Samantha Who?

Season 2 Episode 2

Out of Africa

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 20, 2008 on ABC
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Sam chickens out of going to Africa when she finds out what she has to do to go. She won't tell her family this though, as they predicted she would do this. Instead, she hides out with Dena and Andrea so they think she's gone.

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  • A rocket analogy used to compare Sam's steps to become a better woman

    I absolutely loved this episode. As I've mentioned in my last review, it is the Sam-Andrea chemistry that does the comedy trick. And this episode started with one hilarious conversation between them, and of course Dena.

    The story essentially talks about Sam's decision to go to Africa in order to help people out there. She later drops her plan when her doctor freaks her out with huge needles and advice on worm bites. However, she is too proud not to reveal this to her parents, and hence, decides to hide at Dena's place. Things get out of control when a war breaks out in Chad, which leaves her parents worried. The comedy associated with the confusion that ensues is part that drove the show.

    I found this episode to be more or less the ones in the first season. Well, the concept of portraying dysfunctional families as comedic sequence seems to be working fine for this show. Definitely, a worthwhile show as long as this idea works.moreless
  • Sam pretends to go to Africa.

    This episode started at a slow pace, but things eventually started to pick up. Jennifer Esposito continues to be great as the arrogant, loose Andrea and the parents played by Kevin Dunn and Emmy winner Jean Smart stole the show again. Their chemistry is just fantastic and it feels like they've been working together for years.

    Barry Watson needs to get more screen time though. Despite being on 7th Heaven for all those years his comedic timing is great and he's been superb on this show thus far. The episode had some logic flaws and some things didn't really tie together (such as the whole rocket thing) but overall it was a fine installment.moreless
Tony Hale (I)

Tony Hale (I)

Dr. Andy Adams

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Ryan Carnes

Ryan Carnes


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Wendy Allyn

Wendy Allyn

Female Aid Worker

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    • Regina Newly: You're not going to Africa. Now, eat your eggs.
      Samantha Newly: No! No, I'm not eating my eggs until Africa eats its eggs.

    • Dena: Don't blame yourself. A lot of people don't like needles.
      Samantha Newly: (talking about Africa) It wasn't just the needles. Because when you get there, they have lions and snakes and scorpions. I mean, have you ever seen a scorpion? They're like spiders with knives.

    • (Samantha discusses her parent troubles with a college grad.)
      Samantha Newly: Just to find out who I am.
      Brent: Yeah, just to cut loose. Stop thinking. Have some sex.
      Samantha Newly: Not worry so much every single second about the future.
      Brent: Right, just have some sex.
      Samantha Newly: No, not happening Brent.
      Brent: Nice to meet you. (stands up and leaves)

    • Todd: Isn't that what you want -- a guy who sees you for who you are?
      Samantha Newly: No! No, I know who I am. I need someone who thinks that I'm better than I know that I am.

    • Samantha Newly: I thought parents wanted their children to turn out better than them. And since I am so much better than you, you should be thrilled!

    • Regina Newly: If you want to help, I will take you out and buy you a rubber bracelet and a red t-shirt.

    • Todd: Stay. It will be like old times.
      Samantha Newly: It's not supposed to be like old times. Ok? I'm supposed to be new and improved. And you know what? You're not helping very much mister.
      Todd: You weren't complaining last night.
      Samantha Newly: You took advantage of a drunk woman with a massive head injury. Nice work!
      Todd: I tried to wait until you sobered up, but you got naked and I lost my train of thought.

    • Samantha Newly: Maybe I haven't changed. Maybe my true self freed up by alcohol as my old self sabotaging any effort I have to change.

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