Samantha Who?

Season 2 Episode 9

The Family Vacation

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 01, 2008 on ABC

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  • The family goes on vacation.

    It was a step above the first episode but this pair of Samantha Who? episodes just do not hold up to the quality we have come to expect from the program this season.

    Andrea and Regina stole the show here with the latter hilariously asking what the Donner Party possibly drank. Andrea was her usual self-absorbed self not wanting to go to the questionable vacation spot but then going when she found out that she was not invited. Dena even had a funny remark when she said that she would gladly "hit" Samantha's old boyfriend if it pleased her.

    A few good lines tonight but overall just sub-par installments.
  • The gang heads off for a vacation

    It's a shame that this show can be so unpredictable. After a jaded previous installment, this rib tickling one reminded us of some good old Sam who episodes.

    Though we do not see much of Todd and Frank this time around, we sure do get an overdose of Regina, Howard, and Andrea. Dena has also delivered a noteworthy performance. Some lines metaphorically sweep you off your feet. The part where Howard says that they will all go to mount Mike for vacation, when Sam says she wants to get over Mike signaled the beginning of a laughter riot. Regina's obsession with alcohol forces her to steal Andrea's booze. The sequence where she makes a weird fishing hook kind of a thing to retrieve the booze from the a/c vent was downright funny.

    I seriously can't complain. I did enjoy this episode, and I don't really care if a few scenes were too whiny.
  • Andrea can't be away from Samantha, not even fr a short vacation trip like this one.

    Looks like Andrea got tired of Tony... a bit, and decided to take on a family trip with Andrea... after she was uninvited. What is Samantha Who without Andrea. Obviously they couldn't risk finding out themselves. It seems as though every episode must feature Andrea, Samantha and Dena together, which always seems to convenient for the plot sometimes, must they always be together, must Andrea always stick up under Samantha? We learn that Samantha had a first love. The episode begins with her finding a new boyfriend and getting dumped and it ends the same way. The storyline was just too simple and I actually missed Owen's contribution to the plot. I thought this was an average episode. It didn't have that belly-rolling appeal I always admire.


    Two out of Four stars
    (**) / (****)