Samantha Who?

Season 2 Episode 11

The Dog

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 02, 2009 on ABC

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  • Sam gets a dog.

    I honestly did not expect to enjoy this episode. I always enter a show unbiased and try to like it, but the premise just seemed so cliched: girl gets dog, girl loses it, unexpected person finds it.

    But it was good. Really good, one of the best of the season so far. All the characters contributed well from Howard saying, "I win," to the portrait of a man at his funeral, Frank being Frank, Andrea saying that she wished she could fit into baby clothes and Regina thinking a waiver was signing away her life story.

    Just 30 minutes of top-notch comedy to show that Samantha Who is still one of ABC's best.
  • Truly Disappointing.

    I actually expected a bit more from this installment. I hardly laughed at all and I barley understood Samantha's obsession with a 'baby', in this case a dog being the best substitute, seeing as Sam couldn't return a baby after he/she was adopted. This storyline has been done many times over. Girl holds baby in arms, realizes what motherhood would be like, finds a substitute for their own child and realizes the responsibility was too much of a burden. Predictable; I could imagine exactly how the storyline would end. Some of the scenes were so worn out; like Dina looking for the dog, Samantha arguing with Todd about responsibility, Sam's flashback... and they weren't even as funny as they should have been. Sam shouting out of the window about how 'right Todd was' was very silly and I laughed only because I couldn't believe that she was actually doing that.

    The only thing I actually was interested in was Andrea's attention in the media. I almost forgot that she was dating Tony Dane, so that meant she was popular 'by-association', so obviously the media would be interested in her whereabouts and the 'baby-bump'... Samantha's parents were the same as usual, just like Frank. I am really waiting for that big twist, or something like what they used to show in the first season, something new and original that would have me laughing on the floor...


    Two out of Five Stars

    Grade D
  • Sam takes care of Dena's dog

    Episode 11 didn't score much in the laughs department. The storyline was a drag and the characters weren't really playing themselves. Sam after holding a baby at a funeral decides that she needs one for herself. She loses hope after reading about the waiting time for adoption. Instead, she settles down on taking care of Dena's dog. Andrea makes news in the tabloids after her donut belly gets mistaken for a baby bump. Howard and Regina inherit a plane from a relative. Howard wants to sell the plane, but Regina wants to take flying lessons with it. Frank and Todd provide the usual supporting roles. OK episode overall.
  • Season 2, Episode 11.

    This episode was average, I guess. Like every other episode of the series, it is not funny, but it's entertaining. Baby (the dog) was so cute!And I would like to say that Sam is an idiot for not getting back together with Todd. He is incredibly hot, but he also has good character. Melissa George's character looked pretty good after surgery. I also enjoyed seeing Leslie Grossman, who I haven't seen since WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU. I felt upset that she didn't want to keep the puppy though. I also liked her reaction to the name Cynthia. Haha, not a bad episode.
  • Cute & Funny! :)

    This was such a cute and funny episode. Just loved EVERY minute of it.
    It made me laugh from begining til the end. :D

    My favorite quote is when Sam's mom was like ''pluck a nose hair'' so that she could cry. LOL, she is priceless! :D

    The dog was so cute.
    And I have to say this: Sam and Todd are the sweetest thing ever. Loved them at the end.
    I hope they get together SOON.