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Samantha "Sam" Newly is a corporate executive and hit-and-run victim who awakens after being in a coma for eight days, only to find she has amnesia. With no memories of the past, she must rediscover everything about her life and herself by looking for clues from her past. Sam discovers that she wasn't a very nice person to most people and she is determined to change that. She also discovers that she cheated on her boyfriend Todd (played by Barry Watson) with a married man. Sam even learns that her "accident" was no accident at all, but a failed attempt at someone trying to kill her, but who? Slowly but surely little parts of her start to emerge to the delight of some and to the shock of others. Will she change or will she act like she did before her amnesia? The people that Sam has to rely on aren't all what they appear to be. Sam leans on her parents after she awakens, but has no idea that she hasn't spoken to them in over two years. Sam thinks that Dena is her best friend, but Andrea, her real best friend, lets in be known that Sam and Dena haven't even spoken to each other since the seventh grade. Andrea on the other hand is hiding a lot of Sam's wild past from her, which could be disastrous. And then there is Frank, the door man at Todd's apartment. Up until the accident, Sam had never spoken a word to him, but one days ends up saying hi to him and is shocked to learn how observant he is. Production companies are ABC Studios & Brillstein-Grey Television. The show was originally called Sam I Am, but changed to Samantha Be Good because of copyrights issues with Dr. Seuss's estate and his legendary children's book Green Eggs and Ham. It was later changed to Samantha Who?moreless

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