Samantha Who?

Season 1 Episode 12

The Butterflies

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • Samantha tries to stop one of her own projects so she can save butterflies.

    I am not sure why but this episode didn't seem as funny as some of the earlier ones. The gags weren't as free flowing as you might expect, the humour seemed just a little forced. The thing about her boss Chase and Dena having a romance was quite amusing but the whole butterfly saving thing didn't always seem to work. Andrea was mostly concerned with luxury office furniture which was to be expected, I suppose. Samantha's mother is actually more sympathetic than you might expect. I hope the series picks up again, this episode was just a little on the disappointing side.
  • I see where the 'saboteurs' are out in full force again. Don't know why the ratings are so low... this was another fine example of what over 10 million people tuned in to see last night.

    As our heroine, Samantha Newly, attempts to get her life back (and improve it, as well), she is butting heads against the 'new world order' - one that is not compatible with who she really wants to be.

    But this is a situation comedy - not a morality play. Or is it both? The writers and the powers that be are trying to give us both and doing a pretty good job of it. The very likeable Christina Applegate (who we assume, in this show, is/was a grown up Kelly Bundy - what a train wreck that could be) has determined that the person that she used to be - a vain, selfish, self-involved shrew - is not who she wants to be anymore.

    She doesn't want to build malls at the expense of an endangered butterfly, and she doesn't want to use her good friends to accomodate her own personal gain. She doesn't even want to please her mother and marry her boss, let alone the billionaire she threw away last episode (we're guessing he'll be back for another try soon).

    No, she wants to be a 'good person' (whatever that is these days) and find out if she can be happy with her old boyfriend, whom she barely remembers anything about, and if she can make up for all the times she used her good friends to get what she wanted.

    Throw in a decent amount of funny/ironic/sarcastic dialogue, and this is all grist for some very good comedy/morality - just like when our mommies used to give us our medicine with a spoonful of sugar when we were kids. You never really outgrow wanting to take your medicine disguised as a treat... do you?
  • Samantha's boss wants to hook up with Dena and Samantha sucks ups to Dena so she'll talk to her boss about a mall project.

    This episode of Samantha Who? was funny. Dena as usual is funny in this episode. I liked the story she was telling about dogs and men. It was funny. I kinda thought it was weird when all those protesters put that net on Samantha but it was kind of funny to see. Dena was so funny when she was with Samantha's boss. They took things so fast, it was hilarious. I thought it was funny when Sam was trying to make butterfly and it look liked a moose. It started getting even more funnier when she was doing the butterfly voices. It was so funny to see at the end when Samantha kisses Todd, then pushes him. I really enjoyed this episode.
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