Samantha Who?

Season 2 Episode 1

So I Think I Can Dance

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • Sam and Regina enter a dancing competition.

    Samantha Who started to get really good during the end of Season 1, but this was a pretty weak comeback episode. Todd and Andrea were great here, but there was not nearly enough jokes from either of them. Sam's dad was also at his comedic best, especially when he pretended to hurt his knee.

    The whole dancing storyline just came off as forced here. The heavily popularized Cybill Shepherd guest spot was virtually nonexistent. The final scene where Sam and her mom were horribly dancing was funny, but it was done before on Family Guy.

    Let's hope the rest of the season is better than this.
  • Sam finds out that she used to be one heck of a dancer.

    ABC's chick flick Samantha Who? kicked off with its first installment of the second season. Though the opener didn't live up to the hype it created post-Emmy's, nevertheless this was a good watch.

    As two parallel plot lines, Sam and Regina decide to pair up for a dance competition, and Andrea helps Todd reclaim his payment from a troublesome lady. Sam also finds out that she used to kick ass in dancing before her accident. Regina teaches her some moves and later gives up when Sam still continues to suck at it. Finally, they decide to dance together at the show, and subsequently put up a nasty performance. Contrary to previous installments, this one had less of Sam-Andrea scenes. I always thought the pair had a decent chemistry, especially when they wear their **** attitudes. I hope this area is focused more in upcoming episodes. Overall, a good opener.
  • Second Season Premiere.

    The Second Season Premiere of Samantha Who? premiered last nast at nine thirty after Dancing with the Stars, with a special appearance by Mark Ballas (from "Dancing with the Stars"). Samantha catches her parents dancing while watching an old video of them dancing. lol. Then she relizes that they taped over her dancing and is really shocked that she could dance and mad that they taped over it. So, Sam's parents are entering a dance competition against her mother's rival. Samantha decides to join her mom and kick her dad out of the competition, but after her mom relizes she can't dance she goes back to her husband. Then when they are about to preform she changes her mind and asks Sam to dance. haha. Hilarious episode!

    This is such a great show! Really Funny!