Samantha Who?

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 15, 2007 on ABC
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Wretched with amnesia after an accident, Samantha attempts to discover her life again. After being the victim of a hit and run, Sam awakens to the shock of everyone that she doesn't remember any of them, not even her parents who were standing over her bedside.

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  • Samantha wakes up in hospital with amnesia and then has to piece together her life.

    I didn't see this show when it first came out so I thought I'd catch the show up now. And really it is not at all bad. Obviously as this was the pilot episode it was mainly about introducing the charaters. Samantha is well played by Christina Applegate and her mum and dad were quite nicely done too. I also liked Dena her slightly strange friend. Andrea was also quite good, especially in the party scene. I loved the alcoholics anonymous meeting with the cakes. Todd may grow on me, I'll have to see. All in all a good start to a promising comedy - and let's face it we could do with a few decent ones.moreless
  • Interesting idea.

    This program was on straight after Desperate Housewives so I decided to give it a go. It has just started here in the UK. I thought that maybe it was the second episode but it turned out to be the pilot.

    I've never seen any of the actors in the program in anything before so I didn't have any expectations.

    For me there was only one laugh out loud moment and this is when Samantha's mother remarked to Samantha's friend something like she should switch drinking arms so that one doesn't get really big.

    I was loosing a little but of interest in the program as it went on because I found it a bit... formulaic.

    It turns out the Samantha prior to the hit-and-run and subsequent amnesia wasn't a very nice person; she was an alcoholic, a cheater and she only had one friend who herself wasn't a very nice person, she also had no relationship to speak of with her parents and her boyfriend had just broken up with her. Discovering all these facts about herself focuses her resolve to change her life for the better and this is a very interesting idea even if it smacks of 13 Going On 30 (which in itself ripped off Big).

    I can see this program could be very good so will continue to watch it.moreless
  • Samantha has amnesia.

    People may argue that Samantha Who? is a timeslot hit, but it is different than most comedies on television and it does have a great cast. We are introduced to these outrageous personalities in this pilot episode. Kevin Dunn, best known as Joel Hornick on Seinfeld, and Jean Smart do a great job as the parents. At times they are definitely formulaic, but the same is not always a bad thing.

    Barry Watson gives some quality laughs as the male lead, and Jennifer Esposito plays a great stuck-up and man-hungry best friend. Even the overdone fat friend played by Melissa McCarthy does an acceptable job.

    Christina Applegate is not exactly the funniest woman in the world, and she's probably hurting this series more than helping it. Yes, she's a sitcom veteran, but you have to wonder if a funnier lead had been chosen if the show would be even better than it is. Samantha Who? certainly got better than this after this pilot, but this was by no means a bad episode.moreless
  • A girl with amnesia has to rebuild her life. OK it sounds a little unoriginal but its done with just the right balance of comedy/charm/cheese to be worth a look or two.moreless

    Our heroine, Christina Applegate as a bemused Samantha, awakes from her coma to find out be confronted with her worst nightmares..... her parents, boyfriend, friends, even her "lover,", all of who seem to be just as surprised as she is at who wakes up in the hospital bed.

    It seems Samantha wasn't exactly an angel before her accident but soon comes to realise that the 'new me' side of her is much more appreciated by the world in general and relies far less of fear and control.

    The shows other characters are also teaming with problems, worries, paranoia and hang-up so Sam is likely to find her path ahead fraught with incident. No picture perfect support network on view here, simply people wanting to help and trying to get back a little bit of the Sam they love.

    We soon find out that Samantha was a bit of a power driven executive who ruled with an iron fist and smoothed out the wrinkles with a large dose of fear and irony. How will the new Sam fit into the world of the old 'evil' Sam? Only time will tell.

    Overall I thought this was a worthy effort - not perfect by a long way but it has a chance. Remove the annoying 'Talk to Camera' and it will gain a mark or two on that alone. The question remains..... Comedy..Charm..or Cheese?

    Lets keep our collective fingers crossed.moreless
  • Clueless!

    I've been watching "Heroes," and until now I've been catching up on the series starring Christina Applegate. I've finally saw the pilot and I was blown away by the show. Not as blown away as the first episode of "Pushing Dasies." but I love the start of a great series. Samantha wakes up from a coma after a hit and run and can't remember her past. I love applegate's performance as Samamtha. she's appealing to me. I love her performance and I love her period. It's a great start. I hope that will lead to something big. I love the direction of the show so far.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the beginning, Sam was listening to the Rupert Holmes's song "Escape." In the movie "The Sweetest Thing," Courtney (also played by Christina Applegate) sang that song.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Todd: Hey, can I take your picture?
      Samantha: Really mister? Are you one of them photographers who's looking for models?
      Todd: No, I just want to show the cops a picture of the girl who stole my latte.

    • Todd: Sorry I was outside. (He looks at the latte in Sam's hand.) Whoa is that mine?
      Samantha: No it's mine.
      Todd: You're name is Todd?
      Samantha: Uh huh.
      Todd: Me too.
      Samantha: Oh good. Then I'll see you at the Todd Club.

    • Sam: (at the AA meeting) I can go and have a bite of the lemon square, umm ummm, chew, chew. It's really good. But, does that desire alone make me a lemon square person? Or, am I just really a blueberry tart person? Who really wants to be a sweet lovely little lemon square person but is destined to wake up day after day, a freaking blueberry tart.

    • Sam: Good things about amnesia: all new clothes, no re-runs. Bad: every minute is like that dream where you haven't been to class all year, and the test is now.

    • Sam: Couple of good things about being in a coma: no fattening food, lots of rest, they sponge you down every day. It's like a spa. Bad things: my nose itches, I have something called the "Pina Colada Song" stuck in my head, and, oh yeah, sometimes I can hear what people in my room are saying.

    • Sam: Okay, I am going to live with you, but in a separate room, or on the couch, and I am not going to have sex with you. So you can just get that out of your mind, mister.
      Girl(from other room): Dave, who is that woman?
      Dave: No idea.
      Todd: Hey, Sam, it's this way.

    • Samantha: No. No, come on, you have to go. It's a birthday party. It'll be, you know, fun.
      Todd: Even though you regard birthdays as childish ploys for harvesting attention and gifts?
      Samantha: Oh, when did I say that?!
      Todd: When you forgot mine.

    • Samantha: Essay Question: Answer in complete sentences. If you could start over, rewind your life, do it all differently, what would you change, even if that change was hard and scary and might leave you more alone?

    • Samantha: Uh... I'm bad.

    • Samantha: ... You made me who I am.
      Regina: That is a terrible thing to say.

    • Regina: (to Andrea) You might want to switch drinking arms. You don't want to bulk up on one side.

    • Sam: Oh, my God! (holding up a very short black dress) I have a daughter?!
      (Todd shakes his head from side to side)
      Sam: Oh.

  • NOTES (5)

    • This episode was nominated for the 2008 Artios Award for Outstanding Achievement In Casting-Television Pilot-Comedy.

    • International Air Dates:
      Australia: February 3, 2008 on Channel 7
      Germany: September 3, 2008 on Pro 7
      Israel: March 10, 2008 on Yes Stars 1
      Latinamerica: November 5, 2007, on CANAL SONY
      New Zealand: May 10, 2008 on TV2
      Norway: Tuesday, September 23, 2008 on TV2
      South Africa: March 10, 2008 on M-Net
      Sweden: January 16, 2009 on TV4
      Thailand: January 19, 2009 on Star World
      The Netherlands: October 14, 2008 on Net 5
      United Kingdom: September 11, 2008 on E4
      Finland: September 13, 2009 on Nelonen

    • Samantha Who? enjoyed solid debut ratings, with 14.42 million viewers tuning in to watch the new Christina Applegate-fronted ABC comedy.

    • Music:

      "(Escape) The Pina Colada Song" by Rupert Holmes plays while Sam is in a hospital bed just waking up from her coma.

      "The Sweet Escape" by Gwen Stefani... plays when Samantha enters the restaurant.

    • Samantha Who? was ordered to series on May 11, 2007, with an initial order of 13 episodes.