Samantha Who?

Season 2 Episode 10

My Best Friend's Boyfriend

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 26, 2009 on ABC

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  • Okay

    I guess this show was okay. I don't watch it that often but when I do I usually like Christina Applegate. I think she's very funny and no matter how good the writing is or who the guest actors are, she always seems to really give it her all. I heard this show is only coming back for five episodes. I will probably watch this again and see how the next episodes compare to this one. I really like Jean Smart and hope she will act in many more sitcoms if this one doesn't last. I like Billy Zane too.
  • Samantha and Todd believe Tony Dane might be gay

    It has been a long time coming for Samantha Who's return. Paired with new series In The Motherhood I was nervous about ABC's opinion on the show, but was certainly surprised to find out that both shows put up decent numbers.

    This was an enjoyable return to boot as well. It featured some genuinely funny moments that were worthy of being top-notch shows like 30 Rock. I am also glad that we finally got to see Tony Dane as the Frasier/Cheers style of humor with one character's significant other never appearing on screen does not really work with this show.

    I wish they gave Samantha's parents more time, but few complaints here. This was a solid episode that intertwined all the characters into the plot.
  • Tony Dane is gay

    There were quite a few funny moments in this episode; but most important of all, the storyline was flawless. The parallel storyline involving Dena, Regina, and the Soldier was also decently funny. Jean Smart role though short was pretty awesome.

    We finally get to see the Tony Dane character in this episode. And Sam manages to setup a double date for Andrea to make the encounter less weird, and ropes in Todd for the same. I simply love Andrea's acting, and the scene where she meets Tony and finds it hard to say Hi was hilarious. We also have an overused gay storyline yet again, but nevertheless - it was well scripted and was pretty funny after all.

    Good return for Sam Who?
  • I loved this episode!!

    I think this episode really set up future episodes with the whole Tony Dane and Andrea just being friends thing and Todd with a new girlfriend (again!). I thought the episode was clever and I really liked Dena and Howard's interaction. We haven't really seen them speak to each other in the show so it was nice to see them in some scenes together and Jean Smart as Regina is just hilarious! I thought that the whole thing was great from the writing, the directing,the acting and the jokes were funny! A very funny and a great episode and I am excited for the next one to see how well it will involve this episode's plot (Todd GF, Andrea and Tony Dane) CAN'T WAIT!
  • Season 2, Episode 10.

    Very entertaining episode. I haven't seen SAMANTHA WHO? in a while. Although the show isn't necessarily funny, it is still fun. Andrea is hot, on a side note. Plus, Samantha looked like Carrie Bradshaw in this episode, which is why I loved the Sex and The City reference. Plus, I really enjoyed the ending to this episode, with Andrea being in the spotlight, Dena's penpal showing up, and Sam with the wine. I loved the whole episode. It was extremely entertaining, but the A plot with Sam and Andrea was way more entertaining than the B plot with Dena and Regina.