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  • I loved this show and all of the characters

    I laughed each episode. And cried on the last. Knowing it was a goodbye. I'd like to think Samantha get's a happy ending. Because someone that good and kind deserves one.

    This show was a gem. One that deserved another season. Goodbye, Samantha

  • The Best EVER

    there has to be more seasons, you cant just leave it off where todd and sam gets engaged!!!! That would be rediculous.
  • Hilarious Show!

    Each episode i laughed! I watched on netflix and was so sad to find out that they cancelled it after two seasons!
  • great comedy that only keeps getting better!

    Samantha Who is one of the few shows on air right now that provides us with very witty and rare kind of humor. In the beginning, this show's lack of laugh-track made me wonder whether that was a right choice for an obvious comedy sitcom. I quickly thanked the creators for choosing not to use it, a move which pays off to almost every other comedy show – like The Office – where the writing and the jokes fight for themselves, this also makes these shows more funny altogether. This is a very enjoyable show and Christina Applegate's performance is one of the strongest features of it, as well as the rest of the cast which are great – especially Jean Smart who plays Samantha's mother. All in all it's really fun show and worthy keeping it on the air, I'm tuning in to see if it get's renewed for 3rd season!
  • Straugh

    Samantha Who Is a joke! I created it brainstorming 20 minutes for a class assignment in multimedia journalisam at Broward community collage. ABC has no good ideas. Ps my teacher worked for ABC , they should hire me I have better ideas then that 20 minute fart.
  • This show looks familiar.

    Samantha Who? is the story of a terrible human being who gets hit by a car, and as a result of it, realizes what a major jerk she was to everybody around her, so she tries to make it up to everyone she's ever hurt and becomes a much better person from it. Does this comedy remind you of something familiar? It's like "My Name is Earl", only the protagonist is a woman. I saw the pilot, and I think that it is a very good show nevertheless. I am going to see more episodes, and I will find out how it turns out.
  • Samantha Who? is a raucous good time. Touching, witty and unbelievably funny; watch out. This is the new era of comedy.

    Christina Applegate is stellar as Samantha Newly. She's funny, sometimes dim-witted and overall a breath of fresh air.

    Samantha is like a newly-hatched duckling coming into life without a clue. She has that advantage of reliving her life. But she's also lost, she's a blank canvas who half the time has no idea. But her search for self-discovery rings so true with the audience that it's hard to not get sucked in. After all, who isn't searching for themselves? Who isn't digging deep down within to find one's "true" self.

    Samantha simply goes through this process in a much different and highly more entertaining way.

    The writing may not be stupendously excellent but the cast certainly makes good use of their material. All the actors have that comedic spark which engulfs the show. The program doesn't define the actors; it's the other way around.

    With the right mix of sarcasm, wit and sometimes pure stupidity, the characters bring situations to their comedic pinnacle so easily that you will find yourself laughing hysterically at the most random things.

    Funny, entertaining and grossly under-estimated, Samantha Who? is definitely worth the watch. If you need a laugh, a sentimental tear or simply to just kick back, this is the show to do it to.

    Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
  • why do people judge this show before watching it?

    Samantha Who? is just a really great show! It's light and it's fun and sometimes it makes you yell at the screen because it is that exciting. I don't know why people are judging this show, it really ticks me off when i see that people rate the episodes very low even before they watch it or the episode comes out. Get a life people! if you don't like the show then stop doing that, it's really annoying. Anyways, i think that this show is really special in the fact that you can watch it at any time of the day when you are feeling happy sad etc. It just lightens up my mood especially. Andrea is my favorite character of all and i don't think that it needs an explanation. And come on Todd and Samantha better patch things up! They are meant for each other and i think they know it too.
  • This show is really funny and it shows a life lesson that people should learn. The plot to the whole film was really creative and every episode gets better every day. Even though it is barely a brand new show, I think it will become a huge success.

    When I first started watching Samantha Who? I like it because of the storyline. The idea of a women getting to know her old bad self and becoming a new self is really interesting. I also liked that it combines a great life lesson for everybody with a bit of comedy. It is one of the best new comedy shows out there. I also loved that it put Cristina Applegate in the open again. It will make her more loved now that she is on Samantha Who? When the writer strike hit TV shows, especially new ones, big I honestly thought it wouldn't survive but I was wrong. I think that this show will go very far and will become a cult hit for new comedy shows.
  • Samantha has amnesia. The more she finds out about herself, the more she realizes that she doesn't like who she is.

    I just don't like Christina Applegate's acting. She's way over the top. I know she's trying to be funny, but that's the operative word: "trying".I mean I like her, but she's just trying too hard here.

    The storyline is already funny, a little subtlety could've done the trick.

    I could've watched it more if they cast a better actress. Most of the time, I thought she was trying to imitate Jim Carrey in the Mask. Too many hand gestures, too much facial expression, voice pitch too high. All in all, tiring to watch and not at all funny. I'd rather go to the dentist.
  • Enjoyable sitcom with strong performances from Christina Applegate and the supporting cast.

    Samantha Who is an entertaining show. Christina Applegate is very good as Samantha Newly and her 2 best friends Dena and Andrea are also excellent. Her mother, Regina, is very funny too. The show is now in its second series and is still going well. It follows Samantha's adventures as she tries to remember her life before a car accident which gave her amnesis. It turns out that she was a very bad girl. Samantha wants to reform but does not always find that it is an easy thing to do. Hopefully Samantha will continue for a bit longer yet.
  • Just keeps getting better!

    I started watching Samantha Who? from the beginning and I liked it. Now that the second season is on, I think the show is getting better and better. It is one of the rare shows that I watch pretty much right away (I record everything on my DVR.) I sometimes find myself letting shows build up on my DVR, even shows that I really like, but everytime Samantha Who is on, I have to watch it as soon as possible. I love the relationship between Sam and Todd. They just make you want to root for them. I hope the writers/producers keep up the good work.
  • Samantha Who? is a show that can make you laugh, cry and maybe even think about how you could change your own life if you give yourself a second chance.

    I was a bit sceptic about the premise and wondered if they would be able to keep it up past the first few episodes, let alone a whole season. The show has turned into something that is both funny, charming and heart-warming. Christina Applegate is perfectly cast as the former bad girl wanting to turn good. The real treat of the show may be Jean Smart who comes close to stealing every scene she's in. I think kudos are in order for the the casting director just as much as the writers here. Samantha Who? is a show that can make you laugh, cry and maybe even think about how you could change your own life if you give yourself a second chance.
  • Samantha Who? is a great show to watch for fun and for reflection about life.

    I see the main purpose of this show is basically saying if you can start over from scratch, what would you do differently? I see this is Samantha's second chance to get it right and pay back what she had done before the accident. It also reminds that even when the most terrible thing happens to us there will always be those who love us no matter will stick by your side and help you through - those are the people you should count on. What I love about this show the most is that it is says above in a humourous light-hearted manner that reminds you why you would want to watch comedy again.
  • Best new sitcom any network has come out with in several years. Christina Applegate is hilarious and the supporting cast is great too. It is a must see!

    At first the premise of the show seemed a little ridiculous. However, 5 minutes in you are completely sucked in. Applegate makes the whole amnesia plot line really work and each week she learns new valuable lessons. As each new episode comes along, you start hoping Sam will never get her memory back (but you just can not help but wonder what will happen when it does.) With all the terrible reality tv out there, it is nice to see a good sitcom on the air. ABC really has a winner here. The only bad thing is it needs to be aired on a night with other sitcoms rather than Dancing with the Stars like last season!
  • Loved it!

    I just watched the first season of Samantha Who and I thought it was brilliant. Every episode is funny, and the situations Samantha gets into are very well thought up. The idea of someone who was a real witch waking up with amnesia and trying to turn her life around and be a 'new' good person provides lots of great comedy situations.
    Christina Applegate is brilliant in this role, and the rest of the cast work so well with her. I particularly like her mother and the crazy old school friend Dena. They all fit together perfectly for just the right balance of madness.
    This show has a lot of potential and I'm really looking forward to season two! :)
  • Awesome.

    I love this show. Its so cute, and it leaves you wanting more. An episode is about 20 mins, which I consider long enough for the amount of fun this show brings. Every episode has something different about it, which I enjoy. Its really funny and witty, and there arent that many comic shows out there like this one, which is great. The first season was wonderful, and it will totally bring you back next season because this show may just bne worth it. Christina Appelgate is perfect for Sam's role, I dont think there would be any other actress out there that could fit more perfectly.
  • Its great, its fresh, its funny and i feel like i'm watching a mini movie...i love it!!

    The actors are great...especially christina applegate shes amazing and for some strange reason reminds me of a mixture of febby and rachel from friends..with small teaspoon of febby's evi twin this show. The storyline is great it baffles with the question who we are and who we wish we could be are different and it takes us on a very light, funny and extremely entertaining journey towards who she wants to be now…..and how it's not so easy to change your present cause its always impacted by your past and your past is your past you cant change it… I just find myself wishing the show was longer and i'm just such a fan...i would recommend it to all who enjoy light romantic comedy's. The humor is very original and the acting stands out...theres not one thing i dont like about the show just yet.. =0)…. …
  • What a thoroughly enjoyable show. Christina Applegate really shines as the lead of this show, and the ensemble that supports her also do an amazing job.

    Once I saw the first ad for this show, I knew I'd be hooked on it - and the first episode did not disappoint me.

    Ok, I admit that I'm a Christina fan from the 'Married, with Children' days, but she still has it.

    I don't know if the producers chose her, or if she chose the show, but whichever way, it was the right choice.

    I am impressed with the way all of the characters get to have their minutes in the spotlight of each episode.

    I have to say, though, Tim Russ' character as the doorman leaves him looking a little one dimensional - he seems too much like his 'Tuvok' character from Star Trek:Voyager. It might just be me, or the way the character is written, or maybe just Tim Russ' deadpan delivery... I dunno.
    (This is coming from an ardent ST:Voyager fan, so don't get me wrong.)

    Other than that, it's a great show and I look forward to each episode.

    My only other gripe, is that I wish Network 7 (Australia) would stop moving this show's time slot around.
  • I think this show is adorable.

    The characters in this show all have some of those sterotypical traits, but it's so fun to watch how the dynamics play out. I love the relationship issues that Sam has with her (ex-)boyfriend. It's quite comical (as it should be.) i don't spend a lot of times with sit-coms anymore, but this is one that has a semi-drama line, along with the funny stuff that happens. I think sometimes in life all of us would like a chance to start stuff over and make a change in life. This show plays on some of those emotions and is coupled with some reality (your past always comes back to haunt you). Sweet!
  • A funny, romantic and clever sitcom you can't afford to miss.

    Samantha Who? is one of my new favourite sit-coms this season. I think it's really underrated, and people are not giving it a chance.

    The concept of the show is really original and a good foundation to base a show on. The character Samantha is in a car accident, and is in a coma for 8 days. When she wakes up she doesn't remember a thing. Not even her own name. She's told that she was a very bad person before the accident, and she decides to make a mence and be a better person. And this turns out to be easier said than done. As the time goes on, she learns more about her past life and what she did to make people hate her. And it turns out, she's not full of hate, and not really such a bad person after all.

    Her boyfriend Todd broke up with her right before her accident, which caused a lot of problems when she woke up. Because she got the impression that they were still together (when she was told she had a boyfriend), what she wasn't told was that he already found someone new.

    Sam and Todd are the shows "will they? / won't they?"-couple, a mandatory thing for all shows nowadays. The accident might changed Sams personality, but it didn't change her feelings for Todd. But he's seeing someone else, and she… well, she has amnesia. Will they ever get back together… for real?

    The show is clever and funny, and way too underrated. And I'm glad to see that it was renewed for a second season. It deserved it. Besides… Barry Watson is hot, and I need him on my TV.
  • This comedy is so underrated!

    Christina Applegate does not disappoint in this comedy.

    Samantha has to figure out so much about her life, including where she stands with her ex boyfriend since she secrety wants him back. With the help of her friends, Jennifer and Melissa, as well as Mom and Dad, Samantha is slowly remembering things about her life and the way she was. The big question really is what will she change to be a better person, for herself and for others...

    The writers of this show are so incredibly smart and funny. It is so refreshing to see such an original idea on television these days.

    My only complaint is that it is just a half hour show!
  • Samantha Who? is on Mondays Nights at 9:30pm under ABC Network release back in October on the 15.

    Samantha Who? is on Mondays Nights at 9:30pm under ABC Network release back in October on the 15.

    I like Samantha Who, because it is funny & and have great Comedy/Drama into it. And Also, it has the two great stars in Samantha Who?, i am to like and know before from another Tv Series along time ago.

    1.) - Christina Applegate stard in Married... with Children as Kelly Bundy. Now shes in Samantha Who? as the lead Character, Sam "Samantha".

    2.) - Barry Watson stard in 7th Heaven as Matt Camden & What About Brian as Brian the lead Character in it. Now he's back in Samantha Who? as Todd.

    Well, Christina Applegate happen to find herself as Samantha in Samantha Who? without any tricks of memory who she once was like years ago time she was not that nice of a person to her Friends & Family and even her Ex-boyfriend by Barry Watson as Todd. So, Samantha quest is try not because who she was as bad person to others by solveing clues of pick ups from her past life.
  • All round funny and orignal!

    The show focuses around Sam finding about what a horrible person she is and some of the mean and evil things she has done before she lost her memory. Her parents are unique and funny characters that almost always have something funny to say. As she finds more and more out about her friends and family she feels the need to become a better person. Which seems to always lead her into some sort of funny predicaments. Frank(Tim Russ) the door man is great for Comic Relief he always seems to not care or know exactly what to say. All together the characters do a bang up job at delivering constant laughs almost comparable to friends but not quit as original.
  • A comedy that would keep you laughing from beginning to end.

    Must admit that every single episode had me laughing and pelting things at the television screen just to control my laughter. Samantha Who? is my new favorite comedy. The pilot episode had the ability to capture its viewers and plunge them into uncontrollable laughter. This is a new successful turn for Christina Applegate as her lovable, comical character encouraged viewers to love the people surrounding her.

    This entire plot was a new turn for a TV.drama series. I thought this entire show was a very interesting idea, could you imagine waking up one day and you had the ability to start over fresh without remembering your past life.

    I must say that every new episode was weekly anticipated. I absolutely loved this T.V, series and would recommend a good laugh to anyone.
  • Its a good show original and funny

    Samantha Who? is a really good show i love to watch it the girl has amenisa shes awesome i love the combination of old sam with new sam although i love old sam better shes the mean, grunchy, and wants everything for her, new sam is completly lost and dosent want to be the old sam she once was i really love the fact of the old best friend thats obseesed with being friends again its basiclly the simple story you see in the tv shows but with a twist i just really cant wait till it comes back sfter the wirters strike!!!! April 7th!
  • Ummmmmmmm LOL?!

    Very original. Or, y'know, it could be the most unoriginal idea ever. I'm out of touch with every tv show created before 1989. Whichever, this is the best show ever. great. andd this is coming from someone who's only seen three episodes. And I can already judge it as something of a friends clone, which, for those of you who don't geddit, was a compliment.
    Samantha (or Sam as I'll call her) is NOT my favorite character. Rest assured, she is a great person, definentely not the funniset, is all. My favorite is the fat one (can't remember which name it is, but im sure you know who im referencing) as she is a joyful hilarious image of the now-a-days stereotyped obese person. No offense to those of you who take offense. That's my tidbit for now, see yas!
  • Samantha Newly (Christina Applegate) has the opportunity to redo her very rocky life which includes having one friend and cheating on her boyfriend after a head accident gives her amnesia where she cannot remember any personal events from the past.

    This show is inconsistent but still has those hilarious lines. I don't think it is the best show nor sis it in my top five but I do feel that the jokes and supporting characters are hilarious. One thing I definitely dislike though is the inconsistency with her amnesia. The amnesia is supposed to just have her forget personal things but often she forgets common and easy things like cooking, driving and sex, all of which don't fall under the category of what she supposedly forgot. I do think Applegate is excellent and the show is very well cast (Especially Jean Smart).
  • Fun and quirky. Completely worth watching!

    My sister and I first watched an episode on just on a whim and got instantly hooked. I love Christina Applegate and she does a fantastic job as Samantha Newly. I think this show really tries to bring some reality to what it would be like to have complete retrograde amnesia after an accident. I think most people would want to know the kind of person they were before the accident and may even want to change and better themselves. Everyone deserves a second chance and Samantha gets an opportunity to right some wrongs and almost start her life over. I like the flashbacks/remembered memories that she has and her reactions to some of the things she has done and said. It's nice to see a show that has a humorous aspect to it while still addressing some serious topics. I find this show quite entertaining. Even my husband found it funny.
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