Samantha Who?

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 10, 2008 on ABC

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  • This is a step up for Samantha Who. Loved this one.

    I have to admit, the episodes after the premier kinda sucked for me, it barely made me laugh like I did for the entire first season. This episode gave funny a different meaning. It humored me throughout the entire plot. I loved the story line, even though it drifted from the 'community service' theme as soon as Samantha found her troubled teen to work with.

    The guest star performance was okay, but Samantha took center stage for this one. I didn't expect to laugh so much throughout this episode, but I did and I look forward for next week's installment.

    Funny scene(s)

    *At the beginning where Sam thinks that she may have done a crime she forgot about as she turns to the police officer in line with her at the traffic light. Awkward silence as their eyes meet.
    Samantha: "He knows!", then drives off suddenly. :)

    *In the end, where Sam is picking up rubbish at a road side, Dena passes by her doing the same community service.
    Dena: "Keep moving, not here to make friends just doing my time" :) ________________________________

    Three out of four stars
    (*** / ****)
  • Mary-Kate Olsen can't act..

    I've noticed the central theme of more or less all episodes of season two involve Sam trying to be a good person, unlike season one where she was rediscovering herself. For some reason, this theme looks good from a drama perspective, rather than a comedy perspective.

    Here we see Sam trying to help Natalie played by Mary-Kate Olsen who is living her life of petty crime. I liked Olsen as Michelle in Full House, though I have seen only a selected few episodes of that show. Her grown up role doesn't seem to appeal to me. I really don't understand why, she reminds me of that line of celebrities with a deeply imprinted tramp stamp (Paris Hilton for instance). There wasn't a mentionable number of comedy sequences here, rather this installment had a very good story line. This has laid a strong foundation for Sam's character change in the episodes to come. The other cast members, from Andrea to Howard Newly have delivered some decent performances.

    A good episode; not necessarily funny though.
  • Sam tries to help a troubled young girl.

    I have praised the supporting cast of Samantha Who in my reviews yet never truly acknowledged Christina Applegate's role in the success of this program. I feel obligated to do so after this episode. She was absolutely hilarious in her interactions with everyone. From talking to Chace about he would hire her back and give her a raise while simultaneously having another conversation with him. Her overprotectiveness during the interview was also amusing. "What is this a game show?"

    Unfortunately Mary Kate Olsen's guest spot was less than stellar. She was not that bad, but not really funny (kind of like the show she was on Full House).

    Howard Newly was good in the limited role he was given. The New Adventures Of Old Christine, another female dominated sitcom, often has storylines between the two male characters Richard and Matthew to cater to not only a different audience but to play off each other as well. Samantha Who attempted that here with Todd and Howard and produced good results. Hopefully they consider it again to give a male viewer like me a little more jokes I can relate to.

    But all in all a strong episode from The Who.