Samantha Who?

Season 2 Episode 7

The Farm

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 24, 2008 on ABC

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  • Owen meets Sam's parents.

    With ABC giving the axe to many shows like dirty sexy, I was almost sure this show would also follow suit. Thankfully, Applegate is here to stay.

    So, now that I finally found time to write this review, I must admit - I've more or less forgotten most of what happened on Monday. But, I do remember some laughable scenes involving Andrea, Dena, and Chapman. We also see a mammoth change in Chapman's character, where he breaks down his feeling to Dena in the movie hall. I should say - that definitely jumped the shark. A brief scene involving Frank and Todd was downright funny. These two do make a good pair.

    The main plotline revolved around Howard's dislike for Owen due to their stand on environmental issues. For most part, this story was interesting. Except for parts involving the farm tour, where the show nearly lost me. Jean Smart was good; definitely not a emmy winning one.

    The show is getting somewhere. Nice!!
  • Howard's job conflicts with Owen's beliefs.

    Two great episodes of Samantha Who in a row proving that this show might not just be a timeslot hit but a show with some legitimate longevity.

    I hate the taping over camcorders to reveal something embarrassing. It's been done to death I cannot comprehend how everyone would even let this happen.

    Howard Newly was excellent here with his obsession with chickens and suggesting that Owen stay for his dessert consisting of panda. Todd was hilarious in his argument with Samantha which are usually the highlight of every episode.

    And of course Andrea continues to be the best female on the show. Her snide remarks to Dina and Samantha are always perfectly-timed and I liked her fight because of a fake apology with Chapman.

    Just a well-written, laughs a plenty episode of Samantha Who.