Samantha Who?

Season 1 Episode 14

The Affair

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 05, 2008 on ABC

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  • The first episode I've seen of this series.

    This show did not look like it would be anything like my usual television fare from the previews, but something about the commercials must have intrigued me. I found myself wanting to give it a chance. Well, I missed the first couple of episodes and then just didn't worry about catching this series after that.

    Then one day I was on and thought I'd check out one of the episodes for free online. This episode, "The Affair" was my introduction to "Samantha Who?" And I must say my gut instinct that I should try watching this show was right! Despite being a little more girly than what a guy might typically like, the show has an undeniable charm. In this episode, Samantha is having an affair with an ex-boyfriend who is now involved with someone unstable. Because she is fooling around, she begins to suspect that her mother may be as well. Although having an affair is hardly a respectable thing to do, viewers can forgive Samantha because she used to be a terrible person and is trying to better herself in life one step at a time. And it helps that Christina Appelgate plays the part to perfection and hits all the right notes to make Samantha loveable even when she's messing up. This episode had some good laughs, and wasn't too hard to follow even if you haven't seen any of the other episodes. I've watched a few more since, and I must say these episodes are far funnier and more charming than the other reviews and ratings on imply. Even if this isn't a concept you would normally go for, give "Samantha Who?" a chance. It may win you over.
  • Samantha thinks her mother is having an affair.

    This was another good episode of Samantha Who. Samantha is having an affair with Todd and they are trying to keep this from the awful Chloe. I am not sure why they are bothering because Chloe is so awful that Todd should really throw her out and then Samantha could move back in. Because of this, Samantha thinks that her mother is having an affair and that her father hasn't noticed because he is neglecting her. Frank was great in this, especially his reaction when he spots Samantha hiding under the couch cushions. Overall, this was a good one. Worth watching.
  • Talk about HOT!!!

    This episode was occasionally funny, but Samantha Who has occasionally went from being a funny comedy to a drama comedy. This episode was filled of twists and turns, Todd and Samantha was always a cute couple and steam between them is resurfacing and to tell you the truth I was impressed. Though I do miss the guy she sort of had a crush on in "the Boss' I think his name was Winston. Barry Watson A.K.A. 'Made My Day' was HOT. The steamy scenes between him and Samantha was enticing, but Todd without a shirt, well that says enough. Overall I loved this episode, look forward to future installments.