were fun times he said wistfully...
        Sam: You could say that again, Max. But like all dry spells and peach pits, this too shall pass.
        Max: I sure hope so, Sam! It's been at least five minutes since my last brush with death and I'm getting light in the head.
        Sam: Try eating a cookie...

      • *The Thing turns into a bunch of kittens*
        Sam: Gee, I don't know anyone who could firebomb kittens...
        Max: Here, let me.
        *The Thing turns into a supermodel*
        Max: Wow! It's a non-descript supermodel! Quick, Sam! Get a picture!
        *supermodel's face changes into the Thing's face*
        Max: AHH!
        Sam: You always have that effect on the ladies.

      • Sam: Okay. On my signal... three... two... OPEN THAT DOOR RIGHT NOW!!
        Max: *pulls freezer door* CHILL FRIDGE!!
        Sam: FREEZE UNIT!!
        *vegetable tilts over and Sam and Max recklessly fire at the fridge*
        Sam: I can't believe I shot at an innocent vegetable.
        Max: I can't believe I said chill.

      • Sam: Scarecrows... crude, but effective.
        Max: Why is that?
        Sam: Because there's not a crow in sight and the corn hasn't been touched.
        (showing bags of frozen corn)
        *sudden eerie sounds break out*
        Max: I think the scarecrows scare off more than just crows...

      • Geek: Computer.
        Computer: Working...
        Geek: Put on an urgent call to... Sam and Max!
        Computer: Who??

      • Repairman 1: We're doomed I tell ya! DOOMED!!
        Everyone: HUDSON!!
        Hudson: Sorry. The four of us get all mixed up... you know?
        Repairman 2: *noticing a 4th person* The four of us??
        Repairman 1: Hey, who's the new guy?
        *new guy turns into the thing and eats repairman 3 and runs off*
        Max: Now there's something you don't see everyday!
        Sam: Which is exactly why I quit my summer job at the petting zoo.

      • Sam: There's no time to lose. Our only hope is to activate the outpost automatic-destruct sequence and blow the Thing to bits!
        Repairman 1: Sorry, we don't have an auto-destruct.
        Max: Then we'll overload the post-environment controls, super-heating the nuclear power plant and...
        Repairman 2(Higgins): nuclear power plant either... just space-heaters.
        Sam: Okay... we'll jam a scuba tank in its gaping maw and shoot at it with rifles and...
        Repairman 1: Scuba tanks? Rifles? We have no use for such things...
        Max: We could throw lit matches at it.
        Repairman 3(Hudson): Y-yeah... it hates that.

      • Max: Tell me, Sam. WHY THE HECK ARE WE DOING THIS AGAIN?!
        Sam: It's simple really. If this so-called Thing should somehow find its way into our world, devouring unsuspecting citizens who have no natural fear of frozen entrees, they could surely cause a nationwide mistrust of pre-manufactured foods of all kinds, forcing producers of salty, overcooked man-size portions to go bankrupt. To safeguard American business, Max! That's why the heck we're doing this!
        Max: AND THAT'S BECAUSE WE GET TO WAVE THESE AROUND! *fires flamethrower*
        Sam: Well, that goes without saying.

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    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Alien
        There are several references and parodies to the "Alien" movies.

        -One of the repairmen is Hudson, who's ultra-paranoid and keeps panicking that they're doomed, but gets shouted down when they say "HUDSON!". He's similar to the "Aliens" character of the same name who is also panicky and got shouted down by the other people.
        -The scene where one of the refrigerator repairman is trapped and wants to be killed.
        -The final scene with the thing appearing to want to break out of Sam's stomach are parodies of the movie Alien.

      • The Thing
        This entire episode is a parody of the John Carpenter movie The Thing, particularly the creature's name, its ability to shapeshift, and the icy location.

      • Sam and Max's car
        the car that Sam and Max drive is based on the 1960's DeSoto though that was mentioned in the game Sam and Max Hit the Road

      • Geek: Sub-Basement of Solitude
        Darla Gugenheek's (the Geek) Sub-Basement of Solitude is a reference to Superman's Fortress of Solitude. The Sub-Basement, which is full of computers and gizmos, is just like Superman's fortress which has similar things.