Samantha Who?

Season 2 Episode 10

My Best Friend's Boyfriend

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 26, 2009 on ABC



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    • Samantha: (opening monologue) Being single is completely underrated. You can use up all the hot water for long baths. Not share popcorn. And hog the remote to flip through 500 channels. This is helpful if you have amnesia. You can fill in decades of info in the time it takes your nail polish to dry.

    • Dena: I should have stopped writing Capt. Randy. Sam said it was okay, but now the poor guy's sending me major appliances. I mean, I have to get out of this. It's tearing me apart. I can't keep living two lives.
      Regina: Honey, I don't think you're living one.

    • Dena: I can't break up with this soldier. I have a 'Support the Troops' sticker on my car.
      Regina: Oh, then let me do it, please? I haven't broken up with anyone for so long, it might make me feel like a teenager.
      Dena: No, it's my responsibility. I'm just gonna go and do it now.
      Regina: Fine, leave, but don't come back.
      Dena: Excuse me?
      Regina: No. Please don't. Don't make this any harder than it needs to be. We had our chance... People change. So just walk away. And always remember the times that we had.
      Dena: (about to cry) Oh-oh-oh! Wooooh! You are so hired.

    • Regina: I can't do it. He needs me. I might be the only one that's keeping him alive at night.
      Howard: Who are you keeping alive at night?
      Dena: My soldier.
      Howard: Oh, I'll break up with him. I fire people all the time. No problem. But nobody buys my wife a stove.
      Regina: Including you.
      Howard: Damn right.

    • Samantha: (referring to Tony Dane) I think you should have sex with him.
      Andrea: What?
      Samantha: Yeah. Right now. Just try. And then observe what happens, you know? If he says he's not in the mood, then you tell him to get in the mood or explain why not, k?
      Andrea: That sounds kinda hot.
      Samantha: Yes, it is kinda.
      Andrea: But I like him. I really do. I think I kinda wanna take it slow with him. (deep breath) Oh my God! Maybe some of the new you is rubbing off on me.

    • Samantha: Andrea hasn't called me back for two days. Todd's avoiding me. He leaves before I can get up.
      Dena: Did you do something to make him mad? Like ask him to oil up and seduce Tony Dane.

    • Samantha: (in the closing scene) I saw this thing on the discovery channel or something about the theory of matter, that matter exists in different forms. I think the same thing applies to love. Love is like liquid; it can flow outward and bring life to a dessert... Love can be a gas, light as air, and assuming the shape of its container... And like matter love can't be created or destroyed it's always there, even if you can't see it, even if it's right there in front of you.

    • Samantha: Hey, hey Seth you work for Tony Dane right?
      Todd: Towel boy!
      Seth: Mock if you will my friend, but if it weren't for me he'd always be wet!
      Samantha: Yeah well you know, I don't like the way that he is treating Andrea. I mean does he, why is he stringing her along? I mean does he not like her or something? I mean what, what is he afraid of commitment? Like what's the deal?
      Seth: Well I don't know? I'll ask him about his feelings next time we get our nails done!

    • (flashbacks of Samantha briefly left alone with Andrea's dates)
      Samantha: (to first date) You guys make a great couple. Yeah. Andrea must be really happy if she's going to try and go off her meds again.
      Samantha: (to second date) You work out, huh? That would be helpful when Andrea's husband gets out of prison.
      Samantha: (to third date) Seriously? You don't recognize her from her 'film career'. No?

  • Notes

    • International airdates:
      Latin America: April 20, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (aka Canal Sony)
      Finland: March 14, 2010 on Nelonen

  • Allusions

    • Samantha: I'll bring Todd. We could be like the Ricardos and the Mertzes. The Flintstones and the Rubbles. Yeah, I've been watching way too much TV.

      The Ricardos and Mertzes are fictional families from the popular '50s sitcom I Love Lucy while the Flintstones and the Rubbles are fictional prehistoric families from the long-running animated series The Flinstones.

    • This episode title is based off the 2008 movie, My Best Friend's Girl, starring Dane Cook and Kate Hudson.