Samantha Who?

Season 2 Episode 6

The Ex

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 17, 2008 on ABC
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Sam breaks the news to Owen, that Todd is not only her roommate, but also her ex-boyfriend. Owen is understanding because his ex-girlfriend, Willow, lives with him as well. Ironically, Todd and Willow know each other from high school.

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  • Todd meets Owen and Sam meets Willow. Andrea tries to send her picture to Tony. Regina makes cupcakes.

    This is definitely best one so far this season. There were some genuine jokes and a well-paced and executed storyline. James Tupper who plays Owen seems perfect to play Sam's new boyfriend. I haven't seen 'Men in Trees', but he does give me feeling that he can pull off some really funny lines.

    For some reason, I really don't like Sam and Todd together. They are way more fun when they are just friends. This episode had possibly brought the best out of Andrea, or in other words, this might be the episode which best depicted her character. I simply loved the line where she says that she wants to be so famous that everyone in the world should hate her.

    A nice round of Monday comedies. Truly worth it!moreless
  • Cupcakes!

    Oh man, what a hilarious episode of Samantha Who. Just non-stop laughs for the entire half hour from Andrea not being able to take a picture and wanting to be famous so "everybody hates her" to Sam's mom thinking that cupcakes were the key to success in real estate. Even her dad was funny with the limited screen time he was given.

    If every installment this season is as good as this Season 2 is going to be great and Jean Smart may be able to claim a second consecutive Emmy. Not much else to say other than this was a very well-written episode from start to finish.moreless
  • How do you say just Fantastic in one word. :)

    I am definitely warming up to James Tupper (Owen) in this episode. When I first saw him, he still reminded me of Jack (Men in Trees fan), but I really liked him here.

    This episode was getting the 'I live with my roommate who is by the way my ex' out of the way. It was funny to find out that Owen also lived with his ex (Willow), who seemed to be a bit high spirited. Everything was okay until Samantha saw the connection between Todd and Willow.

    Funny scene(s)

    *Owen reminding Samantha that they already slept together when she said she wasn't 'ready' for him to go up to her apartment. We know that she was trying to cover up Todd, but that scene was just classic.

    *Owen going all poetic when Samantha refused to let him up. Owen- "I just have this desire to know everthing about you". Again, same scene, but deserves the same amount of humor. *The twist when we also realize that Owen also lives with his ex. Owen seems a bit high spirited as well, just like his ex. hmmm...

    *Samantha giving Todd the okay to see Willow, even though Todd was already seeing her. Samantha, does Todd really need your blessing. Is Samantha really over Todd. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Samantha Who still finds a way to tickle my funny bone, as it continues to climb my favorite top ten list each week. I must give an extra credit to James Tupper and his comedy role, he really makes me laugh.


    Three out of four stars


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    • Samantha: (opening monologue) We make like a million decisions everyday. Some big and some small. It's not always obvious which is which. Like this one. We've all been there. Whether to tell your new boyfriend that you still live with your ex-boyfriend. Could be as big as a freight train or as tiny as an electric car.

    • (Dena was rambling about her dogs when Andrea's phone rang.)
      Andrea: Oh that's so weird, I was just about to fake a phone call.
      Seth: Hello, Andrea. It's Seth. Don't hang up. Please.
      Andrea: Seth, I told you to stop calling me. No, you already gave me Tony Dane's phone number. So unless you turn into an even more famous basketball player and I go blind, I don't need you anymore.

    • Samantha: (telling Todd about Owen) I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I didn't want to hurt your feelings, you know. But then it started to get really uncomfortable because Owen wanted to come up here and have sex. I mean, not by himself. I mean, with me. (lets out a big sigh) I might be doing this poorly.

    • Samantha: You guys know each other?
      Todd: Willow was our life studies model.
      Willow: Didn't you wear that same grungy Soundgarden t-shirt like everyday?
      Todd: Yeah, more than what you were wearing. (laughs)
      Willow: (giggling) Oh, stop it.
      Samantha: I know, quit it.
      Willow: At least he was polite enough to hit on me after cla$s.
      Todd: But you always had some boyfriend.
      Willow: (points to Owen) Yeah, this guy.
      Todd: You're kidding?
      (everyone laughing)
      Samantha: Oh my God. (to Willow) You were naked. And Todd asked you out. That's extremely hilarious.

    • Samantha: I'm so mad at Owen. Making me choose between him and Todd. I should have choose between me and Todd. See how he likes it.
      Regina: Yeah, hmm. Handsome millionaire environmentalist or the hobo who's living on my couch. I can see why you'd be stumped.

    • Samantha: (ending monologue) So get this. The word decision comes from the same root as the word scissors. I know that because I spelled schism wrong one day and spellcheck led me to learn something. Decisions and scissors can both be scary. I mean you can't gouge your eye out with just a decision, but sometimes it feels that way. With every decision, you're snipping away at choices you don't want. Sometimes you make a decision and it feels you did the right thing. But sometimes, you can't help and think a little bit about the choices you cut loose.

    • (Todd and Willow return from looking at Todd's art photos of Willow)
      Todd: You know since this is ah, Owen's first time at the apartment, Willow and I were thinking that we could go get dessert and give you guys time to hang out alone.
      (Owen and Samantha at the same time)
      Samantha: No that's ridiculous...
      Owen: That's really cool thanks...
      (Owen looks at Samantha)
      Samantha: No, I mean it's, that it's just silly, cause I already went to the store, I went to the Nature Mart and I got us dessert so... who wants Rhubarb Crisp?
      Owen: Ooh that sounds good.
      Samantha: Really?
      Todd: Actually we're just gonna get going.
      Willow: Yes, Sam thank you so much. (To Owen) She's the best, don't blow it dumb dumb.
      Owen: Don't you blow it knuckle head. (They all laugh)
      Samantha: See you later bastards.

    • Andrea: Ever since I was a little girl, you know I'd look at this famous guys and I wanted to be that girl, you know the one with them walking down the red carpet and the one fighting with them in the airport. That girl, that girl that everyone hates just because she was with him.
      Dena: But, plenty of people do hate you.
      Andrea: Just the ones that know me. I want to be hated everywhere by everyone.

    • (Andrea arrives at the bar)
      Seth: Wow, you look stunning tonight.
      Andrea: Ooh. Bartender I did not order this. I told you to stop bothering me now scoot. I'm meeting Tony here for drinks.
      Seth: No, you're meeting Seth here for drinks. I text you with Tony's phone.
      Andrea: You little sleaze.
      Seth: Well you wouldn't return my messages, you kept hanging up on was I supposed to get in touch with you? ...but the good news is, we get to stair into each others eyes all night. Ready and go...
      Andrea: Uh. I'm going.
      Seth: Wait..wait..wait..wait..
      wait.. let me tell you why I've been trying to reach you. Tony won't call you back until he sees a picture.
      Andrea: A picture? That is so superficial. Didn't you tell him how incredibly hot I am?
      Seth: Look! He's used to dating celebrities, models, people that he's seen, people that we've all seen, people that have been in rehab.
      Andrea: I can do rehab. I've done all the work leading up to it.
      Seth: Just send him a picture.
      (Andrea looks at him mockingly) ...don't make that face.
      Andrea: Don't make that one. Shut up.

    • (Samantha and Owen at the bar)
      Owen: ...and then I realized that my wallet was in the composting heater. (they both laugh)
      Samantha: You're so funny. Which reminds me I have something really terrible to tell you. Look I..I..I feel so bad that its taken me this long, but I was just scared that you were going to be freaked out which, you have absolutely no reason to be.
      Owen: What is it you have a fur coat own some alligator shoes?
      Samantha: I have a roommate.
      Owen: That's it? That's why I couldn't come upstairs?
      Samantha: The other thing is, he's a guy, who's not gay, and I know that because we've slept together like a million times. Okay look, my roommate is my ex-boyfriend Todd, and.. and.. and.. and.. you don't have to worry about a thing there is absolutely nothing going on between us. I also have alligator shoes, I just want to get that all out. (Owen bows his head) ...and a matching bag. I don't know why I held that back. Are you mad?
      Owen: I'm relieved.
      Samantha: Hmm?
      Owen: I didn't want to tell you either but my best friend is my ex-girlfriend.
      Samantha: You have a Todd.
      Owen: Yeah, Willow Yeah... and I didn't know how to tell you either, we went out for a long time and then, when we broke up we realized that we could be like, just friends.
      Samantha: Just friends. That's cool.
      Owen: I guess you know for most people, it's strange to be friends with your ex. Look at us sitting here, all evolved and everything.
      Samantha: Um hm, no evolution is great. Yeah, you don't want to be like monkeys, you know it's like.. get out of that tree monkey. Get out of that Willow tree. Off that Willow...

    • (Samantha and Owen arrive at her apartment in his electric car)
      Samantha: I just love driving in your little toy car, it's like riding in a snow globe. (They both kiss)
      Owen: So can I come up this time?
      Samantha: Up where? Stairs? Upstairs?... No I am, I'm not ready yet.
      Owen: You remember that we already slept together right?
      Samantha: Yeah, no no I'm just not ready for you just see it all messy and stuff. It's like a guy lives there.

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    • International airdates:
      Latin America: January 12, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television.
      Finland: February 14, 2010 on Nelonen